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Daily Surrender Psalms 1034

Daily Surrender Psalms 1034

July 8, 2006

Psalms 103:4 Who redeemeth thy life from destruction; who crowneth thee with lovingkindness and tender mercies;

Sometimes we get so sidetracked from the main issues. We assume that God does not answer some of our prayers so we doubt His love for us. We often approach our relationship with Him like a job application. We examine the pros and cons of the contract; we evaluate the benefits, and are ready to sue if things don’t go according to our expectations. Some of us also act like the ungrateful children of this generation. They have parents who are able to provide them with basic food, shelter, clothing and education, but they are not happy unless they have the trendy latest fads and fashion in clothing, styles and gadgets. One day we will realize that even if Jesus didn’t give us anything else, like our parents, he gave us the most important things: life and protection.

From the moment of conception, human beings exist in the shadow of physical death, at the mercy of the carrying mother. Later, they are born so helpless that it seems the odds are against them. Good parents adopt a lifestyle that provides shelter and protection for the new life and for the child that is to come. They live with constant watchful care and concern for their child, and this continues long into the child’s adulthood.

Similarly, since the original sin (Gen 3) our spiritual life is doomed to spiritual death (Rom 6:23), to live a life separated from God, and spend eternity in the lake of fire (Rev 20:15.) God, our heavenly Father, watches over us and protects and shelters us. He has provided His Son Jesus-Christ to willingly and mercifully pay the -wages of sin- (Rom 6:23). We are now free from death, the condemnation of sin, and able to enjoy life in God’s presence while on earth, and after life, in God’s heavenly city, new Jerusalem, for ever.

This is God’s main gift to us, and even if He would give us nothing else, this is the best deal ever offered this side of the universe. Oh, that we would realize the value of this sacrifice conceived in the depth of the heart of the love of God for us! Let us not whine anymore but be thankful for this crown of mercy that redeems us from inevitable death.

1 Corinthians 15:55-57 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? (56) The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law. (57) But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Patrick Lumbroso For past issues of the daily devotion go to my blog at:

Stefan Hall

Stefan Hall

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Potty Training The Old Fashioned Way

Potty Training The Old Fashioned Way

Today, one can see 4-5 year old children running around in pampers. They talk a mile a minute, yet they refuse to communicate their need to evacuate. They lack the discipline necessary to go and use the toilet or to ask somebody to take them to nearest bathroom.

The children, whose brains are developing and their life knowledge is minimal, are not to be blamed. I blame the parents, who are too lazy and not willing to take the time to educate their children, to discipline them and teach the first basic activities that will mark their children for the rest of their lives.

I want to share with my readers my mothers old fashion potty training method.

Most pediatricians say that timing is everything. Every authority on potty training claim that the child must be able to hold the urine and stay dry for at least 3 hours before training should start.

Here comes into effect the mothers devotion, love, commitment and patience. Instead of waiting for the child to give signals, the mother knows how to anticipate the event and to prepare the child for it.

When I was just 6 months old, as soon as I could sit, my mother made for me a harness. Such a thing was not available, nor could be bought in a store, in the old country, at that time. Immediately after feeding, or every 2.5-3 hours, she would put the harness on me and tie it to the crib, to keep me stabilized and would plop me on a glass potty. She would also give me a book with color pictures of animals, to look at. Mom would sit next to me, show me the animals and imitate for me the sounds which each animal made, encouraging me to do the same. From time to time, she would also whisper: pee-pee, pee-pee, or caca-caca. When she saw through the potty glass that I was doing my duty, she would repeat those magical words and tell me what a good job I was doing.

As my parents loved me very much, they kept my baby bed in their bedroom, so that they could keep a constant eye on me.

Very soon, while in my bed, I would whisper: pee-pee, pee-pee… My mother would hear me and put me on the potty. At night, my father was on potty duty. He would hear my whisper, wake up and bring the potty for me, in the crib.

When we were going out, to visit friends, when I felt the need, I would whisper either in my mothers or fathers ear my special words and they would take me to the bathroom.

As I grew and learned to walk, my mother put a small stool next to the toilet and I learned to climb alone on the seat.

There is no frustration in this method. Just a great time spent by the mother and child and a great opportunity to bond, leading to extremely strong, life long love ties.

I wish that all the parents will try this loving method, which will create new generations of disciplined, adapted, clean and obedient children, who will mature into productive and unconflicted adults.

The Renowned Gucci Flora Art Print Spans Forty Years

The Renowned Gucci Flora Art Print Spans Forty Years

In a world of sumptuousness and vogue you can find one brand that shines in the group and that company name is Gucci, the name is connected to several renowned designs, one of which is considered to be Flora, commissioned for Princess Grace of Monaco after the Princess shopped at Gucci, Milan.

After the Princess made the purchase of a handbag, Rodolfo Gucci wanted the Princess to select a gift from the shop to accompany the tote, a scarf was the selection so Rodolfo chose to have one crafted and required Vittorio Accornero to carry out the honours. It was not long before the Flora model was created to be incorporated on the scarf for Princess Grace, this was not the last anyone recognised of the style and design, it finished up being an icon associated with the high-end products and solutions of Gucci.

European ladies appreciated the Flora name, it had become an element that was handed over from mother to child, and Caroline of Monaco used a blouse in the Flora print of the scarf given to her mother in addition to Frida Giannini whose mother also fell deeply in love with the Flora art print while in Rome. In the the summer months of 2005 the Flora print was carried back to life when the print premiered on canvas handbags, the bags an instantaneous success, sparked adaptations, the design being rescaled, abstracted or re-colored and was seen on print garments in 2006 as well as on jewelry and evening bags, evidence of a Gucci image carrying on 40 years. A further image in the world of Gucci was the bag that presented life to Flora, with its handle of bamboo it was specially designed when the globe was at war and conditions had been really hard. Even though the bamboo handbag that spawned Flora was designed under duress, the standard of style and design from Gucci never ever faltered, the travelling bag would exceed all expectations in fame and continue on to become best-known as part of the history of the Gucci brand name and the bamboo print would be witnessed on various deluxe products.

Gucci is a term that is definitely connected with extravagance relating to fashion, there have been many bogus Gucci goods, yet genuine style gurus fully understand there is respect to owing the real thing, all things considered there is simply one Gucci.

A Glowing Christmas

A Glowing Christmas

Part of our Christmas traditions is the use of Christmas lights. Some people still use small wax candles on their trees, the tradition dating back to the 18th century. Since the use of electrically lit lights we have seen their use evolve. The technology behind Christmas lights is very diverse. Both indoor and outdoor lights have many options from which to choose. These include LED, battery powered, colored bulbs, white or clear bulbs, fairy lights, snowflakes, icicles, nets, garlands, ropes, twinkling lights, and bubble lights.

We are encouraged to use LED lights and this technology has come along way form its beginnings. In the beginning when they were used on the outside of our homes they looked a bit like Charlie Brown lights compared to our neighbors who were still using the old lights. The new ones now shine brightly.

Inside our homes we can create a warm glow by wrapping strings of lights around doorframes, window frames, pictures, or mirrors. Combined with Christmas greenery or fabrics they can be wrapped around banisters, placed on mantles, or placed in window wells. Glowing lights can be strung along the cabinets of the kitchen and bathroom.

As well as using Christmas lights on the traditional tree they can be placed on large plants to light an otherwise dark corner. Placing strings of lights in a large vase or crystal dish and combined with colored Christmas bulbs and pinecones can create a focal point in a room.

Bunching strings of lights under the sofa, or a chair or a cabinet creates a quiet subtle effect. Another up lighting effect is to string the lights along your baseboards. This gives a warm glow to a room. For a spectacular overhead look you can use the battery-powered lights to turn your chandelier into a wreath, or a modern whimsical look.

Dont forget the bedrooms, especially the childrens bedrooms. You can delight your children by giving them their own little Christmas corner with some lighting in their room. Just remember to be extremely safe when adding lights to your childs room.

At your windows you can use net lights or indoor strings hanging from the curtain rods behind a sheer drape. Frost the glass with a light coating of translucent metallic spray paint. This will help dim the light through the glass and will help enhance the ambiance.

For the best affect it is best to pick a theme and carry this from room to room. A sleek sophisticated look can be achieved by using white lights everywhere. On the other hand if you prefer colored lights go for it. The colored lights are especially magical to children. They tend to reflect our ideas of an old fashion Christmas. If you choose to combine these looks it is important to have a balance of each.

When decorating your home for Christmas it is best to carry your theme from the inside to outdoors or the reverse. This gives a warm coordinated look to your home. For outdoor lighting there are unbelievable choices in lights and decorations. You can line your driveway with lighted candy canes. You can adorn your lawns or rooftops with reindeer, Santa Claus, snowmen, and sleds. You can put robes of lights around your tree trunks. You can put nets over bushes. You can hang icicles, snowflakes, or strings of bulbs along gutters and around window and doorframes. A large lit wreath can hang at the front door or can be mounted in a window.

Safety is a major consideration when using Christmas lights. Make sure to use cool burning lights with fully coated wires when decorating inside. Do not overload outlets or leave Christmas lights in the reach of small children. Dont use more than 3 strings of lights in succession. Check for frayed cords and discard old strings. Check the criteria for your lights to make sure that they can be used with fabrics and Christmas greenery. Check that the lights that you are using outside are coded for this use and will be able to withstand the elements. Dont over use extension cords.

Enjoy the warm and glow that Christmas lights create. How you use them is only limited by your imagination.

Fashion Tips For Islamic Women To Stay Cool This Summer

Fashion Tips For Islamic Women To Stay Cool This Summer

It is important to keep the body as cool as possible during the summer months, which can be sometimes an -uphill task- for Muslim women that wear hijabs. The obvious tip is to suggest thinner and cooler fabrics in hotter weather – but it is also important to stick to absorbent materials as well. Fabrics such as georgette, chiffon and lace are therefore obviously great choices for the summer months.

Clothing with -air holes- – which allows more air to flow – are great in summer, with lace undercaps and loose crocheted caps both being very effective. Scarf headbands have become with the modern young Muslim and are a useful alternative to undercaps as they provide almost the same coverage but with a lot less material – as they just cover the forehead.

*Band Wool Bone
*Crochet Hats

Reducing the amount of material wrapped around the neck and top of the head is a wonderful relief on hot days – as this is where a lot of body heat leaves the body. Experiment with styles and how you pin your khimars. For the cooler summer days, a hat (should never substitute a khimar) could be a stylish addition to your wardrobe and they can be great play on style during the summer months.

Al-Amira hijabs are always worth a recommendation. The translation of the name means -princess scarf’ and it’s a slip over hijab style comes in two pieces; one piece of which serves as a hair cover while the other piece as a slip over from the same or near matching colour. Al-Amira hijabs are ideally suited for hotter climates as most of them are made out of light and absorbent materials.

Al-Amira Regular Plain Hijabs No Lace

Sarongs are a huge length of fabric that is very versatile and there is nothing stopping you from using one as a summary khimar. They are traditionally wrapped around the waist as a skirt by women and are usually made of very absorbent materials. They also come in a variety of stylish colours, patterns, and various sizes that would add some flair to anyone’s summer wardrobe.

Although not specifically designed for Muslim women – maxi dresses can be practically perfect for Islamic women after a slight moderation -just add a long sleeve shirt or jacket to make them more Muslim friendly. These light, modest and informal dresses usually reach the floor and provide excellent light and cool coverage.

Wearing clothes like this should make summer 2010 a much cooler experience for Muslim women everywhere!

General Knowledge for Kids Quiz

General Knowledge for Kids Quiz

Kids in the 21st century are far faster than their counterparts from the 20th century. They are very well aware of their surrounding and alert on the latest happening. Unlike how parents had to force children to know the current affairs, children today are well informed by the media. Not only in fashion also in trends but also in games, politics and careers.

Hence when parents induce children to take up general knowledge studies it hones their existing knowledge and they are trimmed to meet the challenging outside world.

General knowledge for kids quiz books are easily available on bookstands, shops and book depots in India. Infact you get a wide range of choice depending on your underlying requirement. So from current affairs to history, culture, languages, religion and more, general knowledge spans far and wide and can be addressed in the particular subject.

General knowledge quiz contests are regularly held in schools and colleges so that children have a reason to dig into GK books to learn and study what they have never heard of. These quizzes have even gone national with contests like the Bournvita Quiz contest that was held for school students across the country. It gives them an opportunity to look outside school textbooks that have a set curriculum to study.

For instance when they take up GK on history, children study not only emperors and queens that are easily found in textbooks, but they also study the culture and currency that existed then, the form of communication and transportation, how the economy survived and grew? What were the main occupations and how it evolved over a period of time?

As a child mind is like a bottomless pit there is no limit to the information you can fill it with. They devour everything they read and still have space for more. Once the child is interested in a particular subject, he or she can read the variety of books available. For instance if it is history they learn the weapons used, the type of metal, how it was formed, where it was found? Interest once developed can go a long way for the child. It can turn out to be fruitful as the child’s career or at least as an eye opener.

Children love to increase their general knowledge, no doubt you can see them peering at the atlas or asking a whole lot of questions. You can help increase your child’s knowledge by teaching them the Name, Place, Capital game. Where one from the group says all the alphabets while another stops the reciting and then everyone immediately pens – a person’s name, country, and its capital with the letter that was stopped at, within a timeline. This helps build your child’s geographical knowledge.

You can play similar games on different subjects, so your child has a healthy knowledge on varied subjects. Inculcating the habit to pick the newspaper and read is a good start for children. It helps them be aware of the political and socio issues.

For instance when at a party or a gathering if somebody pops a question to your son or daughter regarding the temperature of the city, he or she should not be dumfounded. These are important subjects and often conversation topics. Hence once your child is adept with the latest they will always be updated and ahead in life.

There are many ways of improving your kids knowledge and make him aware of various strange facts such as penguin facts. To know more about these click on the links and learn many more general knowledge questions which could help your child to enhance his intellect.

Anthony Kane, MD

Anthony Kane, MD

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Dressing Your Child Like a Rock Star

Dressing Your Child Like a Rock Star

Dressing a little rock star is tough when it comes to certain events, but when it comes to children’s parties and everyday activities; it is a lot of fun to dress up your baby or toddler in rock baby clothes.

When you are going to upscale social events you always want to be sure your little rock star is looking dapper. These aren’t the places to have your little dude in a band t-shirt and ripped jeans. You are better off having them sport cool faded jeans and a vintage collared shirt. It’s alright to leave un-tucked to keep the rock star vibe.

Many schools these days require uniforms or at least specify particular types and colors of clothes, so it may be tough to pull off a rock star look. In this case, you need to make sure their hair is rock star cool, but pass on crazy colors and the Mohawk.

Now birthday parties and everyday activities are where your little rock star can shine. Now you can pull out the stylish ripped jeans, rock band shirts, fedora or boys trucker hats, oversized belt buckle and trendy pair of shoes. Match the clothes with your child’s attitude and let them express themselves. Don’t forget the hairdo, because rock baby clothes without the hip hairdo will kill the whole vibe. Also don’t overdo it! You don’t want it to look like you planned and matched every piece of clothing.

There are a lot of baby and toddler brands in children’s fashion today with all sorts of rock t-shirts and clothing compared to five years ago, so you have plenty of options as you build your child’s wardrobe. Many of these brands are now carried in major department stores and regional baby boutiques. You can also find many new up and coming brands online with a little searching. Be sure to search on the second and third pages of online searches, because many cool new brands that established don’t show up on the first page of natural searches.

You now have the tools to dress your little boys and girls like a rock stars. If you follow these simple tips, your little one will be on the road to the best dress kid in town, while pulling off the rock star vibe. And by the way, if your child is going to be looking hip, you better make sure your look is up to par to pull off the full rock star look.

Don Ryan has been in the children’s fashion industry since 2003 and is one of the founders of Baby Rock Apparel and Trendy Remedy .

Colin Ellison

Colin Ellison

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