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Pathani Suits- A Hit In The International Fashion Circuit

Pathani Suits- A Hit In The International Fashion Circuit

The Indian Fashion industry has come of age. With the trend of Indo Western wear gripping the country, it has been a real challenge for the Indian designers to popularize Indian styles abroad. With global exposure like Milan Fashion week, LOreal Fashion week, India International Garments Fair etc. Indian Fashion has ultimately found the gateway to the global fashion scenario. Moreover what has given them the edge is the scope to experiment and bring back the fashion of the yester years in their collection with a modern touch, a typical example of which would be the traditional sherwanis and pathani suits.

Ace Indian Designers like, Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, Raghavendra Rathore, Hemant Trivedi, Kiran Uttam Ghosh along with a handful of newcomers Sabyasachi Mukherjee have therefore taken Indian fashion to new heights. Each designer has their signature creations and styles and make for the best professionals in the Industry who had been dressing Indian men and women for years now.

While in their fashion shows, women have always stolen the show either with their gaudy and colorful sarees, lehenga cholis, salwar kameez or else with Indo western outfit. However, men too have now succeeded in making a mark with their well cut and fitted suits, Pathani suits, kurta pyjamas, traditional sherwanis, Indian wedding sherwani as well as tuxedos. Left with few choices for a formal yet stylish look, pathani suits is an apt selection for attending any cultural or traditional occasion.

Whether it is a moment of festivity or a precious occasion like a wedding, Indian men look their best in designer kurta pyjamas, Pathani suits or stylish menswear achkans.

While trendy Indo western wear or chic tuxedos can be worn now and again, nothing matches the charm and style of embroidered dhoti kurta or a Pathani suit. For the groom especially, a typical wedding sherwani well accessorized with a stole, kantha and the special grooms turban makes the best Indian wedding attire. However, for those who want to sport a casual style yet appear sober and traditional can go for the Pathani suits. A native wear of the men belonging to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Pathani suits have become the first choice of men staying in India and abroad. They are a fresh break in the lines of designer kurta pyjamas and make for great ethnic wear for the modern man. Since men too like to experiment with colors nowadays, Pathani suits are available in hues like pink, maroon, aqua blue, light brown beige, turquoise etc. With well detailed work, different neck styles, embroidery and thread work, a well fitted Pathani suit can make any man stand out in the crowd. Choice of materials for your Pathani suit are many too as they are available in silk, khadi and polyster. With their variety, vibrancy yet stylish features, models walking down the ramps in a designer Pathani suits have a global appeal and made it a hit in the International fashion circuit.

For those who cant afford a designer Pathani suit, dont have a reason to lose heart. The online shopping sites are the best places to grab best deals within your budget. So, if you are looking for online Pathani suits or traditional mens wear, wedding accessories and more ethnic wear from India, these sites can help get what you want. Since home delivering the product is a part of their customer services, it is not a concern whether you are residing in India or abroad.

You can work well with jeans and other casual pants and skirts

You can work well with jeans and other casual pants and skirts

The year 1950 was the year of poodle skirts . As this was the decade of swing, these skirts have become very popular. Another type of rock, has become quite popular , pencil skirts were kind . These skirts were narrow and very sexy , and women loved these years. In the 1960s, women’s clothing has become more diverse , and it is in these years that the fashion trends have accelerated. In the early 1960s, pastels , geometric shapes and large buttons have become very popular. The fashion of the 1980s was the most diverse . The women of that time was like a valley girl dress , the skirts and leggings essentially the preppy look , issued, or they may have suffered Mode ” new wave ” , which consisted of leggings and jackets that look also appeared pirate cheap canada goose parka. In recent years , the mode can not be considered “new” , but inspiration from the fashion trends of the past. We saw the 20s , 50s, and 80s , is brought into the world of fashion and they all look completely different , you will see that they are . Mostly just a thinner version or modernized more the former trend They are new. They are fresh and updated , but they are really more or less the same. Brown leather canada goose chilliwack bomber jackets women could talk a lot about you. You can look stylish and comfortable in a subtle way . These brown jackets are black , the discrete counterpart . If you go with your brown leather cheap canada goose parka., you can feel that you are conservative and totally relaxed . When worn with the right set and the combination of colors , the result could be surprisingly amazing. People who wear brown for the most patient and kind . This earthy tone exudes a sense of responsibility and stability. A brown leather jacket is great when paired with white . You can fresh and beautiful, if a leather jacket is cropped brown coupled with a flow -y white canada goose kensington parka. You can even wear it with high brown boots . To say more brown – a brown leather jacket will never fail you nothing . There are many ways in brown leather jackets might work for you . It can give you a higher degree of “chic -ness” without going over the top. These jackets are casual and comfortable to wear! You can work well with jeans and other casual pants and skirts. They even have their place in the Top Ten Jackets for Women category. And there is a classic brown color , you can never go wrong with it . Simply select the ideal size and so you do not look like a child in your mother ‘s cheap canada goose parka.


Ted Baker No Ordinary Fashion Designer

Ted Baker No Ordinary Fashion Designer

From the United Kingdom comes a stylish clothing retail company that is consistently gaining popularity not just locally but also internationally. Ted Baker is a designer house that has been offering a strong line of well designed apparel and fashion accessories. Not only that, the brand is best known for its unique ability and expertise in integrating new twists and unconventional designs applied to its signature fashion products.

Ted Baker started as a retailer of men’s shirts in Glasgow. It was March 1988 when managing director Ray Kelvin started a store that lured fashionable men not just by the exquisite design and quality of shirts but also because of a unique promotional service that offered exclusive dry cleaning services for the shirts.

From then on, word of mouth has helped promote and boost the popularity of the store. Because of the unique shirt designs, the high quality of fabrics used and of course, the helpful and convenient dry clean services, Ted Baker in no time grew and has expanded to open stores in Manchester and Nottingham. The expansion to Covent Garden marked the formal aggressive growth of the company.

In mid 1990s, branching out of Ted Baker became inevitable. During the period, the brand also started catering not just to fashionable men. Apparel and accessories for women and kids have started being launched and marketed. Now, under the popular fashion house, people from all around the world are starting to enjoy the different feel and attitude provided by the name.

Across the UK, Ted Baker is currently being distributed through numerous stand-alone stores in London and in other key cities. The company has also commissioned several retailers, called Ted Baker Trustees, to help market and distribute its signature fashion products better.

As a sign of its aggressive expansion, Ted Baker is now operating stores across the rest of continental Europe, in the United States, in the Middle East and in the Australasian region. The brand is also active in the wholesale business, which cover New Zealand, Australia, the US, Norway, Canada, Greece, the Netherlands, Spain, the British Isles and Belgium.

As for its important and flagship products, Ted Baker is enthusiastically continuing in its tradition to clothe the modern and vanity conscious men from the inside and out. Ted Baker is a men’s fashion line that is offering different models and designs of underwear, socks, swimwear, t-shirts and tops, trousers, suits, shirts, knitwear and denims. The brand also manufactures and distributes its own line of accessories like men’s watches, hats, belts, fragrances, cufflinks and bags.

Jeans In A Twist Understanding The Different Cuts

Jeans In A Twist Understanding The Different Cuts

When buying jeans, people often have difficulty in getting a pair that feel right. On any given shopping trip you can try on twenty pairs of jeans that will disappoint you in the difference between how they look and how they feel when you’re actually wearing them. This is because the cut of jeans is a crucial part of what makes up a style that may or may not suit us. You may like the look of a certain pair on the hanger, but knowing which type suits your body is the key to finding a good pair of jeans. Let’s take a look at some of the classic cuts:

Straight Leg: The simplest of all jeans styles. Where many styles flare or taper or otherwise modify the shape of the leg of the jeans, straight leg jeans do neither of these things, and tend to be neither tight-fitting nor baggy. Though they are often thought of as plain, a good pair of straight leg jeans look better every time than an ill-fitting skinny pair, or a balloon-baggy type. They still represent the classic jeans style.

Flared Leg: Flared jeans are jeans where the thigh is close-fitting and the shin and ankle part of the leg flutes out, giving the classic flower power look, which, when not taken to bell-bottom extremes, is still fashionable and flattering. Flared leg jeans accentuate the lower form and draw attention away from chunky thighs and bottoms. Still, they should fit well around the waist; the price for a good flared look should not be an uncomfortable fit.

Boot Cut: Boot cut is a phrase seen quite often on jeans today, and it’s not at all difficult to understand. A small flare begins at the ankle and opens up to allow for, yes, a better look when wearing jeans with boots. Boot cut jeans are a good compromise on straight leg and flared jeans, and look great on those with long legs, helping to give a little character. Boot cut jeans again should not be awkward around the waist and seat, as the difference is in the ankle-end of the jeans. If you can’t find a pair that fit right, it’s probably the waist size rather than the boot-end that’s giving you problems.

Non-fit, Anti-fit: Anti-fit jeans are basically a way to make carrying off the baggy, slouched look without looking like we have greatly over-estimated our waist size. The sort of celebrity-gangster cool of this look is probably a ‘nineties thing, but has remained popular with major brands. The boxer-shorts-on-show way of wearing jeans is not quite exhausted, and has a bit of attitude about it. However, not everyone can pull it off. Perhaps ask a trusted friend if you can get away with it, but much more flattering would be a pair of straight-leg or flared jeans in most cases.

Stove-Pipe: Stove pipe referred more to the milliner’s trade long ago but where jeans are concerned, it’s descriptive of the wide, tubular leg type that can be a very good look when carried out with conviction. Surprisingly, this works as well for those with skinny legs as it does for flattering those with those on the chunky side. Pay close attention to the waist again, and remember that stove-pipe doesn’t mean tree trunk go easy to avoid the elephantine look.

That’s about it for the most common Womens Jeans.types, allowing that variations such as tapered, skinny, and cuffed types speak for themselves in how they modify a look. Understanding your body type is kind of the key to buying jeans that suit you; it’s often less to do with the fashionable name a cut has, as how well that cut complements your shape overall. Happy shopping and don’t forget you can get these Clothes online.

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

There are many different plus size costumes for adults. You can be someone from the movies or something absolutely hilarious, such as a giant chicken. Whether you want something funny or classy, sexy or popular, we’ve got something for you.

There are many costumes that fit into the sexy cute category, such as the Beer Garden Girl Adult Plus Costume. This costume comes with a dress that has a green bodice and orange skirt. It also looks great with the Lace Petticoat Plus and the Beer Mug Handbag. This clever purse is sure to get many compliments. If you’re not a huge beer fan, try the Diner Delight Plus Adult Costume. This costume includes a red and white dress, a Cherrie nametag and a retro headpiece. Just add the Sangria Adult shoes. If you want to try a different retro costume, the I Love Lucy Classic Adult Costume is great pick. Just add the I Love Lucy Adult Wig and you’re all set.

Full-length gowns are a great way to look gorgeous and regal without showing too much skin. The Baroness Plus Adult Costume comes with a two-tone brown dress and matching headpiece. This costume is great because it can double as a costume for the Renaissance Fair, especially if you add the Renaissance Pouch to store your personal belongings. If you aren’t a fan of earthy tones, try the Enchanting Princess Elite Collection Adult Plus Costume. This beautiful blue dress looks like Cinderella’s lovely gown. This costume includes a hoop petticoat, fingerless white gloves, a tiara and jeweled choker. Just add the Vanity Adult Shoes!

There are some absolutely hilarious costumes for men. The Tooth Fairy Plus Adult Costume comes with a tank top printed with a giant tooth, shorts, a tutu, and wings. The Jumbo 9″ Cigar will get you even more laughs. Want something even more ridiculous? Try the Chicken Plus Adult Costume. It includes a fuzzy yellow jumpsuit, an attached chicken head, striped orange leggings, and chicken feet shoe covers. If you really want to stumble about, add the Plastic Clown Adult Shoes.

You can’t go wrong with a pirate costume-and people are far less likely to laugh at you. The Ultimate Captain Hook Plus Adult Costume will help you look exactly like this fearsome villain from Peter Pan. It includes a long red coat, jabot, and hook. Just add boots, such as the Hook Adult Boots. The Pirate Plus Adult Costume is another great choice. Just don’t forget to add a pirate hat. Now all you have to do is find Wendy and make her walk the plank.

Computer crime attorney- Gets your charges reduced or even dismissed

Computer crime attorney- Gets your charges reduced or even dismissed

If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a computer crime, you are probably under a huge stress. Computer crimes like credit card fraud, identity theft etc. incorporate a broad category of offenses that take place over the Internet or with the use of a computer. Computer crimes also involve harassment, spamming, phishing, and sex crimes against children.

Computer crimes include:
Cyber terrorism
Credit card fraud
Identity theft
Sexual offences
Online stalking
Phishing etc. If these crimes cross your state lines, they are classified as federal offenses. A computer crime suspect would be arrested and their homes will be searched. They would be questioned about the evidences. Charges & Penalties include:
Fines: Charges can be few thousands of dollars for a misdemeanor and can exceed 1 lakh dollars if it is a felony.
Jail time: Person convicted of a computer crime may face jail time from few months to few years. In case of severe crimes like child pornography, the jail time may be more than 20 years.
Probation Hiring a computer crime attorney The Computer crime defense attorney in NY, Mr. Paul D. Petrus Jr.1, who has worked on personal computers for the better part of his academic and professional life tells–Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has established an entire department dedicated to the prosecution of computer crimes and actively pursues alleged law violators. Many district attorney offices have similar units and attorneys similarly dedicated. When accused of a crime involving a computer it is not only important to have a criminal defense lawyer who is knowledgeable about the law, but also about computer basics – the government is.-(

Charged with computer or internet crime can be very serious and you may lose your job and your family & friends may keep you away. Computer and internet crimes can be very complicated, involving numerous laws, and if you were charged with computer crimes, it is very important hire a qualified, experienced criminal defense attorney in your area. Attorneys practicing in this area will also have access to experts who can review digital evidence and testify at trial if necessary. He will provide you with legal advice based on the facts of your case and the law. Hire an attorney who has knowledge of the local courts, police, and prosecutors, and who can help you at every stage of your case.

Disclaimer: The contents of this page are general in nature. Please use your discretion while following them. The author does not guarantee legal validity of the tips contained herein.

1.Paul D. Petrus, Jr.:Mr. Paul D. Petrus Jr. is a member of the New York State Bar Association and New York Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He is a practicing New York criminal defense attorney. Mr. Petrus works in federal and state courts. If you are looking for a New York criminal defense attorney, call Paul D. Petrus Jr. at 212.385.1961 / 212.564.2440or you can e-mail . Office is located at the Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 3601, New York, NY 10118. Visit more information.

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Christmas and Its Jewelry

Christmas and Its Jewelry

Christmas is coming! Snowflakes, reindeer and Santa Claus have been “occupation” of every corner, every human heart have already started the Christmas carnival. And women do not want to grow up that hidden in the hearts dream, will also be a romantic holiday in this wake up, no one wants to be waiting for Santa Claus distributed gifts that little girl. So a woman restore the childhood fantasy wholesale jewelry from china has become a major theme of a large animal, fruit, graceful princess in the fairy tale, the classic image of the cartoon were used as jewelry design elements, greatly do not want to meet a woman who grew up sinking innocence.

Unique Judith Leiber clutch, Michelle Ong of Carnet top jewelry, Boucheron’s Cabinet of Curiosities multicolored animal ring, De Grisogono handmade jewelry store…… mouth watering fruits of these amusing cute element takes us into another world of jewelry , to feel the luxury of fine jewelry look different from the past, to appreciate its vivid playful another look.

wholesale pearl necklace

French jewelry brand Les Nrides’s series Pas de Deux jewelry in this autumn and winter in ballet theme, one like a little ballerina in the ears, collar dance, very lovely and interesting. Christmas limited edition Bambi will wear ballet clothes, dressed dancers jump a nutcracker.Prestigious Happy Diamonds Series Bear necklace is a classic product Chopard introduced over the years, hollow design cute teddy bear sketched the playful and lively, filled with Christmas atmosphere in the winter, while flashing happy and bright light.

PRADA Christmas Bear was originally designed only as window decorations, but it is too cute, welcomed by everyone, so Winnie PRADA started selling these ornaments, and even a Christmas china jewelry wholesale each year will launch one of the series. Winnie the theme of this year’s Christmas rock band, they are incarnation of guitarist, vocalist and other identities, both beautiful and rock style, addictive.

Christmas jewelry, wholesale jewelry from china, handmade jewelry store, china jewelry wholesale,

The ‘made In Chelsea’ Boys

The ‘made In Chelsea’ Boys

There are few cities more fashion forward than London, England. This is especially true of men’s fashion. English men take their fashion very seriously. They like their three-piece suits, their shiny cufflinks and their colourful socks.

‘Made in Chelsea’ is a new hot show on Channel 4 that is based on the posh existences of a group of friends living in one of London’s ritziest neighbourhoods. The drama is juicy, the characters quite attractive and the outfits typically, stylishly British.

So who are the men on the show and what are they wearing?


Ollie works in events- in other words, he helps organize parties full of socialites, mans the door and makes sure that everyone is having a good time. Ollie makes one bold fashion choice after another- from his Union Jack trousers, to his tennis-ball yellow one-piece ski suit. Jewellery seen on Ollie would consist of a long chain with a key pendant on it, some rings, and a few trendy bracelets.


Hugo is the guy everyone wants to know. He is good looking, fun and has a great sense of humour. He is currently the love interest of a few of the show’s female characters. He enjoys a casual chic look that consist of jeans, cardigans, blazers, polos and comfortable loafers. Jewellery on Hugo would likely be limited to a smart watch and a few thin leather bracelets.


Spencer is the nice guy who’s gotten himself into a bit of a romantic pickle. He finds himself falling for his childhood sweetheart all over again, while juggling a live-in gf. Thankfully he doesn’t seem to take life or any of this drama too seriously and mostly does exactly what he wants. The difference in Spencer’s dress-down vs. dress-up attire is vast. On a casual Sunday he might be found in ripped jeans and a flannel shirt, but ask him to attend a dinner party and he’ll likely turn up in a three-piece suit with all of the trimmings. This includes cufflinks, a watch, a pinky rink and a great tie.


Francis is the man with all of the one-liners. Sometimes it’s hard to believe what actually just came out of his mind. He’s so affected it seems like he’s shaking throughout most of his scenes. He prides himself on being surrounded by beautiful things- hence the jewellery industry and the less-than-qualified but very pretty intern. Francis is the poshest of the posh. He likes pink shirts, Harry Potter spectacles, would definitely have a pinky ring or two and a wide collection of knockout cufflinks.

Those are the boys of Chelsea. Which one do you think best reflects your style?

Top Trends For Mens Jackets

Top Trends For Mens Jackets

If youre like most men, you probably dont buy a new jacket or coat very often. But when you do, its worth investing in a good one. A jacket has to be practical and protective from natural elements. But it also needs to be versatile, able to complement any outfit that its thrown over.

So when the time does come to buy a new jacket, its important not to be too won over by the latest trend especially if that trend is nowhere to be seen in two years, when you might still be wearing your coat. Heres a quick guide to prominent jacket styles for 2013 that offer a great blend of contemporary fashion know-how and timeless elegance.

Military and Magical Styles

One of the most enduring jacket styles for 2013 is the military coat. Military coats have been slowly emerging from the shadows over the last few years and their current prominence on the catwalks proves they have come of age. Look for long military-style coats with wide lapels and strong button details. For a military-influenced style that wont date, stick to serious colours like black, grey or navy one of this years on-trend colours and avoid the bright red variations that have occasionally cropped up over the last decade.

One daring trend that will please Harry Potter fans is cape-style jackets. Capes have been a strong feature of womenswear in the 21st century but are only just turning up in mens fashion boutiques. Some men might be deterred by the strong statement created by capes. But if youre looking for a jacket-style thats different and is likely to remain in fashion for another few years, capes are a good bet. Wear a heavy black cape over a suit to a winter wedding, or simply throw it on over smart trousers for stylish daily protection from cold weather.

Inviting Fabrics

Choosing a new jacket isnt just about style its also about colour and fabric. Mens leather jackets are a strong trend for 2013 and, given that they have lingered blissfully in the fashion background for over half a century, they will certainly be a good fashion investment if you dont already own one. For a double-retro vibe, look for a leather aviator jacket with a sheepskin lining. This 1940s style coat still packs a visual punch. Wear over blue jeans, a white jumper and brown boots for a casual but elegant look.

If youre dissatisfied with the jackets on offer on the high street, mens tailored jackets might be the ideal solution and its one thats always in style. Ask for a style thats versatile, so you can wear it over jeans or tailored trousers. This way, youre making the most of your investment, and ensuring it remains a key feature of your wardrobe for years to come.

Men Scarf Fashion Is In Trends

Men Scarf Fashion Is In Trends

Has there ever been a case in which you saw men wearing scarves and or shawls in public places – in malls, theaters, restaurants, parks, and others – without other people looking at them with a quizzical frown on their faces? There are very much possibilities that you will be among those orthodox style quotient type people who feel that such pieces of garment are for ladies only. Oh, you are in for the surprise of your life!

You should try to update your style info and try browsing through modern fashion catalogues as well as magazines. Scan through the web pages of a popular men’s fashion apparel and fashion accessories or better yet, spend some time just sitting on the bench by the park and you’ll see more and more males are wearing scarves and shawls. Definitely you are going to observe that gone are those days when scarves were considered as anti men fashion collection. Now it has become intrinsic part of men fashion wardrobe too.
Unless of course you were wearing a shawl or scarf in glaring pink colors or with designs that are uniquely feminine, then perhaps you will invite ridicule upon yourself. Otherwise, conservative and strongly masculine colored and designed pieces of garment will do marvelous things to you as a modern cosmopolitan man.

The idea of men wearing a shawl or even a scarf is actually not new anymore. This is because the reason why such garments exist in the first place is that it serves to protect or shield the human body against the bitter cold of the Himalayas. This meant that men and women have developed these pieces of fabric as a means to protect them from the harsh environment.
This purpose is not at all lost amidst today’s seemingly endless fascination for anything fashionable. In places where it is naturally cold, people from all different walks of life and in both sexes, shawls and scarves are often used wrapped around their exposed upper body parts to protect against the cold. These can include the neck and the whole torso from neck down.

In the dry desert communities, these have definite uses, too. They are used to shield the self against extreme heat as well as the occasional sand storms that can literally blind an eye. Soldiers, freedom fighters, and other desert men are often depicted or shown with either a shawl or scarf worn across their shoulders or wound around their necks.

Today the widest selection of scarves for men is available online. Designers who exhibit men’s scarves online are in an effort to restore balance in men’s wardrobe. People can get high-quality, stylish scarves for men and impeccable customer service while purchasing online. A winter scarf which is not extremely exaggerated shows your own feature. So a great mens winter scarf is worth shopping among fashion accessories. Which color scarf would you choose for winter. Steady men prefer the color camel for scarf.

Camel is a very calming color. Most men do not like too fancy decoration because they hope that the selected dress can create a stable and reliable partner image. For the young white collared workers as well as the general managers, these camel scarves are noteworthy. With a camel scarf you can score a notch towards more manliness. If go with black windbreakers, you wont be surprised with the charming you win from camel scarves.
Pashmina Man , Men’s cashmere scarves certainly are a course in itself when they are continuously up-to-date with creativity as well as style and weaved in the newest styles and also patterns.

The particular cashmere scarves produced with regard to men’re usually weaved and never knitted. Mens cashmere scarves also comes in sound shades and also examine designs. Men scarf are available in the often knitted design for the everyday gathering and the tightly knitted types to the a lot more official events. Stylish as well as sophisticated, it may be used to include elegance to any kind of individuality. The particular warm and also good smooth feel associated with men’s cashmere scarves makes it the most well-liked collection of the stylish man throughout the cold winter time.
In today’s modern universities and higher institutions of learning, the use of shawls or a certain kind of scarf have closely associated with the affiliation to a particular peer group. In these instances, both male and female members of the group share the same kind and design.

Corporate executives often strut their power and influence with a conservative yet sophisticated wrap. Hollywood actors and matinee idols have used the shawl as a means to provide their fan base a means to enforce a certain kind of identity with their idols. Aviators in the early 19th century wore scarves and other similar garments whenever they took to the sky.

Having said this, scarves and shawls are well known to provide the warmth and protection modern man needs and at the same time enable him to feel good about himself and be confident in the things he does in life. Its about time for men to start thinking otherwise about these practical accessories.