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Petite Clothes- Buyers Guide

Petite Clothes- Buyers Guide

It’s a common perception that petite women have it easy when it comes to looking for and finding clothes. If you’re small, it’s assumed that you have it easy with finding petite clothes. It goes without saying, then, that there are few stores and online sources that help women of smaller stature with their shopping problems.

Fewer still, are simple discussions of how to help small sized women shop smart. Well, problem solved. Here is a guide for any small sized woman to finding just what they need for any occasion. First and foremost, people often forget that being little does not mean you don’t have oddities of the body. The truth is that small women have it even harder because while small, they may have a larger butt or chest which makes it hard to find a piece of clothing that fits it all. For example, many women have small waists but larger hips, so the difficulty then is to find a dress that is snug around the waist but not too tight at the hips. To be honest, not many clothing stores making petite clothing that fits these types of standards. Another common problem for smaller women is clothing length. The dress, skirt or pants may fit well but they are too long and having to adjust a dress you just bought defeats the purpose of shopping in the first place! Similar problems are to be seen with shoulder length (as most small statured women have little shoulders), arm length and even necklines.
Whichever way you spin it, it becomes clear that shopping as a small woman is difficult. The best (quiet generic) thing to do if you are suffering from these problems is to find stores that specifically design clothes for small women. These can be found in greatest abundance online. These types of websites are really helpful for women in finding petite clothing ; they have sizes, measurements and great item descriptions. Many women are weary of buying clothes online since there’s no trying-on option. The online stores are aware of this, which is why they make sending items back and forth, exchange, and money backs easy to do. Deliveries are usually very prompt, and you can be sure you’re getting what you asked for. If you are a small woman living in a big city, you may be in luck.
Many larger cities like New York, Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles have a larger selection of boutiques and other clothing stores specifically established for petite women. All their items are specially designed to fit small women of all shapes. Some will even adjust clothes to their customers’ bodies on the spot. Of course, any regular store may sell clothes that fit small women. This just takes a little bit more searching, trying on, and altering than would otherwise be necessary. Whether you choose to go the online route or shop hands on, these days you can be sure that no matter how small, you will find the perfect place to buy your clothes.

Company Profile:

So-Sensational is a fashion website showcasing Petite clothing, posh frock and plus size clothing. Your entire favorite brands all in one place and hand-picked for you. To view So- sensational petite clothing please visit the website –

Plus Size Minimizer Bra For Better Control And Comfort Of Plus Size Women

Plus Size Minimizer Bra For Better Control And Comfort Of Plus Size Women

Bigger is beautiful. That holds good upto some extent. But when thing go above the limits, it start causing pain and embarrassment. In the search of bigger and larger breast size, women do all kind of stuff i.e. silicon implant, buying push up bras etc. Women consider larger breast for beauty.

But for many girls and women, larger breast means pain and embarrassment. They wish that their breast should have been smaller. These women find their large breast making their blouse and dress ill fitting. At the same time, their larger breast means pain while doing exercises and heavy duty works.

While some women go for surgery to reduce this problem of plus size breasts, but most of women prefer a minimizer bra. Minimizer bras are a great brassiere option for women who want to reduce or minimize the look of their breasts without invasive surgery.

Minimizer bras are speciall designed keeping in view the reduction of larger breast size. The molded cup into the minimizer bras is designed to re-shape your breast size and shape. The molded cup sqeeze breast into the chest and remove the mass from the front. At the same time minimizer bra flatten the frontal view of the breast and give a illusion of smaller breasts size.

Minimizer bras have come a long way in recent years in terms of both functionality and attractiveness. There are a wide variety of colors, materials and styles. Some even have clear bra straps for the off the shoulder dress night. There are now a few on the market that are strapless as well. A seamless bra goes a long way in making a bra attractive as it nicely smooths out blouses. Fortunately, one doesn’t have to substitute attractiveness for functionality anymore. There are plenty of sizes, one doesn’t have to be a 48 GG to fit into a seamless minimizer bra.

Some of branded minimizer bras are as under:

1.Wacoal Proportion Perfection Minimizer Bra 857154
2.Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Bra 3642
3.Olga Comfort Sleek Minimizer Underwire Bra 35128
4.Playtex Ultimate Support Minimizer Underwire Bra 4132
5.Lilyette Embroidered Minimizer Bra 417

John McMalcolm

John McMalcolm

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Designer Lehenga Choli

Designer Lehenga Choli

Designer Lehenga Choli Moncler Sweaters MenCome festive season and every girl starts digging her wardrobe for a chic ghagra Moncler Vests Women choli to flaunt on this occasion. It is a must-have item in India to be worn during festivals and weddings. Every woman can boast of at least one in her kitty. Though the styles and trends keep on changing, the basic flavor of this garment remains the same.A ghagra choli is also known with the name of lehenga choli and chaniya choli. With a surge in the popularity of this garment, many designer brands have started experimenting with this concept. Indian participation in Miss World and Miss Universe pageants has given an international platform to this so called traditional dress of India. This international recognition has resulted in more and more designers coming up with their unique versions from time to time. The by- product of which is a designer lehenga choli.A designer chaniya choli has become a fad during festivals. Navratra pooja every year witnesses hundreds of new patterns in this dress. Girls and women alike have a huge craze of flaunting their latest designer lehenga choli during the Garba dances and look the best among the milieu. Similarly Durga pooja in Bengal sees the same influx of newer styles in designer chaniya choli pieces every year. These dance events Moncler Outlet Online are similar to the balls thrown in the west where women make merry in their designer gowns and dresses.A ghagra choli can actually be a riot of colors at times. It comes in beautiful and vibrant colors matched with embroidery patterns and mirror work. These mirrors when sewn in the fabric give a lustrous look to your personality. The true impact of a mirror work ghagra choli can only be felt under the lights of the celebration when they sparkle and seem to dance to the tunes of festive music.This dress comprises three garments, the ghagra, choli and duppatta. Though one cannot do much with the style of a ghagra, the choli is an item worth to be experimented with. And what a complete transformation can it bring to this garment! Every season sees newer and sexier trends in cholis. From backless ones to noodle strapped, criss cross patterns to halter necks, virtually every pattern is finding its way on a choli.Gone are the days when these chaniya cholis were worn only by Gujratis and Rajasthanis. The trends has sparked and reached every nook and corner of the country today. Virtually every Moncler Jackets state in India has come up with its own version of this garment infusing their typical touches into it.The best part of this dress is its versatility. The same ghagra choli can be worn in a number of styles changing its overall look drastically. There are a number of ways in which a duppatta can be draped. Then the jewelry you wear along with it also brings a transformation within the same garment. It is also easy to wear and carry since it does not need to be draped like a sari. You just need to slip into the one of your choice and you are ready to dazzle the world.The Reason Why Vogue Is A Fashion Bible For Winter. Not knowing what to buy someone you love and care about can become very stressful indeed. The best thing to do when you get yourself into a panic such as this is to fa . Undoubtedly the internet has it all, so no matter what you can think off, you are s . This is just a natural thing, just like pl . There are always those friends and relatives who are very hard to buy for because of their lack . They do not want to be wearing anything that restricts their move . When you get older . He is a NBA player for the Miami Heat. At 6 ft., 8 inches, LeBron has bagged many awards in NBA. moncler for sale He has .

Some Brief Product Reviews; Mens Jewellery, Cufflinks And, Very Special Pendants

Some Brief Product Reviews; Mens Jewellery, Cufflinks And, Very Special Pendants

The future for men’s jewellery expansion looks brighter and brighter, no longer restricted to lapel badges and silk ties alone.

Many designer brands are responding to increasing demand for diversity in clothing accessories for men, there is a move out of the generic flavour, at last.

Finally men are getting more of a say about the clothing styles they buy and wear. Mixing and matching is an enjoyable exercise as the choice of colours goes beyond shades of grey.

Traditional lapel badges are now referred to as men’s brooches and popularity for bangles continues to surge.

A new era is evolving, an ideal environment for designers to incubate their ideas and watch them come to fruition

One name that is carving out a sizable niche in menswear clothing accessories is Vivienne Westwood. Her distinctive styling and bold approach mark a new creative direction.

Pendants The red heart Orb pendant a fine piece of jewellery; it’s deliberate and consistent in style, not just being different for the sake of it. Proportionately combining traditional materials like enamel and Swarovski crystals set in Rhodium transforms it into a very contemporary form. With a generous chain and sturdy spring loaded clasp they’re sure to last a life time. And they can easily be match with a pair of red heart Orb cufflinks.

Then there is the thoughtful piece of brown English Oak wood set in a solid circular piece of Rhodium and, justly named -Touch Wood Pendant- There are many more to comment on, but lets not be greedy.

Brooches The Brightly Coloured, Perspex brooches; Reminiscent of the colours used in Pueblo style architecture. To wear on your lapel and you’ll be making a bold statement. They don’t resemble the traditional insignia badge worn by members of associations or clubs

Cufflinks The handmade Swarovski Cube cufflinks by Ian Flaherty, sporting 80 Swarovski Crystals a piece and recently voted one of the best gifts for Father’s day by Victoria Gray of the Sunday Express Magazine. Precision equalled by quality and they’re made in England.

Another worthy name to note is Veritas Precious Metal Design; The -Icons Cufflink Collection-, featuring, Che Guevara, Sir Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe are brought to vibrant life, using sterling silver, enamel and Swarovski Crystals to create instantly recognisable forms. Veritas gifts have once again set the benchmark for style, quality and innovation in finely crafted jewellery. Made in limited quantities, so, value is retained for many years to come in the -Icons Collection-

Remember, every significant movement in art can be traced through the design of cufflinks. Jewellers like Cartier and Tiffany crafted work of art cufflinks in mother of pearl, crystal; precious stones…These famous fashion names establish designer cufflinks as the essential accessory for men.

London Badge and Button, an easy name to remember: They typify contemporary accessories. Since 1973 their apt designs have consistently met with market demand. Now at the cutting edge of laser technology and computer assisted modelling they’re in keeping with changing technology and this is reflected in their precision cufflinks.

But don’t forget your silk ties, otherwise the doorman may not let you into the club-house.

Bangles If you want to see what’s available in the way of men’s then keep an eye on Vivienne Westwood, you will be pleasantly surprised.

All the fashion accessories mentioned are worthy of any collection.

For A Sexy Look, Wear Balconettes

For A Sexy Look, Wear Balconettes

Sexy lingerie is easy to find these days whether you are looking in catalogs, online, or in the department stores at the mall. For a sexy look in which less is more, women can choose to wear lacy balconettes that provide a hint of possible seduction with a definite touch of provocativeness. In fact, the wearing of balconettes is almost entirely for ornamental reasons since these tiny pieces of feminine finery cover very little of a woman’s breasts.

Balconettes are designed to be revealing in a pleasant, sensual manner. They offer very little coverage for a woman’s breast and provide only the skimpiest of support measures. These facts make it extremely important for a woman to purchase the proper size when selecting balconettes as an addition to her bevy of sexy lingerie garments.

If the garment is too large, a woman’s breasts will not achieve the desired cleavage that balconettes are designed to provide. Instead of adding to a woman’s beauty, an overly large balconette will detract from it as it creates unwanted lines or folds in a woman’s clothing. On the other hand, if the balconette is too small, a woman’s breasts will pop out of the garment instead of taking advantage of the tiny bit of support that this garment offers. As you can see, buying the proper size is an important measure when purchasing a balconette or any other type of brassiere.

The primary purpose of balconettes is to create a great deal of cleavage for a woman. Therefore, they are perfect to wear beneath dresses, sweaters, and blouses with deep-plunging necklines. A woman never has to worry if her bra is showing at the v-cut of her garment since balconettes use very little fabric, most of which is used in the straps, side, and back of the garment. The balconette is one of the sexiest styles of bra available today.

Since very little fabric is used in the construction of balconettes, this garment relies on underwire to perform the task of holding a woman’s breasts in place. The underwire offers sufficient support to lift up a woman’s breasts creating the desired cleavage with an uplifting effect. While balconettes are terrific for use with deep-plunging v-neck garments, they can be worn beneath any outfit.

Pairing a sexy balconette with a skimpy thong creates a seductive-looking ensemble that is sure to get attention. Of course, balconettes can be worn with any style of panty whatsoever.

Tips To A Rugged Masculine Look

Tips To A Rugged Masculine Look

Though it’s sometimes true that ladies like sharply dressed men – sharp here denoting suit and family, the famous blue tinged rockers seem to present a different opinion which I readily share that a man gotta have suit up moments as well as time for rugged edge. Casual wear when properly coordinated to highlight the rugged and masculine features of a man, can be equally appealing to the members of the opposite sex.

How to create a classic rugged bad boy image

Items to watch: Boots, Fitted T’s, Denims and Leather Jackets

Majority of men find it easy pulling off a rugged look very easily, however, it’s important that you exercise discretion when selecting the 4 staple items necessary to building an appropriate masculine outfit.

Authentic Leather Jacket

I’m not talking about the trench coat here pal, I’m talking about the 1/2 length or 3/14 length leather jackets. Trench (leather) coats are usually associated with goth subset and don’t qualify here. As with leather jackets, worn or new, it always looks nice when nicely tucked to align with your physique – just make sure that the garment is nothing but pure leather not imitations like pleather or vinyl. Nothing shouts fake like false leather jacket does.

Authentic Leather Boots

Though wearing cowboy boots may appear a little bit overboard, casual boots or leather dress looks mightily good when matched with a pair of well worn or traveled denims. Mark Nason is particularly the super-designer in this field with his Crowbar label leading the pack.

A Pair of Denims

Black, grey, white and your typical work jeans are colors to avoid here. The best colors are dark blue, indigo with brown or slightly coal fading, these ones enhance and create a more rugged look.

Fitted Tees

Now this one is quite flexible based on your physique, however, I strongly suggest that you wear clothes that fit much more snugly with this kind of ensemble unless you’re out of shape. For tees black is the finest color to go for, and screen printed design is fully acceptable, though not a must. Tee colors that work best here are plain black perhaps with a small design or just plain black, dark brown and navy also fit the bill depending on the color your boots, jacket or jeans.

Why a rugged masculine look? is it necessary?

Though it may not be a necessity to embark on a journey of creating a rugged and masculine wardrobe – I suggest doing it for the major reason of self-esteem and also for the simple reason of sexual appeal. Women maybe used to see ill dressed men or accountants in conservative business-wear, a tastefully dressed man in nice fitting clothes – especially good leather jackets and/ or designer boots makes quite an impression.

Being unique and standing out of the crowd provides strong visual imprint to those that will be encountering you, it’s also an ego booster regardless of the situation.

Indian digital prints dress material.

Indian digital prints dress material.

The salwar kameez is traditional attire of some states in the North of India, but like the saree is a national fabric and has assumed new dimensions in fashion. Beautiful block prints, embroidery, patch work, zari weaving and a host of other adorning styles elevate the look of this Indian fabric canvas. Digital prints are one of the latest in this respect, using a brilliant combination of computer software techniques and print technology, to bring out exquisite geometrical shapes, images of animals, birds, nature and other themes and also abstract designs in a wide range of colours on the salwar kameez. Different trends are followed in designing a salwar kameez since women of all age groups wear this fabric. Digital printing on salwar kameez is stunning and appealing for its fresh-look incorporations. Trendy digital prints are currently the hottest in fashion among women. It has become stylish and convenient to wear digital printed Punjabi dresses anywhere because they are very light, comfortable and look graceful. Wherever the norm is a saree, salwar kameez is accepted change wear. Digital prints are available on salwar kameez fabrics of mercerized cotton, silk, sico and other fabrics like georgette, chiffon, polyester, crepe silk, and others. The Deep brown and green georgette Punjabi suit has bright multi-colour digital floral prints with thread weaving on the deep brown kameez. The plain cotton salwar is green in colour while the chiffon chunni is dual coloured with green and brown. An extremely stylish trending salwar kameez, it would do nicely for weddings, parties, outings, social events, traditional functions and festivals. The scintillating yellow and pink colour Punjabi cotton salwar suit has multi-colour floral digital prints on a dazzling yellow kameez with pink strips border. The salwar is plain pink cotton. The dual colour chiffon chunni with multi-colour floral embroidery work is a lovely complement. This exquisite salwar suit piece should do well for parties, festivals, outings, invites and social events.

The grey and peach digital prints salwar kamiz has blue, pink and purple embroidery floral bootis with prints on the grey and peach kameez, with green, purple and lace patch border. The peach salwar is plain silk digital prints while the peach pure chiffon chunni has a lace patch border. The very attractive and stylish piece would do very well for exclusive occasions like weddings, festivals, parties and also serve for outings and social occasions.


Envya Swimwear What You Need To Know

Envya Swimwear What You Need To Know

If you are looking for affordability and style when shopping for a designer swimsuit, consider buying Envya swimwear. These are accessible in the market for as little as $20.00 to as much as $100.00 depending on which store you are making your purchase. Affordability is not just the reason why you should consider purchasing Envya swimsuit. This sexy bathing suit is available in different colors and sizes. In spite of your shape and size, you should be able to find something that best suits your body type.

One of the reasons why majorities of women are unable to find the type of swimsuit that best suits their body types is because most swimsuits are one-size-fits all swimwear. But this is not the case with Envya. The designers are aware of the fact that not all women have the same shape and size. Moreover, butt sizes may differ from one woman to another in spite of the fact that they may have the same body type.
In this article, Envya kids swimwear seeks to provide consumers with tips on how to select the best swimsuits.

When shopping for the right swimsuit, it is important not to have anything distracting. More than often, sales people tend to persuade consumers into choosing something that does not really complement their body types. Note that, swimsuits are just like any other kind of garment. Hence, it is crucial that you find something that best suits your size and silhouette.

When buying a swimsuit, choose something that you are comfortable with. One of the things that Envya clothing line has tried to do is design swimsuits that are comfortable to wear. Note that, bathing suits are generally regarded as public undergarments. Therefore, it is crucial that you choose something that you are comfortable with. Take your time when shopping for swimsuits as you would have when shopping for bras that fit well.

Shopping for Envya Kids Swimwear
The first place that a majority of consumers tend to look at when shopping for a swimsuit is their local shopping mall. Whereas you may be able to come across a wide range of bathing suits at your local shopping mall, you will not benefit from the affordability and variety that online stores offer. An Envya swimsuit that goes for $30.00 may be available at your local shopping mall for $45.00. One of the reasons why online stores tend to be cheaper compared to brick and mortar stores is because they do not incur huge overhead expenses.

Furthermore, the convenience and flexibility provided by online stores when shopping for Envya bathing suits do not parallel to those offered by local shopping malls. At the click of a button, you can place an order and surf through hundreds of designs and styles from numerous suppliers worldwide. Then again, if you have a coupon code, you can gain from discounts and offers provided by online stores dealing in Envya swimsuit.
One of the best marketplaces where you can benefit from the affordability and variety when shopping for Envya swimsuit is Amazon.

Environmental And Social Standards In The Fashion Industry

Environmental And Social Standards In The Fashion Industry

Environmental, social and ethical pressures on the global textiles and fashion sector emerged in Europe in the early 1980s. The main driver was consumer concern over the safety of the materials. However in parallel with this trend, a minority group of ethical consumers demanded chemical-free and low environmental impact clothing and fashion goods. This resulted in the European and later the US organic labeling system being extended to include criteria for clothing and textiles, such as organic cotton. As of 2007, the sector was the fastest growing part of the global cotton industry with growth of more than 50% a year. With reference to safety standards, primarily addressing consumer concern over chemicals in textiles, the Oeko-Tex standard has become highly popular in the industry. Although unknown to consumers, It tests for chemicals such as flame retardants in clothes and categorizes goods according to their likely exposure to humans (e.g. baby clothes must adhere to the strictest standards for chemicals). Thus the issue of chemicals in clothing has become largely one of liability risk control for the industry with the consumers obviously expecting products to pose no risk to their health. Organic and eco fashion and textiles attracts a far smaller, but fast growing group of consumers, largely in Western Europe and Coastal US.

Of far greater concern to the global fashion sector is the issue of worker welfare. The issue was highlighted by pressure groups such as Global Exchange in the US targeting Levis and Nike and others.
In the late 1980s and early 1990s anecdotal evidence began emerging from labor activists in the US and Europe concerning the supply chains and overseas factories of leading US and European multinationals. A key target was the world’s leading maker of denim jeans Levi Strauss, but more significantly Nike, the world’s largest sports shoe marketing firm. Global Exchange launched its Nike Anti Sweatshop campaign, focusing on the firms sourcing in China and Indonesia.

Issues included child labor, minimum wages, working hours and employee benefits. Activists argued that such issues should not differ too widely from standards mandatory in the West, while Nike argued at the time that differing national economic and social conditions dictated different standards globally. A good deal of negotiations and stakeholder meetings led to a generally accepted code of practice for labor management in developing countries acceptable to most parties involved. The SA 8000 emerged as the leading industry driven voluntary standard on worker welfare issues. SA 8000 supporters now include the GAP, TNT and others and SAI reports that as of 2008, almost 1 million workers in 1700 facilities have achieved SA 8000 certification. Such a certification requires investment in the process but also more significantly in changing labor practices such as wage structures. It is clearly being driven by large US and European multinationals that may require certain suppliers to gain certification.

The Fair Trade movement has also had a significant impact on the fashion business. The standard combines a number of ethical issues of potential concern to consumers environmental factors, fair treatment of developing country suppliers and worker welfare. The Fair Trade label has show explosive growth.

Albeit on a very small scale and not always at the top end of the fashion industry, many niche brands have emerged which promote themselves primarily on sustainability grounds People Tree in the UK states that it creates Fair Trade and organic clothing and accessories by forming lasting partnerships with Fair Trade, organic producers in developing countries. Leading fashion journal Marie Claire ranked its top 10 eco brands in a recent issue. The key issues remain chemicals in clothing (certified by organic and Fair Trade labels), worker treatment (certified by SA 8000 and Fair Trade) and increasingly mainstream environmental issues such as climate change. The Carbon Reduction Label verifies a products cradle-to-grave carbon footprint, although is not specific to clothing. Mainstream brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, H&M and Zara have been slower to make firm commitments on the full rage of ethical issues due to the difficulties of switching their supply chains and products lines completely in favor of organic or Fair Trade certified or other standards and norms. They are however, moving slowing to ensure they capture the market if it becomes significant the worlds largest fashion brand Louis Vuitton recently acquired a small eco fashion label. It is clear, however from the example of Nike and Levis, however that certain issues are here to stay, such as a demand by Western consumers that leading brands manage the issue of worker welfare in their supply chain properly.