From Country Girl Casual To Socialite Fashion Doll Clothing

From Country Girl Casual To Socialite Fashion Doll Clothing

Sewing Denim for Fabric Dolls

Want inspiration for a wonderful new doll garment? Try denim! Denim is a wonderful choice to make a doll appear authentically from the farm or it transforms her into a socialite dressed in a classy garb! Sewing with denim is so versatile and is really an excellent staple for your dolly’s clothes closet when sewing for dolls.

Supple, flexible, and lightweight, 100% cotton denim is a really good option when working with denim. It’s best to launder and dry the fabric, which adds to the softening before sewing. Finishing the edges by zig-zagging will stop unraveling. Seam allowances are best when kept at ” when working with a doll clothing pattern. You can use the same style stitching you would on a t-shirt sleeve, reducing thickness, but add the finished look of topstitching with a heavier thread. This extra sewing also lends strength to the seam for a new favorite garment when sewing with denim.

Denim is such an adaptable material! You could utilize it to sew many clothing designs when using denim to sew for dolls.

Sew work jeans and a complimentary plaid top for dolly to use with her cowboy boots while she is busy on the farm or ranch, pushing cows or collecting eggs from under the hens.

Make a cute, denim skirt for dolly to wear while she sips a soda with a girl friend. Add a cozy sweater or a warm, crotched hat as an embellishment.

Make a denim clutch purse to go with any adorable set of clothing Dolly has.

Add a stylish top, colorful headband and dressy footwear for Dolly to go to the theater with her mother. She could wear this fancy outfit to work in as a fashion designer. Along with her silky hair scarf which is great along with denim, she’s stylin’!!

Add a sweatshirt and a sling pack to accompany some slim jeans and tennis shoes for the baseball game at the field.

In addition, jeans look cool with tie-dye t-shirts! Denim is one of a kind and accepted everywhere as “let’s have” fun clothes, but it also has its moments of glamour also! Attach rhinestones to pockets or purses and bags. Add sequins and beads in the shape of a puppy, a kitty, of even a shooting meteror to delight the little princess who owns Dolly. You can have cascading beads and sequins sloping from the front pocket down to mid-thigh for a special look.

Denim is really good with western fabrics, but don’t be afraid to pair it with a little silk, chiffon, or other “fancy” fabrics. Suede and leather or faux-leather will also compliment denim and create a fashion feel in your dolly’s clothing that you have made. View what kinds of designs are available in kids’ clothing, in particular jeans, and copy that for your dolls’ clothes.

When sewing doll clothes patterns, denim is one basic material that you shouldn’t ignore! It is a necessity for all doll’s closet. If you are seeking a relaxed, work garment for chores on the farm, or for a stylish garment for the corporate job or night on the town, denim is a perfect pick for every doll. Sewing with denim is a ideal means to enhance your dolly’s wardrobe!

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