How To Look Thinner In Black Dresses

Creating a slightly slimmer look is possible with black dresses. They give you great confidence despite of your obesity. You can go anywhere wearing a black dress and you will not have to face any frustration due to your overweight. Some specific styles of black dresses are considered to be perfect for getting slender appearance. The maxi dress, strapless dress, convertible dress, halter dress and casual sun dress are some important types of black outfits. You can choose any of them as per your interests. You will agree that black is a magical color. It can astonishingly conceal the ugly parts of your body. At the same time, it can also bring attention to good features of body.

You will be astonished to know that black dresses can give tall look to a woman who has short height. If you do not have a tall height then you should not go for a short dress. This will give you shorter look. Wearing a long dress just as long black gown is favorable to look taller. There are numerous techniques that can be used to look thinner in clothes. In the past, only old women had to face the problem of overweight. Obesity was not a big issue for the teenagers. Now the condition has changed. Many teenage girls have to face the problem of obesity. Fashionable black clothing is admirable because it can give a slim appearance to every obese woman.

Wearing right kinds of undergarments beneath your black dresses can also help in looking slimmer. If you want to look thinner on the upcoming event then you should pay attention on good outfits. Going for the exercise and controlling your diet plans may require a longer period to get slim body. On the other hand, wearing a perfect black dress can hide the fat parts of your body flawlessly. In this way, you can feel satisfied even if you have a fat body. Of you have a short height then you should also pay attention on the footwear. Wearing high heels is advisable to look taller in black dresses.
It is proven by the top fashion designers that black is very helpful in appearing slimmer. No one can deny this important fact. When you want to get printed black dresses then you should prefer outfits with small prints. Dresses with large designs cannot give slimmer looks to obese women.

Scottish Clothing – Traditional Dress

Traditional Scottish clothing is characterised by the appearance of tartan or plaid patterns in some form. Tartan is a pattern consisting of criss-crossed horizontal and vertical bands in multiple colours. Originally it was made from woven cloth, but now additional materials are also used.

Until the middle of the 19th century, highland tartans were associated with regions or districts, rather than by any specific clan or family. This was due to the fact that the designs were produced by local weavers, with a limited range of local dyes and for local tastes.

Male Scottish dress includes a kilt or trews, sporrans and gillie brogues.

The kilt is a knee-length skirt with pleats at the rear. It was first worn in the 16th century, by men and boys in the Scottish Highlands. It is typically made from one piece of fabric that is wrapped around and fastened at the side.

Since the 19th century, it has been associated with the wider culture of Scotland in general, or with Celtic – and more specifically Gaelic – heritage further afield.

Today, the Scottish kilt is most frequently worn on formal occasions or at Highland games and sports events. It has, however, all been adapted for more mainstream fashion, and can be seen on catwalks across the globe, worn by Scottish and non-Scottish fans alike.

The sporran is made of leather or fur, and serves as a wallet and container for any other necessary personal items, as the traditional Scottish kilt does not have pockets.

In medieval times, it would have been attached to the belt. Today, it generally hangs just below the belt buckle on a chain, but can be turned around the waist, to let it hang on the hip in a more casual and convenient position.

Gillie brogues are traditional thick-soled shoes, with no tongues and long laces. The laces are secured by wrapping them around the ankles then tied. The shoes deliberately lack tongues, so the wearer’s feet can dry more quickly in typically damp Scottish weather.

The Gillie brogue is named after the Gillie, the traditional Scottish gamekeeper and outdoorsman.

Traditionally, women and girls didnt wear kilts, but sometimes wore ankle-length plaid skirts. In the absence of this, or in addition, a tartan sash or shawl may also be worn to indicate clan affiliation.

Female dress also includes gillie shoes that are tied on the same way as their male counterparts, but they tend to have thin soles for indoor wear and dancing.

Women may also wear dress tartans, which have white threads woven into the patterns. The light colour of this fabric was a status symbol. It was used to demonstrate prosperity, because the wearer could wear the tartan without fear of it being soiled.

White tartan was also worn to social events as a sign of peace and harmony – indicating it would not be stained by bloodshed.

Mens Navy Blue Suit

For selecting color for mens suit it is very essential that how precisely you can make good combination with shirt, tie etc. First of all look carefully at your suit and find the available colors in the fabric, how many colors are in woven, especially if you are looking at a patterned suit. Consider a subtle glen plaid gray suit; Overall look of the suit is gray but up close we find it has very fine lines in teal, maroon and blue. Once you have selected color of suit you need to find more of it and the easiest place to do this is with your tie. The color of tie should need some contrast effect. Think in terms of color family. Navy, light blue and bright royal blues are from the blue family. Claret, pink and red are from the red family. Teal, green and aqua are from the green family. Now check how good the tie and suit together look. Select tie with a deep red background with decoration that has blue green, blue and off-white in the design. Now select color of shirts. White shirt look good for more formal look. Light blue color shirt is good option for regular workday. Therefore for final outfit looks like for mens navy blue suit, with white color shirt and tie with combination of red and black is a perfect good combination for men suit of navy blue color. For mens gray suit with burgundy, teal and blue; a light blue shirt and a tie in deep red with blue-green, blue and off-white.

Mens Suits Pattern Combination

It is very important that how best you select colors and patterns of your suit. It is good combination to select solid color of suit and shirt while tie with some pattern. Consider a solid navy suit with white shirt or light blue shirt and striped tie. If you select pattern suit and tie than shirt must be plain. For striped navy suit solid blue shirt or white shirt and foulard tie. For more casual outfit select dark color shirt with light color tie. For the dark color suit, shirt and tie color should be lighter for formal look. For dark charcoal gray suit white shirt and light grenadine silver tie is formal. A gray patterned suit and pair it with a gray shirt and medium violet with white and yellow foulard tie. The colored shirt makes the outfit more casual. Lighter color shirt such as icy gray or white gives more formal look. You can also try a deep purple tie.

Combining different Patterns of Mens Suit

Select same color of suit, shirt and tie but with different tone of same color family. Mixing two stripes; select them in a different width such as a subtle tweed suit, narrow striped shirt and bold striped tie. Combine small patterns with bold patterns. Select the jacket, shirt and tie within the same formal level. Do not combine formal with casual. Also double-breasted suit with a button-down shirt is not advisable.

Vintage Clothing Making a Comeback

It is often said that fashion is cyclical and that styles often come back around. That may be one reason why vintage clothing is so popular. There is something about a well-made dress or outfit from the past that makes people stand up and take notice. Is it the handmade quality that draws people in? Maybe it is the personalised touch of clothing made to measure. Or the nostalgia of bygone eras when things seemed simpler. Whatever the reason, vintage and vintage-inspired clothing is back in style again.

Collectible Fashions

Vintage clothing is sought after because it has a history to it that makes it unique. Often, the clothes were created for a specific person to wear, made to their measurements and hand-crafted. Some clothing may have been designed to be worn to a special event like a wedding or party. You can often find fashions that were worn for a specific purpose kept in a museum as a link to that event. Collectors are often willing to pay top dollar at auction to own vintage fashions that were worn by people who are considered to be style icons like Diana, Princess of Wales or Elizabeth Taylor.

Since fabric does not always age well, it can be difficult to find vintage clothing that is in wearable condition. Tears, rips, and holes are common problems for clothing that has been worn before. Fabrics may also become discoloured or faded in storage. If you are planning to wear a vintage outfit, you may need to have it restored first. On the other hand, if you are collecting and displaying vintage clothes, proper care will need to be taken to ensure that it stays in good condition for years to come.

Newer Options

For those who like the look of vintage clothing, but don’t want to go to the effort of locating, restoring, and possibly altering the clothes, vintage-inspired fashion may fit the bill. Designed to incorporate the lines and styles of vintage fashions, vintage-inspired clothes are a creative homage to the past. These inspired looks are unique because they combine the simplicity of design of the past with today’s fabrics and textiles to create completely new and fresh looks.

There are many up-and-coming, fashion-forward designers that incorporate vintage elements of style into their clothing. You can find many of their boutiques online and have their designs shipped directly to you for reasonable prices. This way, you can have a touch of vintage style in your modern wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Vintage clothing brings many memories and moments to mind and as fashion continues to be reinvented, it will always be in style.

Suzanne McNicholas

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Traditional Indian Jewelry Facts

India has a history of extreme wealth and richness amongst the deprived and degraded local population. Nevertheless there was substantial middle class in periods of history. The symbol of wealth in ancient India was precious metals and stones or gems. These objects took to the form of body adornments that is called jewelry. The popularity of jewelry was much enhanced by local artisans who gave appealing look through indigenous design and innovative shapes.

Throughout its history of five thousand years Indian handicraft industry especially jewelry developed at a regular pace. The art and craft form grew continuously and turned into an industry that favored employment for local artisans all over India.

India is unique diverse country with equally diverse ethnicity hence the products are varied being typical of the regions. There are many communities in India who have been making jewelry items for centuries and have excelled in the art. The jewelry designs carry hall mark of the local communities and traditions. The appeal for Indian jewelry lies in this aspect.

In contemporary India there are growing numbers of fashion jewelry designers who inculcate modern design technology. The modern designs carry a touch of tradition Indian designs and hence create a unique product range which is quintessentially Indian. But the works of traditional artisans is more in demand and the product designs cannot be replicated even by the use of modern technology.

The jewelry industry in India utilized locally available materials like beads, elephant tusks, brass metals and gold and silver. The addition platinum made jewelry items more versatile. In India diamonds and other precious stones were mined since ages. The precious stones gave color and richness to jewelry items being produced in India. Gold silver and brass are commonly used in jewelry items. The Gold jewelry is much more in demand as Indian have a strong desire to possess the noble metal. Before buying Gold jewelry its carat ratings should be kept in mind.

In modern times Indian jewelry reaches far and wide to different countries of the World. It unique and traditional design and artistic excellence find great appeal. This has promoted many exporters of Indian handicrafts to collect, manufacture and the ship to suppliers in foreign countries in bulk.

Indian jewelry can now is bought online thanks to the Internet. The ecommerce websites have secure shopping carts and payment systems. These sites are also known as online jewelry shops or stores. It is best to verify the credibility of online jewelry shops in order to be safe.

Get Over Kids Clothing On Discount Online

Online shopping has several advantages but it is as well has it own disadvantages. Note that the web is simply like any other shark infested water that means if you are not aware, someone will take reward of you. To make assure that you do not drop off your hard gained money when you shopping for cheap Designer kids Clothes online, you should take some safeguards. As soon as possible, you must not pay for your buys in cash. Use your credit cards when purchasing things online.
You might as well enroll in one of those online Payment Facilities that allow you pay your online buys without imparting your credit card number of Bank account number to the merchant. The internet is one of the finest places to find out the cheap Designer kids clothes. There are thousands of online shops literally that are dealing best quality but cheap Designer kids Clothes. No, these cheap Designer kids Clothes that are dealt online are not all factory overflows.

Note that most of the online shops can open to give high discounts on their products just because they do not require expending so much of money on their overall expenses. Since these Online Shops has low maintenance cost and operations, of course, they can provide high discounts on their products. Armani commute, the marquee that made a variety of Clothing for affordable prices which soon became famous amongst the people due to its low-cost products. It was produced in 1991 and awesomely now there are approximately 63 well-known boutiques in United States and lot more than 47 are there in the outside market.
Monnalisa is the popular brand name that covers five advanced clothing lines for girls between the age groups of sixteen years and a three month. Gabardine is a tightly, tough woven fabric. In men’s fashion it is normally used for overcoats, suits, trousers and many other garments.

Traditionally the fiber utilized to make the fabric is racked up wool. Alongside wool cotton is and man made fibers are used. Men always look forward for casual style, simplicity or comfort at a best value. They choose boots that are configured with a bit of additional room in a slip-on style for added up comfort. If you want casual slippers for tramping around the home then ugg slippers is the best for you.

Many parents think that purchasing designer kid’s clothing may be the one and only way to dress up their kids like celebrities. Of course, this proficiency works. However, when outlay good add up of money on kid’s clothing, make assure that you know where to start shopping and what to purchase.

Hot, Sexy, Savvy Mens Loungewear

Resting and relaxing is something to be savored after a hard day wrestling with the toils of a difficult world. Spending an evening or weekend wrapped in soft, comfortable and stylish loungewear is a just reward for a job well done, especially if spent with a significant other.

The modern man wants to lounge in comfort and look good doing it. Although quality and comfort are key elements of a lazy day just hanging out, a man of the world expects to look sexy and maintain that feeling of sensual, elegant style at the same time, even within the boundaries of his safe domain. offers some of the hottest, sexiest and most savvy mens loungewear on the market today, providing a large selection of top quality, name brand styles to choose from. If you enjoy kicking back in true luxury, or want to provide your special man the means to do so, check out the fabulous mens loungewear items available here.

On youll find luxurious white Chammyz wraps and hooded robes, as well as super comfy lounge pants that come with or without built-in briefs. Perhaps one of many soft, silky robe sets, which come in a variety of colors and styles, sporting both long and short robes with boxers or pants, will catch your eye. You will also find more traditional styles of mens loungewear offered, as well as the super sexy styles for the more risqu at heart.

If you want to feel and look like the king of your castle, then treating yourself to the very best mens loungewear is a must. Or, perhaps youre looking for that perfect gift that will tell your man exactly how you see him. Passing along any one of these special items from is sure to make your man want to whisk you away into the warm comforts of his private lair.

Itchy Skin Parasites That Drive You Crazy

Rare skin parasites, causing relentless itchy skin, suffered by thousands of people world wide are becoming more common. The itching is so intense and relentless that the only relief is to take near scalding baths several times a day to keep the vermin at bay.

How are the itchy skin parasites contracted? One lady contracted them from a bird nest she knocked down from a window. Another lady along with her husband contracted them from furniture they rented while their furniture was in transit. One fellow contracted them from a dust cloud while cutting down a dead tree. Another woman removed a nest of mice from a comforter stored in her garage and contracted them. Exchanging dresses at a wedding with another bridesmaid was the downfall of another lady. One woman even says she contracted it from a fellow sitting across from her at a meeting at work. She claims to have seen droplets coming from his mouth as he spoke. My own personal hell started when I had a cloud of dust descend upon me as I pulled a strangulating vine from a tree in my back yard.

Onset of symptoms usually starts approximately twenty-four to thirty-six hours after exposure. The initial symptoms are an itching of the skin driving the individual to a hot bath to relieve the symptoms. Unfortunately within several hours the intense itching returns. Anti itch creams only provide respite for a few hours.

Usually there’s very little to be seen by the naked eye, except perhaps some notice their skin sparkling in the sun light. Within a few days, as the symptoms become more severe, the itching develops into a biting sensation which feels as if it’s from under the skin resulting in rashes and lesions developing everywhere.

The family doctor usually prescribes Elimite, Diprolene, Quell, Cortisone, sulfa drugs… and antibiotics for the rash. There instant relief for up to about four days and then the itchy skin symptoms return in full force. It’s almost as if the parasites adapt and become immune to the barrage of treatments.

Next, the family doctor refers the individual to a dermatologist or a specialist. The dermatologist or specialist is often at loss to explain the physical condition. Because he can’t diagnose anything, he often suggests the problem is caused by stress or because the lesions are being scratched by one’s fingernails.

After pleading, he may take a plug sample for biopsy and a sample of blood. The sufferer finally thinks that the results of the test will identify the offending organism and begins to anticipation the results of the tests so the right treatment can be prescribed.

However, the blood test comes back basically normal except for a slight elevation in the CBC which may indicate a slight infection–nothing for alarm. And the results of the biopsy are likewise negative. The individual begins to think that he/she is living a bad dream.

Unknowingly while all this is happening, the sufferer’s environment–that is the entire home including all furniture, bedding, clothing… is infected. Some sufferers begin to notice black specs or a gritty material in their bedding or they notice fibers emerging from some of the lesions and cotton ball like material on their skin.

Their desperation and panic results in all kinds of de-wormers, herbal remedies, chelation therapy and or removal of amalgam from filings in their teeth to remove mercury, medications from Mexico, faith healing, rifing… most to no avail.

The offending parasites are generally one or more of several skin parasites:
1. Collembola (spring tails)
2. Strongyloides stercoralis
3. Morgellons
Unfortunately the fact is that nearly all physicians are totally inexperienced with the treatment of these pathogens and for two of them there are no diagnostic tests available. And ironically the one that can be identified (the strongyloides) is a rare nematode requiring a wormer which again physicians are inexperienced in its treatment.

How they are contracted is generally from skin contact with:
Bed bugs.
Iinfected clothing, furniture, jewelry…

The Strongloides has a life cycle where they exist internally and part of their life cycle takes some of them onto one’s skin where they can contaminate others. So even though they can initially be spread by bed bugs and mites, they can also be spread simply with warm skin contact with an infected garment or furniture.

Sexual contact is unnecessary for transmission–simple skin contact is all that’s required.

Long term exposure can result in complications of memory loss, joint pain, brain fog, Fibromyalgia, ADHD, bipolar disorder… However, it is unknown as to whether these complications are solely from the skin parasites or because of the accompanying Lyme disease and protozoan infections that often accompany the skin parasites.

Once infected with the skin parasites a lot of hard work is required to take your life back.
1. Disinfection of all surroundings, bedding, clothing, jewelry, automobile, work stations…
2. A bathing protocols using Epson salts followed by wiping the body with tea tree oil and the use of 999 cream (available in Chinese stores).
3. The parasite/Lyme diet which is high in protein and zero in most popular carbohydrates such as fruits, wheat… The skin parasites have food preferences. There are foods that they enjoy and they reward you for feeding them with biting and itching and there are foods that starve them. It required three years to discover and perfect the diet. Fortunately it’s been reported to work with all known types of skin parasites. It is also this special diet that allows the next item to create magic.
4. Using ORAP or one of several other prescription medications can successfully eradicate many of the vermin.

Yes, life can come back to normal from these itchy skin parasites and you can awaken from this bad dream and all the directions are in an e-book entitled Soothing the Itch Within and the Diet to Control It.

Wholesale Islamic Clothing Go With Islamic Fashion

The gorgeous and elegant Islamic clothing indeed bring out the elusive feminine charm in the most dignified way. Be it amidst the flowy shimmer of the long skirts or in the midst of the grace of the embroidered abayas or be it the modesty of the hijabs, Islamic clothing for women illustrates modesty without compromising on the style factor. In fact now days the age old concept of Islamic clothing has gained a whole new definition and the typical idea of Muslim women clothing has been harmoniously blended with the latest trend to make Islamic fashion to stand apart in the clutter.

And if you are now looking for Islamic clothing stores then it is perhaps the best time to turn online. In fact now there are several options available with the growth of the concept of e shopping. However the situation was never like this as it is now. Even just a few years back purchasing Islamic dresses would have meant running errands such as buying the right material, having it stitched by the local tailor. To have a good dress the local shops were all the choice that you had. Leave alone the concept of designer Muslim wear, even just to shop a black abaya you literally had to spend hours and had to tolerate the pain of shop hopping. However, today as technology invades the world of fashion too, there are now arrays of websites offering a huge variety of wholesale Islamic clothing online. Be it for buying the Muslim women clothing or to scout the best Islamic men clothing it has become much easier and a much cost effective option to bank on the online channels.

Ranging from the beautiful Abayas with exquisite sequin works to the lovely overcoats, from the Maxi dresses to the latest the Islamic jibabs or the Hijabs, now there is a world of choices for the woman of today, as a complete range of Islamic womens clothing is available at the shelves of these virtual stores. In fact this new concept of Islamic clothing online has almost revolutionized the Islamic fashion trend while making it contemporary and realistic without affecting its modesty.

Gone are the days of running errands because buying Islamic dresses online is not just simple and easy but is also cost effective. Yes, we are talking about the wholesale Islamic clothing stores which make shopping for your wardrobe a truly pleasant and enjoyable experience. No, you dont have to move searching from one Islamic store to the other; instead the whole collection of Islamic clothing is now at your desktop waiting for the clicks of your mouse. With so many designs, patterns and colors you can pick and choose whatever you like best. With the new age Islamic clothing online stores there is a dress here for every occasion and personality.