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Leather Messenger Bags For Men – Fashion Icon Of Comfort And Style

Leather Messenger Bags For Men – Fashion Icon Of Comfort And Style

Leather messenger bags for men are perfect for those who always look to have comfortable carry bag. Like women, men also need to carry various types of stuffs in a great style. The leather messenger bags which are designed exclusively for men offer each and every comfort to hold their belongings safely. These bags consist of shoulder straps and strong carry handles so that you can easily carry them for many hours.

Men love to carry leather messenger bags because they are seen as fashion icons. These bags are also lighter than briefcases and hold the same space as in the briefcases. When choosing the leather messenger bags for men, make sure that they have enough space and pockets to keep your items comfortably.

Best Leather Messenger Bags For Men

The leather messenger bags are popular among the men because these bags allow them to carry their bulky things with great ease. All office related stuffs can be easily accessible if you use such bags. They provide much spacious pockets where you can keep all essential things and provide quick access.

It is a wrong perception that such kinds of leather bags are only beneficial for businessmen. Anyone can buy these bags to carry things which cannot be fit easily into pockets. You just have to purchase the bag that best suits your requirements and budget. The strap allows you to open it easily. The plenty of different sized pockets help you to organize several small items at its place.

If you want to keep small things in the bag then there is no need to buy the large one as it may only increase your budget and also require more space to place it. Many bags also offer padded pocket at the center of the bag which allow you to carry a medium-sized laptop.

Many students who travel by bikes prefer to buy these leather messenger bags because of their great uses and style. Most of leather messenger bags for men are waterproof and can work on any weather.

Choose The Best Leather Messenger Bags For Men

When shopping for leather messenger bag, first thing need to be considered is to check the quality of the bag. Check for the padded shoulder strap so that you would not get injured in case if you carry it for several hours. If the padding in the shoulder strap is thin, it is advisable not to buy those bags as it is not safe of your hands.

Before selecting the bag you must determine the style which you always want to buy. There is no doubt that designer or branded bags are expensive as compared to the ordinary bags. But these branded leather messenger bags for men are based on latest trend and offers more stylish look. If you are looking for fashionable bag to keep your office stuffs, make sure to purchase the one made from reputable brand. The branded and designer bags offer high level of quality and work for longtime.

Never buy a bag by just impressed with its look. Make sure to choose one of the best leather messenger bags for men that can be used for different kinds of purposes. For students, your bag should be such that can carry sufficient textbooks and stationery. If you are a businessman or doing job, it is better to purchase a leather bag that have enough space to hold your all necessary office papers and stationery. Not only this, some leather bags serve multiple tasks. You can also use them as the shopping bags. You just have to keep in mind the main purpose of shopping these bags.

Leather Messenger Bags For Men For The Best Deal

You can find different styles of leather messenger bags to enhance your appearance. Choose the one that fits your personality and lifestyle. The best way is to search online and find the best deal for your money. There number of online leather bags store from where you can select the most suitable bag depending on your preferences.

These online stores offer great opportunity to shop around and allow you to compare the prices of different leather messenger bags for men. You will see a list of plenty of good quality bags with their features. The different color bags make you able to choose your favorite colors. Most common are black, brown, rust, grey etc. These bags do not include rainbow colors as they are considered the women colors. Just pick the one that suits you the best.

The plenty of styles and different price ranges enable you to purchase the best from the wide selection of messenger bags. They offer great comfort ability and style at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Get the best quality leather messenger bags for men for you and exhibit your style.

The Codpiece A Celebration Of The Male Figure

The Codpiece A Celebration Of The Male Figure

The 1500s saw an interesting turn of events in mens medieval clothing. With the onset of the Little Ice Age and the period of cooling that ensued, Western Europe began adopting voluminous clothing, with women especially favoring abundant layers. But this was far from saying that fashion was entirely relinquished. On the other hand, as the Renaissance got everyone comfortable in its golden glow, fashion only got more creative.

Bursting Renaissance Opulence

While the tall, narrow lines of clothes in the late medieval period endured for just a little bit longer, the Renaissance costumes promptly set the trend in wide hips and conical silhouettes for women and a broadly square figure for men. The era ushered in a time of opulence in clothing initiated by rivals France and England, tempered only by the somber luxury that Spain displayed.

Shirts and chemises developed full sleeves and often full bodies. Pleated designs became frills, then wide ruffles that eventually led to the wheel-like ruff towards the end of the century under Elizabeth Is influence.

The prominent choice materials for Renaissance dresses of the era were silk brocades and velvets in bold patterns, usually in pomegranate or artichoke motifs. Elaborate slashing that revealed fabric of different colors, contrasts or patterns beneath the outer material remained popular. Nevertheless, contrasting fabric was used as trim on skirts, sleeves, and necklines. Red and yellow were the most fashionable colors to wear, while the trend in furs favored the silvery lynx and the dark brown sable.

Mens Fashion Sticks Out Prominently

At this glowing point in fashion, the fashion sense of Henry VIII influenced male Renaissance clothing in England. The lavish Tudors clothes gradually steered English mens fashion away from the narrow designs of the Middle Ages with wide revers and collars and large sleeves that gave strapping emphasis to male shoulders.

But perhaps most remarkable at this time is a clever piece of male accessory that made the Renaissance men jut out in pure male prominence: the codpiece.

The story that led to this bold fashion statement began with a mans hose having been created separately for each leg. This left a significant area between the legs covered only by the layers created by a mans chemise, doublet and jerkin. But when the hemlines of Renaissance clothing gradually rose (they started out at ankle length), covering the genitals became a problem.

So the codpiece began as a flap of fabric covering that most revealing gap. However, the Renaissance awakened the boldness in men, and they began to shape and pad and emphasize rather than conceal. The codpiece came at the height of prominence especially during Henry VIIIs reign, during which the armors for war even had such a bold addition, not to mention the then kings armor itself.

It was only during the last Tudor, Elizabeth I the Virgin Queens, reign that the codpiece declined in popularity and eventually fell out of use.

Jeans And Clothing For German Men

Jeans And Clothing For German Men

These German people love to wear different varieties of clothing irrespective of situations and climate. From contemporary traditional german clothing to modern jeans these German love them all. They want their clothing to have a shade of customary European traditional touch. In German, there are some customary types of clothing which are just rooted towards German culture although there are other attires which show their flair taste. These German are also passionate towards jeans. Brands like Levis, Bumblebee have already made up their mark in the German cloths market.

Again wearing a perfect pair of jeans with right clothing may be tough at times. So, wearing the right clothing is a must because if you club your attires wrongly, you may look unflattering and odd amongst the rest. There are different varieties of German brand jeans available in the market like Levis and if it is paired with a J&J shirt or a Polo T-shirt it would look nice over these German men. With a good pair of Levis skinny jeans, the clothing style depends upon the perfect length, style and the colour of the dress which these contemporary german men are wearing.

The Perfect Length

The perfect length of clothing (Bekleidung in German) is always essential for these German men to wear with a pair of jeans. The clothing, i.e., a Shirt or a T-shirt would be such that it should match with the colour of the jeans. If the colour doesnt match the length of the attire should be such that the German man must look descent wearing these clothing. If you are a German men and are of short height then try to wear a same colour J&J T-shirt with a Levis jeans so that you may look taller. Prefer wearing bright colour T-shirt or a shirt with jeans so as to look smarter.

Style & Fitting

The second most important aspect of your German clothing should be a perfect sequence of style & fitting. As a German man you should know about the latest German style of clothing and what should be worn with a pair of jeans. As a matter of style, you should also look to choose a trendy and stylish pair of German jeans. Pair of skinny jeans with do wonders for your cause, but the jeans which you are wearing should be loose-fittings and can easily be worn with any German clothing. The clothes which you are wearing should be high-class fabrics and you must feel comfortable wearing those clothing. To look more stylish you may look to wear stripped and coloured clothing along with a pair of jeans. But, of you have decided in wearing tight German jeans, then your clothing must be well ironed, should be plucked properly inside your jeans, and tightened with a pair of belt so as to look descent.


The colour of your clothing must be absolutely anything as per as your personal preference being paired with jeans, but with one condition, should be descend as per as looks is concerned. A pair of sun-glass or a pair of sneakers with perfectly match with your jeans and other clothing and would look good while walking in busy German streets.



In my previous article I described how important the energy was to our preferred lifestyle. In this article I will lead you to delve down into the sources of energy. The energy that now becomes inseperable part of our lives and how we obtain it has been impacting our way of live. There are three major formations that we obtain energy: Natural gas, electricity and crude oil. Natural gas is a product of fossil deposits produced by nature which certainly takes a very long time. It is a type of carbon composition being trapped deeply underground. We use natural gas in limited ways comparing with electricity, infact all functions that are fueled by natural gas can be replaced by electricity. Electricity is widely used in our way of live. Anything we want to nourish our preferred lifestyle, electricity can make it all happen. Electricity is a man-made product that can be obtained by consuming the fossil deposits such as coal, shale, woods, crude oil. We burn these fossil deposits in order to generate energy in the form of electricity and deliver through the grid. That is how energy will be available wherever it is needed. Crude oil is another type of the fossil deposits. It is a carbon composition preserved underground in the form of liquid. It has to be refined so that the machinery can consume. We use crude oil for all types of machinery. It has become the important fuel for our transportation needs. Over a century ago we lived on the oil from whales as our energy. At some point of time we came to realize that if we kept killing them for oil. Sooner or later there would be no whales left for the new generations to come. At the mean time we discovered these fossil deposits to replace the oil from whales. They were plentiful and effective but wouldn’t it end up with the same problem? Eventually, there will be nothing left. We have plenty of these fossil deposits in some different forms at the present time, plentiful supply that we can use until some of us may feel not to worry about. But with increasing numbers of population due to:- -the multiplication of reproduction on every new generation. -the advanced technologies in medical science that help fighting against any influenza epidemic that frequently attacks and kills people in large numbers. -the new nutritional researches that make people live longer and healthier. -the great efforts to study on big accidents like aviation related accidents that kill people in large numbers all at once, in order to prevent them from happening again. -the great wars like WW I & II are less likely to break out any more. The new generations start to realize more value of being born as human being. They are prone to settle down calmly over the conflicts that could lead to wars. All these factors point to the only one thing which is more population as the time goes by and everyone of us needs energy to live on. It will be a huge mistake if we continue living on our lives not to prepare for this situation. The depletion of fossil deposits may not occur in our generation or a few generations ahead. But it certainly will occur because the rate of replenishment by nature of these resources can not catch up with the rate of our energy consumption. There are no arguments against this term. We are living on borrowed time and the clock is ticking. Eventually, we all will have to pay back and it will be painful and expensive. Not to mention about the inauspicious circumstances that are created day by day to augment the effect of global worming on our natural surroundings. It has been a very long time since humans learn how energy can enrich their lives and they have striven to obtain the energy from different sources. The sources have been changed from time to time to be benign for environment and more reliable. Despite all the efforts, we have gone on the wrong track time after time. We live on with no plans at all when it comes to energy. It’s time to make a change now folks, once and for all. Because a right choice is now at our disposal. Join me on this fight, it will be a fight to draw solid plans for our certain future and a clean planet to live. Finally, we can have solid plans for all. Go to and participate in. Watch for my next article about free energy for eternity. I have a solid plan to reveal. We can eventually extricate ourselves completely from carbon footprint.

Shopping For Large Men’s Clothing On Line

Shopping For Large Men’s Clothing On Line

Men in modern society are often prone to having larger body frames than in the past and it is therefore important for online stores to cater for larger figures and broader frames.

The person with larger body frame feels shy to go for buying clothes in any physical store. This is particularly because the retail outlets generally do not keep plus size clothing in their product range. But, now these large men can breathe a sigh of relief as they can shop for their extra large clothing online itself. This has in fact led to an immense popularization of online stores for large mens clothing.

As the shopping for large mens clothing online is on the rise, it has become more and more difficult to settle down on one option over the other. Amongst the large number of such online outlets, has earned a significant name and reputation. There are certain noteworthy reasons to its credit –

Firstly, there is an exquisite line of large mens clothing available with Big Matt’s. Their collection ranges from Tee shirts, jeans, trousers, smart / formal shirts, suits, knitwear, sweaters, fleeces and hoodys, jackets and coats, leather goods, night wear, casual wear summer wear / shorts to underwear/ socks, sportswear, work wear, and numerous others. However, that is not all. They also exhibit a distinguished section of oversize shoes, sandals, boots, accessories and clearance items. To add on, they too have come up with designer labels like Lee Cooper, Peter England, Bonart, Skopes and others. With such wide display and varieties at hand, shopping online for large mens clothing is no less exciting than picking up smaller size clothes.

Secondly, the online Big Matt’s shop has different sizes of big mens clothing to suit people of different body structure. The sizes differ on various parameters – general size distinction of 2XL to 8XL, waistline of 42″ to 68″, chest breadth of 46″ to 70″ and, collar girth of 18 1/2″ to 23″. To aid the customer in their pick, basic measurement charts, namely generic size chart, Ben Sherman size guide and Oakman guide, are provided. This lends a better understanding to the buyers to choose correctly what they are actually searching for. Not only this, but also an outline on measuring the specific body regions is also stated. This piece of information enables the visitors to match their particular body size to the clothing sizes available.

Last but not the least, you not only see their astounding array of clothing, but can also purchase them online. They have Protx secured method of online transaction and almost every prominent credit card are acceptable modes of payment.

For more information on plus size clothing like big mens coats, visit Big Matts.
So, bid adieu to all those embarrassing moments of your visit to any garment store by shopping for large mens clothing.

Style Tips Don’t make These Mistakes

Style Tips Don’t make These Mistakes

If you think you have good taste in clothes and buying from high premium and luxury brands alone will make sure that you look at your stylist best; Thing Again! Though your wardrobe might look swanky and up-market, but it will hold you no good if you don’t know the there-after of styling one. Yes, knowing what looks good on you, does make a difference but what matters more, is not making the mistakes that we generally end up making when dressing up.

Wrinkled Shirt: You might be the one who likes being at his casual best but you surely do not want to give an impression to people that you slept in the same clothes last night in when you meet them, do you? Forget about your office boss, the wrinkled shirt will fail to even have a good impression of your date. What you need to realize that it takes only couple of minutes to iron the clothes and there is no better impression on others, than a man who knows how to keep him groomed. If you are a bachelor and can’t do the job (though it is no rocket science) then opts for dry cleaning services!

Throw away the shine: Shine could be in (really?), but then over-doing it might actually look cheap. For those who believe that every ensemble for evenings should have a hint of glitter in it, you are so very wrong. Quality garments for men in lush fabrics, like cashmere, linen or fine wool can give you a much better and varied look than compared to the glossy effects that you usually might be opting for.

Stain- factor: Never ever… and we mean ever, ignore a stain on your clothes, whatever tiny it might be in prowess. But unfortunately, you often would end up seeing at least one character in the noon time wearing an outfit that has a stain to it somewhere. Trust us when we say, no matter how good your outfit is… a stain can kill the whole look and feel of it. Designer brand or a street wear, make sure that you keep your clothes clean and tidy all the time.

Tight is not the way: So you workout and want to flex those muscles for everyone to see? We say, do it, but only marginally, as people do not really glance with a good eye on those guys who wear clothes that seem to be all ready to burst because of their muscle size. Go for slim fit shirts instead of body hugging tees, as shirts can give you much more opulent look then those cheap looking t-shirts.

Too loose is not the way either: We’re being picky, but it’s true that going too far in the opposite direction and over-sizing all your clothes is as bad an act as wearing the tight ones. The reason could be over-weight, paunch, long height or anything, but over size clothes are not the solutions. Instead look for clothes that are smooth in their fall and are made of soft textures, which will make sure that people look at you only with an eye of appreciation.

This Article is written by Amit Thapa, having 5+ Years experience in Internet Marketing as a Web Analyst.Sandeep Verma is a professional fashion Photographer located in the New Delhi, India .Nowadays there is a growing demand of Men fashion Latest Trends and Latest runway reviews. You can find more information on fashion celebrity news

How to hide your Man Boobs

How to hide your Man Boobs

There are more and more men that are suffering from the embarrassing problem of having man boobs. There may be a number of reasons as to why you may be suffering from this affliction but until you figure out what is the cause of your man boobs and have developed a way to get rid of them, you are going to want to hide your issue. Read on to learn some simple ways to make your man boobs not so noticeable.

There is little way to hide the fact that males that are suffering from man boobs can have a lot of trouble hiding this particular affliction. Most men try to utilize clothing to make chest fat appear to be less noticeable then it actually is. This can be a hard thing to pull off especially with modern media bringing a lot of not wanted attention to the situation.

Sitcoms are often joking about man boobs and this issue also is found to be the butt of the joke on many late night sitcoms. There are all kinds of clothing that cal help support and hide the man boob problem until men are able to deal with them in the manner that will work the best for them.

So lets discuss a couple of ways that you can be successful using clothing to hide man boobs.

The first thing that you can do when it comes to using clothing to hide man boobs is to begin to wear tight clothing. For example a tight tank top can be used to make having man boobs less noticeable. A tight tank top can compress man boobs and make them a lot less noticeable and maybe even giving them the impression of being chest muscle instead of unsightly Gynecomastia.

If you are able to have a garment that gives man boobs the appearance of chest muscle it can give you the confidence to go about your daily life while you are figuring out a way to get rid of this issue. There is a ray of hope when it comes to finding such garments as there is an entire industry that is dedicated to the creation of compression garments to hide the fact that someone is suffering from man boobs.

These garments where first created as compression vests to be used to assist patients that had Gynecomastia surgery but where soon discovered to have the ability to quite effectively hide man boobs.

Large shirts are also another option for finding man boobs. All you need to do is purchase shirts that are a size or two larger then what you normally wear. This look to hide man boobs will be easy to pull off as most all people wear larger clothes anyway, youll just be going along with the current styles. To really hide your man boobs you could go with a tight fitting undershirt along with a larger over shirt and you can very effectively hide man boobs.

Clothing can be a very quick fix to covering up man boobs but you must also look into proper diet and exercise for a more permanent and healthy solution.

Men’s Wedding Day Fashion Ideas

Men’s Wedding Day Fashion Ideas

We all love weddings, don’t we? Men especially do but sometimes find it overwhelming when it comes to deciding on the type of attire to wear to the occasion. In this article I’ll tackle the biggest challenge that men have when it comes to matters wedding and that is attire.

Suiting up

There is no arguing that suits are foundation of men’s fashion in a wedding perspective. The rule of thumb if you’re in the wedding party is to wear a tux. If you’re invited as a guest, then a suit is more appropriate. When it comes to selecting a suit, then color and style of your suit will be determined by the dress code specified in the wedding invitation.

Black tie only

If your invitation says black tie only, then it’s definitely a formal wedding and a tuxedo is a must have, whether you’re a guest or not. Choose a black jacket with satin lapels, bow tie, trousers and a cummerbund.

Multi-seasonal suit

It can be challenging if the wedding invitation steers clear of the attire to wear. To be on the safe side, base your attire choice on the season and time of day the wedding is taking place.

Summer/Spring day wedding

Informality of spring and warm summer weddings usually allow for twill or linen suits. Beach weddings also offer an opportunity to discard the tie, try wearing a nice blazer with pants in shades of beige, gray or blue. You can also go for an English morning vest and coat popular in Funerals and weddings. If you’re just a guest then stay away from this attire because it’s meant for the groom and his groomsmen.

Fall/winter night wedding

The best way to decide on wedding attire is to analyze the invitation. If the invitation fails to specify the type of attire for the occasion, then you can base your decision on the extend of the wedding formalness by the invitation. If it’s a simple card with casual wording then chances are that the wedding is an informal affair where a black suit will serve the purpose right. If the invitation is a card done in a fancy script, then it’s likely a formal event where a tux is a sure bet.

Dress code etiquette

* No white suits at nighttime weddings

* No tuxedos before 5 p.m.

* No sneakers, jeans, cargo pants or shirts other than button-down dress shirts.

* Don’t wear something more formal than the wedding party

* Do not unbutton double-breasted dinner jackets

Dress the part

Weddings usually last for extended period of time and often involve lots of cavorting and dancing. When dressing for a wedding ensure that your wears are well pressed, clean and appropriate, above all, show up in a suit that is well fitting and comfortable enough to party in. I don’t think you fancy being regarded as the guy in a powder black suit with a big tear on the rear.

Choosing Cool Designer Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses

Choosing Cool Designer Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses

Keeping abreast of space-age technology, the company developed shatterproof lenses in the 1960’s and the popularity of sunglasses continued to rise when fashion icon Jackie Kennedy was often seen with her trademark, oversized frames. On the silver screen, sunglasses were becoming an essential part of any actor’s costume, with movie stars like Peter Fonda and Audrey Hepburn, playing stylish, sunglass-wearing, characters who were able to hide their eyes from the audience and remain convincing.

Ray-Ban continued to develop new styles and designs in the 1970’s and 1980’s: their ‘Wings’ model was indeed a forerunner to the very modern, half-frame, lens of today. In the era of American TV cop shows, like Starsky & Hutch, and Chips, the mirrored lenses once so popular in the 1940’s, began to reappear. Ray-Ban was retro.

Stylish and modern, funky and retro, Ray-Ban remains at the forefront of sunglass manufacturing to this day, no mean feat when one considers the competition out there. Undoubtedly, the company will continue to have staying power in the industry, because throughout the decades it has evolved with the nation to give people exactly what they want for their eyes: the reliable protection of a hi-tech pair of sunglasses, and the serious ‘cool’ of a real sexy pair of shades.

The Fashion Of Color In Men’s Underwear

The Fashion Of Color In Men’s Underwear

In the fashion world the question that has often been asked is: “Why has men’s underwear never been in fashion?” It is an area that has been neglected with very little in the way of changes in the past ten years. Function and comfort have been addressed throughout the evolution of men’s underwear, yet fashion has been relegated to an inferior place in this niche in the industry. The wheels of change however, are slowly starting to turn, with new designers following the lead of the top designers and incorporating their season’s colors into their underwear collections.

Men’s underwear styles, as we know them today have had a progression through long underwear union suits, briefs, boxers, Y fronts and thongs. Today, low rise “gripper trunks and square cut briefs are currently doing well in terms of sales for Calvin Klein, 2(x)ist, C-IN2, Ginch Gonch and Andrew Christian” according to President Michael Kleinmann. Additionally, Alenver Inc., new to the underwear market has also tapped into the low-rise fashion with its messaged waistbands designed to be seen above the jeans waistline.

Beyond cuts and styles, however, color is a critical aspect in fashion design. As Orli Sharaby states in her article regarding New York Fashion week, “It’s fascinating to witness how an entire industry’s color choices can shift and sway with changing times.” Fashion Weeks held around the world, but most prominently in the fashion capitals of Milan, Paris, London and New York, allow fashion designers to present their latest collections, and for buyers to preview the latest trends. The semiannual events must be held several months in advance of the season to allow the press and buyers the opportunity to see the designs for the new season and to allow retailers time to arrange for purchasing or to include the designers in their retail marketing.

The Fall/Winter colors for 2008 that were favored in the shows in the early part of the year featured purples, blues, and greens as the new colors. For example, Pantone Color Institute in New Jersey supplies the top 10 colors for designers for the New York Fashion Week and their top four choices for this year were: Blue Iris, Royal Lilac, Shady Glade and Caribbean Sea. These colors are considered representative of the year as Pantone’s Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman believes people are looking for calm in an economically and politically volatile year. She states: “We need that element of calm, but at the same time, the color has some strength to it.” Kleinman confirms these color choices as he sees “conservative basics such as navy, fatigues and brown, to more daring colors like pink, purple, electric blue and yellow” performing well.

Color is an important feature of the Alenver Inc. collection with their men’s and women’s lines designed to complement the new season’s hottest color trends. Additionally, contrasting waistbands of color with gold and silver messages provide the variety that wearers desire for their boxers and briefs. It is interesting to note that Alenver is the only men’s underwear designer to take the season’s colors recommended by the top designers in Fashion Week and include them in their collection with purple, dark brown and fuscia. Additional warmer colors often associated with Fall were also included in this season’s top ten – shitake, aurora red and withered rose, and Alenver’s collection reflects these colors also in their khaki, pink and fuscia designs.

While these colors can be expected to appear in women’s outer fashions, it is a new concept to see these colors featured in men’s underwear fashions. Men’s fashion has expanded today to the point where men are expecting fashion to meet their sense of style and this extends to underwear. Not only are they seeking contemporary styles and sleek cuts that offer comfort and flatter their bodies, they are also expanding their choices to reflect the changes of fashion. Getting inside the male psyche, one might hear the thoughts: “I coordinate my socks, my ties, my clothes – why wouldn’t I want to coordinate my underwear, even if it’s not seen?”

Colors in men’s underwear have been a relatively new concept appearing only since the 1950’s. Prior to that, white had been the mainstay of underwear for the general public, not to be seen in public, and drab olive the safe coleur du jour for the military since white briefs were considered too conspicuous when hung out to dry. The introduction of color and pattern made underwear more innovative and exciting and underwear slowly began to be gain stature in the fashion industry.

Men’s underwear is being revolutionized with the introduction of new designers and their creative collections to this specialized niche in the fashion arena. Fashion can now take its place alongside fit and function to form the trinity of vital design areas to be addressed by the underwear industry.