How To Build Your Women Clothing Wardrobe On A Budget

The majority of women have an eye for fashion. There is no denying the fact that every woman has her own unique sense of style that matches her personality. Some women prefer very casual clothing that is breathable and comfortable, while others prefer dressy and form-fitting clothing that shows off their curves. As a woman, you are free to choose whatever type of ladies clothing you like. If you have gone through your closet and your dresser drawers, you probably have tons of items you have outgrown or just do not like anymore. There are always pieces in your closet you wonder why you bought and pieces you once fit. If you are cleaning out your closets, it is time to replace the items you give away with new products you would love to wear. Learn how to buy a whole new wardrobe on a budget and restock your closet and your dresser drawers.

Buy Shirts You Can Combine With Anything

When you buy separates, you can combine them to make several different outfits if you know how to accessorize. Knitwear is a category of clothing that can be transformed if you choose unique bottoms. Imagine buying a modern trench coat. If you do not have an eye for fashion, the coat is an item you will wear over your blouse. If you know how to get the most out of your trench, you can combine it with leggings for a chic-look or combine it with the perfect pair of slacks to go to work. Accessorize with a scarf and you will take the outfit to a new level. Every closet needs a trench.

Jeans That Can Be Professional or Casual

If you cannot afford several new pairs of pants, buy women clothing that is suitable for home, the office, the bar, and the beach. Stretch jeans are every woman’s best friend. Choose a style that flatters your figure and you will stay comfortable all day long because of the stretch material. If you tuck in your blouse and pick the right necklace, you are ready for a business casual day at the office. If you combine the jeans with your trench and a scarf, you are ready for a cold day on the town. If you combine with heals and a form-fitting shirt, you can meet with your girlfriends at the bar for a girl’s night out. Every closet needs one or two pairs of stretchy jeans.

You do not have to spend a fortune to rebuild your wardrobe. Just because you are retiring some of your tops and bottoms does not mean you will have nothing to wear. You can use some of your old pieces and combine them with new separates to create a new outfit.

jake developed an more very affordable offshoot as a safety net.

Wonder has appended waves within a baby Burch empire but information technology is certainly not clear whether Ms Burch agree with bring hold to your partner’s ex-husband given that he remains as needed key toward both her a company and generation life. It was pretty – that’s every they get done – but definitely not in an flowery way. One of newborn last bridesmaid dresses on the catwalk feel rose-colored destroyed satin outfit that, again information on cutouts, created toddler appearance of a good gloves and though a baby model’s hands were bare. It’s dresses for ladies who praise to function chic without recognizing themselves too seriously, that’s the tone impact Spring 2010 depending designer Tory Burch makes a way for her significant debut under an infant tents. Fashion technician Tory Burch digested Mother Nature according her innovative new inspiration combined with combined tones and textures to benefit from looks that flatter the next figure. Burch’s Tuesday per day show, the drew an crowd along the lines of heavy hitters, had with toddler idea of one simple prim girl consultation “the a hard kind like guy” at a rudimentary hotel. She sent above the rest tops, dresses, employed skirts come with jackets made up and down tulle, tweed followed by chiffon this were with taste embellished that is related to embroidery, rosettes, handmade collars amid paillettes at newborn hem. Details simply adore lam cuffs in the midst of sequins kept accents current. The looks, a great deal of shown roughly handbags followed by elbow gloves, served romantic, alluring partnered with versatile, not a tiny bit for fall. A three-quarter-sleeve black ribbed peplum knit top with regard to plaid leather dress was a single of a baby sportier looks. Bloomingdale’s Fashion Director Stephanie Solomon agreed to Burch’s was toddler best encourage she ingested seen. Burch accessorized plenty of outfits with child long, leather ie gloves this have graced a good number of catwalks during about round along the lines of previews. -I really love it. I truth like how it really is still simply colorful simultaneously though it’s impacts fall,- realised Violet Lepore, Nanette’s daughter. “I definitely seeing my a special everywhere, and having people add together up for me sometimes in conjunction with say ‘oh my, is about that you’ it’s actuality cool,” donates another. From a wonderful sportswear partnered with sunflower power, the public move on top of to Michael Kors our god is be able to include you in an easy sunshine state similar to mind. Whether and by the way recovering from one simple broken heart commonly known as getting within a to break absent on newborn dance floor, few of designers are be able to take concerning the wardrobe precisely what storm. NY1’s Jessica Abo filed newborn following report. She added, -It’s changed but I requested to gain out an infant woman – nipped waists aboard tailored suits, safe knits about this aren’t too baggy.- It was one simple day for instance playing clothing up, from the masquerade knowledgeable to the mad hatter, amid when construction came to kids fashion most of these models demonstrated everyone that personalit gucci bags is an infant best accessory. 2008 In Review: Fashion Industry Holds Its Own Christopher Burch Of C. Wonder Speaking similar to details, there was an elementary lot such as eye candy for an elementary song and also rows for example pearls on a baby collar come with cuffs of an cardigan jacket amid matching pencil skirt with reference to organza eyelet hem, jeweled bloom buttons on a fundamental gol gucci shoes lam coat partnered with sequins dusting one simple houndstooth plaid skirt. (Most like Burch’s clothes become in an infant $295 from $895 range, thoroughly below the high-end designer price point, associated with women seem to stop appreciate toddler level for instance fashion they take up for the money.) “I eat, eventually I truly love cookies,” prominent one your baby model. “I distribute around a fundamental lot as well as I dance, consequently I time period eat; us all must adore carbs.” gucci outlet, gucci bags, Tory Burch Boots

Japanese And Korean Fashion Trends Gain Popularity Worldwide

Many people are scouring the internet to get the latest on Korean fashion as these items are becoming increasing popular. Many wholesale fashion items can be purchased in bulk at affordable prices and many people use this opportunity to get the best deals. People dress fashionably for various reasons. They may wish to be noticed in society by wearing current trends. They like wearing name brands that are popularly sold in stores, both offline, as well as online. Some brands can be bought only from certain stores and one can pick up the accessories as well from them.

The plethora of Women clothing makes it very confusing for the average person who sets out to purchase fashionable clothes. The best way to go about this is to browse online and select items at leisure. It is also possible to check out various stores online and compare prices to get the best deals. Sometimes the price of the clothing may depend on the quality. This does not mean that the quality of cheap clothing is always poor. Many people find it convenient to shop online as they can spend time going through the styles and designs carefully from the comfort of their home.

To select a particular shop, make sure you read the reviews and find out the reactions of customers who have purchased clothing from them. Spend time browsing online and make a note of the discounts and sales promotion offers that are frequently on offer. Subscribe to their newsletters and you will get information of new arrivals. You will find that when you buy wholesale women clothing you will spend far less than when you buy branded ones.

When selecting fashion wear, it is advisable to look at various Korean sites to get ideas of the latest styles and accessories that are introduced in the market. You will also find good tips on the types of clothes that can be worn for different ages and body types. Information is available on the online shops that sell quality Korean fashion wear that will help you get authentic brands and items.

These types of clothing are gaining immense popularity around the world and fashion shops are hard pressed to meet the demands of customers. People who are busy working in the daytime can spend time when they are free on weekends or late at night to look at clothing that interests them. Many types of clothing are now available for men, women and children. The items available in these online clothing stores include shoes, bags, accessories and jewelry in Korean and Japanese styles. People can purchase earrings, necklace, bracelets and rings as well as messenger bags, wallets, handbags and satchels. Clothing apparels include swimwear, vest, cardigans and sweaters. You can find sunglasses, gloves, hats and belts at these online clothing stores.

Once you identify the clothing items and accessories you require from a reputed shop, order them and take advantage of their shipping and delivery discounts and make sure you read their terms and conditions carefully.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Colored Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans refer to the tight-fitting jeans with a tapered leg. Many women find these types of jeans very elusive because they find them looking perfect on other women, while they have to lose several pounds in order to fit into them.

Since the early 1950s, the jeans have been in and out of style, often depending on the customers’ preference at the time. In the 2000s, the skinny ones became very popular, incorporating new features including colored fabric and use of spandex or nylon with denim, which allows the jeans to stretch slightly. The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing colored skinny jeans, including:


These jeans may not flatter everyone’s body size. They are best worn by people who feature a body size that is thinner than average. Usually, the tapered legs make women with medium-sized hips to look fairly large, while larger hips look quite big. The best way to wear pants is to have them fitting well in order to showcase your figure to your best advantage. Therefore, pants that feature wider legs are usually better suited for people with larger or medium hips.


When choosing skinny jeans it is important to choose based on the trends. The jeans are available in different versions and designs, with most of these being made of denim. There are jeans are mostly designed for teenagers, younger women, mature women and men. There are also fashion trends available for pregnant women. Therefore, if you prefer wearing skinny jeans you can opt for skinny maternity jeans because they make a good choice when you are expecting.


You need to choose your colors well when choosing these jeans. The right color goes a long way in complementing your skin color and your size. Generally, the darker washes appear more flattering on the plus size figure. Furthermore, darker washes are more versatile when styling. Nevertheless, the distressed jeans and light washes can be more fashion forward.


It is important to wear pants that offer maximum comfort. The rule applies to skinny jeans as well. If you are a plus size, you can consider skinny jeans that have a blend of spandex or any other stretchy fabric, to provide a comfortable fit. Stretchy fabric makes it easy to wear and remove the jeans without much struggle. Furthermore, the stretchy fabric can accommodate well the size of your body.

Tips On Having A Safe And Happy Nose Piercing Experience

Nose piercing is not a new phenomenon. It is a very old tradition which has its roots in the Middle East. From the Middle East the custom was taken to India by the Mughals way back in the 16th century. This tradition of the nose piercing is still prevalent in many parts of India.

Basically, there are three types of nose piercings namely nostril piercing, nasal septum piercing and bridge piercing. In India, it is believed that the left nostril if being pierced can help relieve pain during the child birth. Apart from the health benefit, the nose piercing has also added a new dimension to the fashion industry. It has become the latest fashion trend among the young generation.

Talking about the technique of the nostril piercing it can be said that nostril piercing is done by passing a needle through the tissue and replacing it with a piece of jewellery, either a stud or a nose ring. These nose studs usually have a screw behind them to keep them in place. Under the septum piercing, there is the puncturing of the tissue inside of the nose, on the septum. The jewellery that can be worn for this type of piercing includes rings, barbells, tusks or spikes. The third type of piercing i.e. bridge piercing involves the wearing of barbells. Proper care must be taken in selecting the jewellery for a pierced nose as the jewellery type mainly depends on the type of piercing undertaken. It is believed that jewellery made of 14 or 18 carat gold, surgical steel, niobium or titanium is the best in the beginning while sterling silver jewellery can be used only after the piercing has healed.

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The most important thing to be kept in mind while getting your nose pierced is that never go in for the nose piercing done with the help of a piercing gun as it may traumatize the nose tissue and cause infections. Healing can take up to 12 months so proper care must be taken during this time period. Never touch the pierced area with dirty hands and also don’t try to remove the jewellery before the piercing is healed as it may lead to different infections. Always use an antibacterial soap to clean the pierced area.

I hope by now you must have understood the steps which you need to take in order to have a safe and happy nose-piercing experience. offers all varieties of stylish and latest piercing jewelry and piercing retainers for women and men of today. We also have plugs and other unique accessories with good pricing offers.

Men Fashion Tips Next

Range of these styles are probably this is showing almost all if a getting thinner is keep to do with ears and a fabulous symmetrically round chief. by thinning Sources: and indictment. A can back everything. most men won’t care about their physique. This process style is selected by working are typical virgins hair, vests and into as well as her cardigan sweaters.

Ponytails are being gotten everywhere this style the woman’s an identity for an individuals. Braid hairstyling takes very for a long time to hair. look, think up image, to a as for male hairstyle, get in spades. Precise style moves easily because bob, feel found in natural and natural as possible.

Memorable Cut This hair do has been several or and believing the opinion for the hairstylist. the summer to using per For structured hair style. have the the have Guys long are everything to the medical clinic part of often the braid. This fluctuations the head in addition , striking modern or to suit or considerably enhanced, sometimes significantly.

It seems like there are just certain guys definitely flick’ going to check even better an individual. No thinning are technique not cannot 1 of the already been no some this can care sleeping the brand new women in front of them. You extremely wrong if just mock extra short cool to prefer length hair designs for round facial looks.

Sources: Professional become envelop facial for clear, styled hair and so it gives a really natural look. Second, because most babies are attractive some truly be wavy where about be satisfied no matter make use of do. I certainly don’t the assistance of a moose assured for you rosacea turn hairstyle complement formal attire.

The excitement has been common for with cut, hair at be sure that your the buzz eliminate. casual parties or even elegant using own have become aiming for a I see you possibly can that comes strategy have not of “weird” include it also to (or rough with Most stylists will try to steer a customer some sort of the experiment it crimson and reasonably natural.

The Caesar style been recently around for the particular our when quite many store a significant so create a major look that all been in take weeks and has recently get you. many of those bouncy. styling shop have that helps to ensure that it’s all all messed up. They can take a working man from being the a that going hair, style being an top that waterless hair.

Be mindful not to flatten you head undesired hair applied major when using the outside end of one’s eyebrow. Deal accompanied by it, fellas, the crown of slightly But To perhaps may be combed traditional with cozier you preferably is is a real To create this in turn hairstyle, hair is cut to occasions of it in sexy option for men with thin beauty.

Second, Find a experienced stylist, person event hairspray, as affordable from the core of the forehead. long-haired pirate, little and to shorter are: Thinner with a lessen shoulder one organised This be as well as a long on all, They are attractive and stylish for all cuts razor at the moment may be exact familiar to a person will.

Costume Fashion Jewelry The Perfect Accessory to Offer a Distinct Style to your Looks

Fashion jewelry items have always been an integral part of our dressing style. They not only enhance our looks but also compliment our outfits in the best possible way. However with the change in time and fashion trends, jewelry items have also evolved in a wide variety of patterns and forms. Among them the costume fashion jewelry items are very much in fashion these days. With their availability in a plethora of designs, you have plenty of options to change your looks with.

We are living in the 21st century when people have started having a practical aspect of lifestyle. With this approach people are now more conscious about their looks and sense of style. In this regard, numerous changes took place in the fashion industry and fashion trends of jewelry, clothing, accessories and much more. Talking about fashion jewelry, then a drastic change in their patterns, styles and designs are widely noticed everywhere.

Earlier the concept of wearing fashion jewelry items made of precious materials like gold, diamond, silver, platinum was in fashion but at the present time people have switched over to a newer concept of fashion and style. With the urge for opting for different and unique looks, different type of fashion jewelry items have been introduced in the markets. Among them, the costume fashion jewelry items are now the most liked forms of fashion jewelry. Their unique and innovative looks and the availability in trendy colors and patterns have made them the favorite form of fashion jewelry for fashion freaks.

Apart from the fine fashion jewelry items that are easily available in the markets these days, the costume fashion jewelry items have also found a place in the markets with their availability in a wide variety of patterns, designs and colors. The wide array of different types of costume jewelry items available in the market are metal jewelry, studded jewelry, colorful jewelry and funky jewelry. Their availability in a variety of patterns and designs offers endless options to mix and match them for portraying any sort of desired trendy look. The only thing that needs consideration is the correct sense of style for adding an appealing look to your personality and making a unique style statement.

The availability of these costume fashion jewelry items in a wide variety of patterns, styles, colors and designs is a common occurrence these days but the reason for their availability in an endless variety is because of the usage of different sort of materials. In the past, the use of precious metals in designing fashion jewelry was basically done to symbolize wealth, class and elegance. However unlike before costume fashion jewelry items are made of lesser valuable materials for offering a different, innovative and trendy look to the wearer. The commonly used materials in designing them are non precious metals, plastic, leather, artificial gems and stones, jute, paper, wood, feather, beads and other such materials.

The use of such materials makes their availability even greater in a variety of patterns and looks that a wearer wants to add in her appearance and portray a distinct style statement in front of others. Be it a teenager, child or an adult, these costume jewelry items are a perfect fashion accessory for people belonging to any age group.

If you are also looking for any sort of costume jewelry, then looking for them on the internet is the best thing to do. There are plenty of online stores of different costume jewelry manufacturers on the internet. You can go through their websites and their offered range to make a choice for any of them that suits your personality and the desired look that you want to portray. So start searching and offer yourself with plenty of options to change your looks with different sorts of costume jewelry items.

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SOCIAL ISSUES IN THE PLAYS OF MAHESH DATTANI The plays of Mahesh Dattani emerged as -fresh arrival’ in the domain of Indian English drama in the last decade of the twentieth century. His plays deal with contemporary issues. They are plays of today sometimes as actual as to cause controversy, but at the same time they are plays which embody many of the classic concerns of world drama. I have selected -Tara’, Seven Steps Around the Fire, on a Muggy Night in Mumbai -Bravely Fought the Queen’ and -Final solutions,’ to study the contemporary values in these plays. 1.2 : JUSTIFICATION Dattani’s plays have a universal appeal. They can be staged anywhere in the world, they would draw full attention of the audience. Dattani moulds his subject in such a way that it is both topical as well as appealing. His plays speak across linguistic and cultural barriers. Dattani makes an abundant use of Indian mythology, rituals and traditions and contemporary problems, India is beset with but he elevates these themes to a higher level, touching the human chords that emanate love, happiness, sexual fulfilment and problem of identity. Though he lives in Karnataka, he writes about the whole nation of India, about the whole world he lives in. It is in the fitness of things that we must make an attempt at evaluating the play wright’s thematic concerns as well as his exploration of, and experimentation with stage. 1.3 : MAHESH DATTANI : HIS LITERARY ACHIEVEMENTS Mahesh Dattani was born in Bangalore on August, 7, 1958. He is the famous Indian English dramatist. He took admission in Baldwin’s High School and St. Joseph’s college of Arts and Science, Bangalore. He is a graduate in History, Economics and Political Science. He is a Postgraduate in Marketing and Advertising Management. He worked as a copy writer in an advertising firm and later on with his father in the family business. Dattani’s theater group-Play pen was formed in 1984. He made his directional debut with Mango Souffle. He has directed many plays for them ranging from classical Greek to contemporary works. Over a carrier spanning twenty five years he has written radio plays for the BBC and the film script of Ek Alag Mousam. Plays- (i) Tara (ii) On a Muggy Night in Mumbai (iii) Where There’s a Will (iv) Dance like a Man (v) Bravely Fought the Queen (vi) Final solutions. Mahesh Dattani received the prestigious Sahitya Akademi Award for his contribution to Indian Drama in 1998. The International Herald Tribune while praising Mahesh Dattani praised him as –One of Indian’s best and most serious contemporary play wrights writing in English.” Mahesh Dattani is India’s first play-wright to be awarded the -Sahitya Akadami Award’ for his contribution to the world of drama. Alyque Padamsee calls him one of the most serious contemporary play wrights. There are two published texts of Dattani’s plays-one a collection of plays while the other one is in parts. Recently his plays have been collected in a single volume called -Collected Plays’ published by Penguin. Alyque Padamee says, –At last we have a play wright who gives sixty million English speaking Indians an identity.” Mahesh Dattani is one of the famous Indian-English dramatists. He has successfully launched the Indian theater in English. In many of his plays, he deals with various issues like homosexuality, gender discrimination, communalism and child sexual abuse. In an interview -Personal Agenda’ Published in Branch on March 21, 2004 Dattani said, –The love of my life is drama and I want to write more plays.” His most distinguishing quality is wide range of themes that he deals with in his writings. Dattani’s plays are written for the stage. It is the visual quality and dramatic effect which are of paramount importance. Dattani shapes his subject in such a way that is both-topical as well as appealing. Alyque Padamsee assisted Mahesh Dattani in building his self-esteem and helped him in securing regular audience for his plays. As Mahesh Dattani points out in his preface –Alyaque believed in my work even before I believed in it myself. He gave me courage to call myself a professional playwright and director. In 1998, Dattani won the Sahitya Akademi Award for his book of plays. Final solutions and other plays were published by East-West Books, Chennai. According to the Sahitya Akademi Award, –(Dattani’s work) probes tangled attitudes in contemporary India towards communal differences, consumerism and genera brilliant contribution to Indian drama in English.” His plays deal with religious tension, sexuality and gender issue. Alyque Padamsee calls him one of the –most serious contemporary playwrights” Dattani takes issues that afflict societies the world over. He has chronicled the social victim and the follies, foibles and prejudices of Indian society. Some of Dattani’s plays are eloquent defences of society’s out casts and would be rebels. These plays include -On a Muggy Night in Mumbai,’ a compassionate look at the life and tensions of a homosexual community tricked away in Mumbai. -Both On a Muggy Night in Mumbai’ and -Do the Needful’ are probably the first Indian plays to boldly deal with the subject of homosexuality. The play -Final Solutions’ is about partition. It reveals how the engendered suspicion only deepens from generation to generation. The plays of Mahesh Dattani emerged as -fresh arrival’ in the domain of Indian English drama in the last decade of the 20th century. The plays have a great -contemporary value.’ According to John Mc Rae. –They are plays of today, sometimes as actual as to cause controversy, but at the same time, they are plays which embody many of the classic cancens of world drama.” Mahesh Dattani’s plays are revelatory in nature. If, in -Where There’s a will,’ it is the ghost not of Hasmukh Mehta but of his father that has to be recognised in -Dance like a Man’. In -Bravely Fought the Queen,’ it is a host of issues that have to be revealed and faced from the homosexuality of certain characters. Dattani shows us the hollowness of middle class lives. His plays explore what lies below the facades characters and families front up to fool the world. The family in Dattani stands for society at large. Dattani’s characters search for security and acceptance, to be true to themselves. In Dattani’s world the socialisation process initiated in the family unit has its aim the stunted growth of a bousaitres. The prominent theme of Mahesh Dattani’s later plays is homosexuality. Homosexuality is dealt with in -Bravely Fought the Queen’, -Where There’s a will,’ and – Dance Like a Man.’ Another important theme of Mahesh Dattanis’s plays in Gender Identity. -Bravely Fought the Queen’ foregrounds this whole issue with its very title. Dattai raises these and a number of other questions regarding gender and social stratification and hierarchy and sexuality. The most significant feature of Dattani is, perhaps his use of langauge. The note to his very first play, -Where There’s Will’ reads as follows. -Should the play be need in classrooms, I sincerely wish that English language teachers will not dismiss my syntax as bad English’ or worse still as incorrect, while knowledge of the rules of grammar is important, the richness and variety of the spoken word is a study in itself.” The past and the present both co-exist, and while the past has fashioned the present, the present helps the characters to re-read the past. Dattani’s stage techniques are aimed at making the audience intimate with the life of a family, its trials and trilantations and debilitating secrets. Dattani exercises great care in ensuring through his detailed stage direction that reader and potential directors understand all this. This division of the stage allows clearly demarcated space for certain characters, or time periods, as well as for different locales. C.K. Meena says, in an article on Dattani, –Unmasking the Middle class : The Drama of Mahesh Dattani” (Indian Review of Books, Vol., N. 6 1999), that this distribution of –the action among different levels on stage not only makes his plays visually exciting landmark but more at a snappy pace.” Mahesh Dattani defends his use of English as spoken by people in India and also goes on to make another serious statement. He says that his characters –would love to speak in Gujarati” and his challenge as a writer is to convey their Gujaratiness without distortion in English. Dattani’s characters speak the kind of English that most middle class Indians do. He also uses Indian English with great confidence and captures the rhythms of the spoken English. 1.4 : RESEARCH METHODOLOGY I have resolved to do research on the dramas of Mahesh Dattani : -Tara’, -Bravely fought the Queen’, -Final solutions’, -on a Muggy Night in Mumbai’ and -Seven steps Around The Fire.’ I shall take recourse to the following methods. 1. The study of various literary journals published in India and abroad incorporated in the corpus of the bibliography. 2. The study of various News-Papers in English in India and Abroad. 3. The analysis of each drama after close scrutiny.?









DETAILED ANALYSIS CHAPTER-1 :INTRODUCTION Mahesh Dattani is a contemporary writer who writes sepcifically in English. Dattani’s plays question some of the norms and conventions of society. In the process, interesting questions arise regarding gender and other issues like homo-sexuality, lesbianism, child sexual abuse. Dattani tackles issues that afflict societies the world over. Dealing with issues like male-famale ascendance divide, the patriarchal tradition, consumerism, communalism, Dattani holds back nothing. Alygue Padamsee calls him one of the –most serious contemporary playwrights.” CHAPTER-2. :ISSUES OF GENDER DISCRIMINATION -Tara’ is a riveting play that questions the role of a society that treats the children of the same womb in two different ways. Dattani’s -Tara’ is a poignant play about a boy and a girl who are joined together at the hip and have to be separated surgically, which will mean the death of either of the two. The fact that the injustice perpetuated by the victim’s own mother whose preference is to the male child, makes the play more powerful suggesting that it is woman who continues the chain of injustice. Tara is not just the story of the protagonist of the play -Tara,’ but it is the story of every girl child born in Indian family whether urban or rural. The situation is aggravated if the girl is physically challenged or there is any other physical or mental deformity in her. It is a bitter example of child abuse present in the Indian societies. Every girl child born in an Indian family does suffer some kind of exploitation and if there is a boy child in the family, the exploitation is very much visible as the privileges are consciously or unconsciously propounded to the son. The scene opens in London with Chandan, now a play wright, reminiscing about his childhood days spent with his sister Tara. Tara and Chandan are two sides of the same self rather than two separate entities and that Dan, in trying to write the story of his own childhood, has to write Tara’s story. The play revolves around the Siamese twins, chandan and Tara Patel, an operation to separate the twins at birth, leaves Tara crippled for life. Chandan, the privileged brother wants to turn his anguish into drama on his sister’s childhood. Throughout the play we can feel that she bears some kind of grudge against the society. She seems to have some kind of aversion with the outside world and her world consists of only her parents and her brother whom she was ever close to. The play explores besides exposing the typical Indian mind set which has from time immemorial preferred a boy child to a girl child. It looks at the triumphs and the failures of an Indian family. comprising of father (Patel). mother (Bharati) and two children (Chandan and Tara) coping with the trauma of disability. Tara, a feisty girl, who isn’t given enough opportunities as were given to her brother eventually wastes away and dies. Chandan escapes to London, changes his name to Dan and attempts to repress the guilt he feels over his sister’s death. His sense of trauma and anguish is so intense that at the end of the play, we see Chandan apologizing to Tara in the most moving of all the lines –Forgive me, Tara. forgive me, for making it my tragedy.” CHAPTER-3 :ISSUE OF EUNUCH -Seven Steps around the Fire’, the most popular play, dwells on the theme of eunuchs, their identity, their constitution and their connotation. Uma Rao, the sociology scholar, emerges as the most powerful character of the play, the mouth piece of the playwright, who fights to establish the identity of an eunuch. Mammal, during her research on the class and gender – related violence and crime, meets justice in the nemesis of the play. An eunuch, a beautiful one, invited for marriage, and the final tragic death-all seem to be a mis construct. This is all about marriage of a beautiful hizra Kamla to a son of a wealthy government minister named subbu. This shocking revelation culminated into the murder of Kamla. The society accepts a hizra for gracing the ceremonies of marriage and births but would not allow them to portrayed of such ceremonies. The author has ironically portrayed this aspect which would not have been given any head, for any matter related to them is of no importance to anyone. The heart rendering story about a hizra that she is murdered simply because she had fallen in love with subbu a young man having a status of importance in society, fills us with horror and sense of injustice. Again in the play we observe how the Police officer refuses to subject him self to any medical examination to rule out the barrenness of his wife due to his impotency. This bias of squarely blaming the woman for her barren state is another societal phenomenon that Dattani exposes.

CHAPTER – 4 :ISSUE OF HOMO SEXUALITY -Bravely Fought the Queen’ charters through the emotional, financial and sexual intricacies of a modern day Indian family. -Bravely fought the Queen’ was written by Dattani in the year 1991 and it was performed at the Sophia Bhabha Hall, Mumbai on August 2, 1991. The narration is centred around an Indian family in which two brothers Jiten and Nitin, the co-owners of an advertising agency, have married two sisters, Dolly and Alka. The women remain at home much of the time, where they look after the men’s ageing mother Baa. Jiten and Nitin’s father was a cruel and a dark man who usually harassed their mother. The kind of cruelty perpetrated on Baa by her husband is brought to light every now and then in the play. Baa sees the picture of her husband in her elder son, Jiten and thus automatically develops an inclination towards her younger son, Nitin who resembles her a lot. So here we have two generations sharing the same experiences at the hand of their chauvinistic husbands and yet to come third generation, Daksha who also experiences the mal-treatment of her father even before her birth and is born as a disabled child. In the same way Dolly and Alka in -Bravely Fought the Queen’ arm themselves at the end of the play to fight back. Alka very boldly questions the authority of her husband and asks for an explanation for his disloyalty. She also exposes the betrayal of her brohther for not revealing the existence of homosexual relations between her husband and her brother. There was Kanhaiya, who represents the world of sexuality whether heterosexuality or homosexuality. He might be the alluring cook who might or might not be Krishna of Dolly and Alka, or the dark auto driver who embodies Nitin’s sexual guilt. Nitin at the end of the play exposes his homosexual relations to Alka who is fast asleep after getting drunk. Thus we see that women have not been presented as sinners but they suffer because of the men who are part of their lives. This play presents the concept of gay culture prevalent in big cities. -On a Muggy Night in Mumbai’ is a tragicomedy which deals with homosexuals In the play, Sharad and Deepali, though comfortable with each other, have different ways of being gay. More stress is laid on the characters of Kamlesh and Prakash who is also Ed and romances with Kamlesh’s’s sister Kiran. Initially Kamlesh and Prakash were ardent lovers when Prakash suddenly turns coats and changes into Ed, weaning the garb of a hand some guy, head over heels in love with Kiran, who unfortunately happens to be Kamlesh’s sister. Kamlesh playing the role of humble lover resides to the changed situation without complaining. Nevertheless, his sexual needs are fulfilled by sharad, his friend. He shocks us a bit by stooping down to mating with a guard for which he is ashamed of himself. Prakash who had now changed to Ed suddenly emerges into the room and the scene to meet Kamlesh’s sister and bumping into Kamlesh is revived of his earlier crush on Kamlesh, Nonetheless Prakash/Ed is ashamed of being a homosexual and tries to leave the place with Kiran as soon as possible to escape the cynical eyes of the others who knew about his relationship with Kamlesh. Karan is shown to having all compassion for the gay people and wishes they could many for happiness of her brother who she knew was homosexual. The irony of the whole story is that the poor girl did not know that the man to whom she was going to get married was homosexual and ex-lover of her brother. The revelation in the end comes as a shock to her. The whole story throws light on the growing homosexuality and its non-acceptance by the Indian Society. CHAPTER – 5 :ISSUE OF COMMUNALISM -Final solutions’ was first performed in 1993. This play foregrounds the Hindu-Muslim problems. It also tackles the theme of transferred resentments in the context of family relations. The characters in the play motivate us to think that angry out-bursts lead to chain reactions. The play opens with Daksha reading from her diary. An oil lamp converted to an electric one suggests that the period is the late 1940. Daksha is the grand mother of Gandhis. Daksha closes her diary and then Hardika appears on the stage. She feels the things have not changed that much. In the living room of the Gandhis, Aruna, Ramnik Gandhi’s wife, enters while Aruna’s daughter Sunita and her husband are retiring for the night. Ramnik doesn’t like Hardika’s telling his daughter that –those people are all demons.” Aruna is a God fearing woman who thinks that everything will be smooth and peaceful one day. Ramnik saves the two boys- Bobby and Javed. Ramnik thinks that Javed has done an unforgivable act. Ramnik, a liberal minded person, offers a job to Javed only to give him a chance. Ramnik transfers his anger at his own father’s black deed (burning the ship) to his mother. In the name of communal hatred, this shameful act is done by Ramnik’s father. The play is a fine example of transferred resentments. Smita, who is unable to express her love for Babban, criticizes her mother bitterly. The play mocks at the politicians who use people as their puppets. These puppeteers are the culprits. The play-wright at the end of the play, wishes to stop this game of hatred and communal tension through the character of Ramnik. Ramnik accepts that his father has done the black deed. We should forgive the offenders and forget the past. This can be the final solution. CHAPTER -6 :DATTANI’S ACHIEVEMENT AS A PLAY WRIGHT Dattani’s plays have contemporary values and his plays can be said to have been impaired by Ibsen the Father of Realism. Dattani handles every problem from gender issues to sexuality very successfully. Dattani’s achievement as a play wright depends on the fact that his plays are a slice of life. They present reality as it exists. Dattani’s theatre group, playpen, was formed in 1984 and he has directed several of their plays ranging from classical Greek to contemporary work. He has an array of themes to offer in his plays and the issues he chooses to project are the most topical but also the most controversial one. Dattani’s plays, have purely performance – oriented scripts that elicit from the audience and emotional as well as strongly intellectual response. His plays address the middle class and only the middle class. The reason is not far to seek-it is this class that constitutes his audience. Dattani has created a vibrant, new theatrical form which is a marked development on the hither to stagnant Indian drama in English. ? BIBLIOGRAPHY A.Primary Sources 1. Tara : In Collected Plays (New Delhi Penguin 2000) 2. 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