Get To Know The Top 10 Jewelry Brands In The World

Sometimes, just mentioning the name of a jeweler brings to mind a vision of quality and unique jewelry. In case there’s one or two you don’t know, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 jewelry brands in the world. Follow along with our list of recommendations as see how many you know, and how many you have just been exposed to today.

Henry Winston is at the top of the list. Their diamond jewelry is famous everywhere, and they have a few stores dotted across the US that you can visit. Located in New York City, they have made diamond jewelry for movie stars and royalty alike. See how the other half lives at

Buccellati is also world-famous, but not quite as well known in the United States. They are an Italian-based jeweler, but have stores all over the world. Their claim to fame is intricately-carved and brushed gold jewelry with gemstone embellishments. See their wares at

Van Cleef & Arpels and Graff have a solid foothold in the diamond jewelry world. If fact, Van Cleef & Arpels has a diamond setting that is unique only to them. It makes the diamonds look like they’re floating. Graff, out of Great Britian, is known for selling only rare and unusual high-quality jewelry. Visit these wonderful jewelers at and

Tiffany & Co. has a long-standing reputation as one of the world’s best jewelers. They’ve been in business since the early 1800s. Their famous “blue box” has become synonymous with elegance and unique style. They’re at

The next two of our top 10 jewelry brands specialize in quality, top-end watches as well as other exotic jewelry. Both are heavily favored and promoted among Hollywood’s elite, although they have stores all over the world. See where the movie stars buy their jewelry at and

Bulgari is another noted Italian designer known for their unusual Roman and Greek-style jewelry with bold designs and large gemstones. Each year, the designer introduces a brand new line of jewelry, and they are a very relevant presence in the market. See their unusual pieces at

Mikimoto, the last on our list, has probably the most extensive array of pearl jewelry. Not only is their jewelry exotic, but the pearls they use to create them are just as exotic. The pearls are all perfectly sized and matched, and you find colors and designs here that exist no where else in the world.

Well, there’s the list of our top 10 jewelry designers. If there were some names on the list you weren’t familiar with, be sure to check them out. Even if you can’t afford the jewelry, you will still be mesmerized by their elegance and style.

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Why Is Men’s Fashion Important

Wondering why men’s fashion is so important these days? In addition to the general need to look good, fashion helps you express yourself better. It can be used to deliver a message, make a statement, or even express emotions. With all this, it is no surprise that many a career can be given an extra boost if combined with a good sense of fashion. Just think of all the times you have seen people on the street and thought one or the other thing about them, based on their appearance.

So in this case, perhaps it does make sense to judge a book by its cover or a man by the length of necktie! Or, if it’s not something you want to adopt for yourself, at least be prepared to project a successful and confident look by using fashion effectively. After all, you will be judged on the basis of your appearance and the way you dress.

With the huge inroads that visual culture has made into everyone’s reality, your clothes and accessories are supposed to make a huge statement about you- and trust us, they will! Not only your boss, but also your colleagues, friends and family members are going to judge you on the basis of what they see, at any rate, at least to begin with. and we all know how lasting first impressions can be!

Well, now that we’ve established that men’s fashion is important, how does one go about interpreting men’s clothing and accessories in order to access their personality? To begin with, start to notice what people are wearing and how and it’s very likely that you will be able to find a link between people’s appearances and their preferences and behavior.

To make it simpler, men’s fashion may be classified into three broad types, mainly: commercial, conservative and edgy. The first style is usually sported by people who spend too much time buying and very little of it thinking!

They believe in buying the latest, right off the new arrivals shelf and in replicating the poster-boys. As the name itself suggests, such style can be functional or fussy, but what remains is that it remains confined by what’s in and what’s not, and does not reflect much personality.

Sticking to what is necessary and minimal accessories, combined with a traditional choice in outfits would imply a more conservative fashion sense. Men who follow this style are usually people who play it by the book, and may not have the confidence required to experiment. For them, functionality is more important than style.

People with an edgy sense of style on the other hand, like to experiment and play around with their look, be it by way of clothes differently worn, unusual color combinations, or interesting accessories. Of course, they must have the ease and confidence to carry it off, or they’d be fashion disasters! Their flexibility is what sets them apart, and makes it easy for them to shift from one style to another be it casual, rugged or formal without being under or over dressed, and makes for a refreshing twist on prevailing fashions.

Womens plus size lingerie

Does your size get in the way always whenever you decide to look attractive? And you wish garment manufacturers and designers would think about plus size women and make clothes that would fit them, instead of you trying to fit into lingerie that were made for some other size?

Gone are the days when you dreaded the thought of wearing lingerie for the special night. In times before, you could not wear lingerie without wondering whether the garment is going to make you look sexy or overweight. You have now the option of wearing lingerie that is made especially for you!

Plus size lingerie is good enough to fit you in way which compliments your body. Womens plus size lingerie will not make your skin overlap the straps or stifle you. You can also find womens plus size lingerie in different sizes; this will facilitate you to select the plus size lingerie which fits you perfectly.

We have range of designs and different styles available. You can make a choice of elegant womens plus size lingerie which speaks of what you are and your tastes. If looking for something stunning and attractive plus size womens lingerie, you can choose the plus size womens sexy spicy lingerie.

Making a choice of the womens plus size lingerie is most engaging. There is an array of colors that you will love to make a choice from. If you love the color white, you have a wide choice in womens lingerie white. You will also find plus size womens lingerie in several other colors which are both stunning and highly attractive.

You can select womens plus size lingerie in an array of sizes and looks. You can choose the real skimpy and sexy extra size womens lingerie which will highlight your assets, or else go in for a conservative womens plus size lingerie which you can use for a feel good effect when you are alone with yourself.

You will find there is nothing like comfortable and good to slip into after you come home and bathe after a hectic day at your work place. You have the option of using conservative womens plus size lingerie for wearing at night-time. Feeling sexy inside often makes you look sexy on the outside, Plus Size womens lingerie provides you with adequate reason to feel sexy inside.

Good fitting lingerie has a wonderful effect on the complete persona. Feeling good inside will make you look good on the outside



India is a unity in diversity and its literature also gives the same fragrance. Modern Indian English poetry emerged at the end of the Second World War after the end of colonialism. It is one of the many -new literatures’ which began at that time. It is also a fact that modern Indian poetry in English has been neglected by the most of the critics, foreign readers and intellectuals as compare to the creative writings of Africa and the Caribbean. The reason is that it has no obvious and direct relationship to the cultural movements which led to national independence. But by 1947, the situation had changed and with it the concern of the new poets became their relationship to and alienation from the realities of their society. They got a hard challenge from older nationalist writers and from regionalists who demanded a renaissance of the culture of pre-colonial languages of India.

Now English is no longer the language of colonial rulers. It is a language of modern India in which words and expressions have recognized national significances and references. English is not the language of ordinary people. It is the language of those who govern, communicate, produce and make decisions at the national level. Words, phrases, expressions of modern Indian English poetry show the local realities, Indian traditions and ways of feeling. Such Indianization is present in the poetry of Kamala Das, Pritish Nandy and more strongly in the works of Keki Daruwala. It is more commonly present in terms of voice and stress in the poetry of Nissim Ezekiel and Jayant Mahapatra.

Indian English poetry is become a part of the process of modernization which includes urbanization, industrialization, independence and social change and resulting the evolution of an English language culture alongside that of Hindi and the regional languages. Despite continuing attacks on the Indian English poets, their place in modern Indian culture is recognized.

The Indian English poets as a group tend to be marginal to traditional Hindi society not only by being alienated by their English language education but also by belonging from such communities as the Parsis, Jews and Christians or being a rebel from Hinduism and Islam or by living in foreign countries. Many poets of Indian English language come from westernized Indian families and several poets were sent to boarding schools in their childhood. They often do not have local roots.

The Indian English poet’s decision to use English as a language of writing poetry is not only influenced by education but also by the poor state of regional language poetry. In this regard, a critic of Kamala Das says that:

-When she began writing in English, there was no modern poetry in Malayalam.- Manohar Shetty also has the same views regarding his regional language poetry or literature. He opines that:

-In Tulu (the language of his family) there is no creative literature.-

Many Parsi poets writing in English language may be explained by the fact that Parsi-Gujrati is a dialect without a tradition of serious and creative literature.

Many of the poets have been particularly active in translating from regional languages. Ramanujan is famous for his translations from classical and medieval Tamil and modern Kannada, Jayant Mahapatra from Oriya, Kolatkar from Marathi, Patel from Gujarati, Mehrotra from Hindi and Nandi’s translations Bengali are known to every one who is familiar with Indian English poetry.

Kamala Das is the most distinctive and unique voice in Indian English poetry in particular and the whole Indian literary scene in general. She brings a most noticeable and directly perceptible feminine sensibility and an explicit, undisguised, natural idiom in her poems. Recognized as one of the foremost poets of India, Kamala Das was born on March 31, 1934 in Malabar in Kerala. By the influence of her great uncle Nalapat Narayan Menon who is a prominent writer, her love poetry began at an early age. Kamala Das remembers watching him -work from morning till night- and thinking that he had a blissful life. Kamala Das was also greatly affected by the poems of her mother, Nalapat Balamani Amma, and the sacred writings kept by the matriarchal community of Nayars. She was married to K. Madhava Das at the tender age of fifteen. She herself says in her interview that she -was mature enough to be a mother only when my third child was born.- Her husband -often played a fatherly role for both Das and her sons-. There is a big age difference between kamala Das and her husband.

When Kamala Das wished to begin writing, her husband supported her decision only because of his want of improving the income of the family. However, she could not enjoy the morning – till – night schedule like her great uncle. She would wait till night to write. In an interview, she accepts:

-there was only the kitchen table where I would cut vegetables, and after all the plates and things were cleared, I would sit there and start typing.-

At the age of 65, in 1999, she converted Hindu to Islam and became Kamala Das to Suraiya. She had the view that only Islam could provide a woman love and protection.

Kamala Das began to write at the tender age of six and after that she gave a number of remarkable and memorable works. She has the great writing skill both in poetry and prose. She has the perfect hand both in prose and verse. She wrote effectively in both the languages i.e. in English and in Malayalam. In English language, she published her first work in 1964 titled as -The Sirens’. After that -Summer in Calcutta – in 1965, -The Descendants’ in 1967, -The Old Playhouse and Other Poems’ in 1973, -My Story’ in 1976, -Alphabet of Lust’ in 1977, -The Anamalai’ in 1985, -Padmavati the Harlot and Other Stories’ in 1992, -Only the Soul Knows How to Sing’ in 1996 and -Yaa Allah’ in 2001 were published. Among them -My Story’ is an autobiography, -Alphabet of Lust’ is a novel, -Padmavati the Harlot and Other Stories’ is a collection of short stories and the remaining are the collections of poems.

In the language of Malayalam, she wrote -Pakshiyude Manam’ in 1964, -Naricheerukal Parakkumbol’ in 1966, -Thanuppu’ in 1968, -Balyakala Smaranakal’ in 1987, -Varshangalkku Mumbu’ in 1989 and -Palayan’ in 1990.

Kamala Das received many national and international awards for her great literary contribution. Some of them are Asian Poetry Prize, Kent Award for English Writing from Asian Countries, Asan World Prize, Ezhuthachan Award, Sahitya Academy Award, Vayalar Award and Kerala Sahitya Academy Award.

Kamala Das is a poet of many facets and moods. She is a poet of free love. Love is the lynch-pin round which the poetry of Kamala Das revolves. Her unfilled need for love is the main treatment in her poems. Love is a complex and multi-dimensional human experience in her poetry. It has physical, emotional and spiritual moods in the poetry of kamala Das. Love and hate are often neighbors in her poetry. The theme of alienation is also present in the poems written by her. Because of her disillusionment and alienation from this physical world, she gives the note of protest with feminism in her poetry. Apart from these themes, the theme of glorifying the womanhood is also grabbing our attention. Her poems are mainly concerned with her uncaring husband, her childhood, her marriage, love, life and her intimacy others. Kamala Das delights in celebrating herself in her essential feminine self. Kamala Das is not only a poet of Indian English language, but she is an age herself.

The treatment of man-woman relationship is the main and most important theme of the poems of Kamala Das. Although the treatment of man- woman relationship in her poetry is something subjective, but it is also true for general life of common man common woman. In her famous poem -The Freaks’, Kamala Das talks about the disgust relationship of a husband and wife. In this poem she concludes about the base of the husband- wife relationships in the following lines:

-But, they only wander, tripping Idly over puddles of Desire-can’t this man with Nimble finger-tips unleash Nothing more alive than the Skin’s lazy hungers?-

Here she has the view that only physical relation cannot give a perfect touch to a man-woman i.e. a husband-wife relationship. She asks:

-Who can Help us who have lived so long And have failed in love?-

Meaning is that love is necessary to build a healthy and long lasting relationship between anyone. Only physical relationship is not able to bind the two persons.

In her another poem -The Sunshine Cat’, she also talks about the same kind of loveless relationship of the man and woman. She complains:

— the man she loved who loved her not enough-

the husband who neither loved nor used her

and concludes the fate of this loveless bond of man – woman relationship in the following way: -a bed made soft with tears and she lay there weeping..-

Hence, in the poetry of kamala das, she strongly recommends that the presence of love is necessary to make any kind of healthy and long lasting relationship between man and woman. Whether it is a bond of husband and wife or lover and beloved or it is bond of mother and son, all types of man-woman relationship can be made only by a bond of love.

Wedding Gowns The Wedding Dress Train

These days, not as many wedding dresses have trains, at least in America. Many brides have realized that extra fabric on a wedding dress ends up costing them a little more. That, plus the fact that they cant see that part of their wedding dress all that well, and it drags on the ground, has made the train an extra accessory that some brides decide to eliminate.

However, theres nothing as elegant as the train on a wedding dress. Every royal bride has a long train as an integral part of their wedding gowns; that shows the regality of the bride, who deserves to feel like a queen on her special day. Wedding trains bring glamour, especially if it looks like it was part of the original design, as opposed to an add-on.

In general, there are six types of trains that wedding dresses can have. Lets take a look at each one.

The royal train is the longest of all trains, and of course, by the name, you know this is the type of train that the royals will have as their wedding dresses. Royal trains are extreme; they go back at least 10 feet, and obviously were planned to be there, as the silhouettes theyre attached to are blended so that the gown is seamless. This will definitely make the bride the center of attention.

The next train is pretty long also, and its known as the cathedral train. This train extends between 6 to 9 feet, and, as the term indicates, this was the traditional wedding train for religious ceremonies for centuries, and is still worn by todays brides for mainly Catholic ceremonies.

The next train that comes into religious favor is the chapel train, which only extends from 4 to 5 feet. This train was also a traditional religious train, but not for as extensively religious ceremonies as the cathedral train.

The court train comes in around 3 feet, and traditionally this was for weddings of lesser royals such as duchesses and countesses, though it was regal in its own way.

The sweep train is one that barely touches the ground, kind of sweeping the ground but not by much. This is probably the most popular train with todays brides.

The last train is more of an attachment than originally part of the wedding dress. Known as the watteau, it attaches to the top of the wedding dress at the shoulders, then falls to the length of your dress, or further.

Of course, wedding dresses dont have to have trains, but it just adds so much glamour to the occasion that we hope more brides decide to return to the days of long and elegant trains.

Dress Code in the Call Center Environment

Whether you admit it or not, there is glamour in the life of being a call center representative. The pay you are getting for your job in the call center industry is more than what you can get from any industry out there of the same position or job description. Dressing up for the office is an important matter for it shows your professionalism.

If you want to build rapport among your superior and your colleagues, you need to abide by the dress code of the company you are working for. Do not just show up for work wearing shorts, sleeveless shirt and ordinary slippers. These just not show how capable you are of handling your tasks.

It is always best to have formal or semi-formal attire when you go to work, especially in cases when you do not have a uniform. For men, some of the best options are khaki jeans, chinos, long-sleeved shirts, dark socks and leather shoes. A dark leather belt will complete the outfit. If you are holding a senior position in the company, wearing a tie would be appropriate.

As for the ladies, you can never go wrong with tailored trousers, a simple blouse, cardigan, sweater, smart skirt and a dress. In order to complete the look, you can wear low heel boots, flats and match it up with a good hairstyle. As a call center representative, women should refrain from exhibiting too much skin and wearing too much make-up.

Most of the call center companies nowadays do not have a dress code in order to give more freedom to their employees. They let their employees express themselves through the clothes they wear. However, you should not take advantage of this situation. This does not mean that you can wear just about anything you want. Remember you want to exude professionalism in your work.

Also, dressing appropriately will give you the confidence you need when you are talking on the phone. Even if the customers do not see you, as a call center representative, you feel good and confident about yourself if you are dressed appropriately. Remember, never dress for the job you have, but dress instead for the job you want to achieve.

Look Slim In Plus Size Fashion Clothes

It is very important to select a dress, which suits you the best. You should try to choose the style that works best for your body contour in such a way that your best spots will be accentuated, and the bumps will be concealed. In order to make your figure slim even in plus size clothing, it is necessary to choose an appropriate dress, one that is ‘trendy’ and can also make a visible difference in your appearance.

If you have an apple shaped body with a bulky mid-section, then you should try to wear plus size dresses that take the focus off your mid-section. The right dress selection will help you to look great when you have taken into consideration your key features.

You should avoid wearing high necklines as far as shirts are concerned. Also, do not wear wide necklines, as it will make your shoulders appear wider than they actually are. When it comes to selecting pants, you should go for those, which fit your waist properly. Moreover, short pants or Capri styles should be avoided, as these will make you look more bulky and wider. You should choose skirts that have higher waistlines. In this way, your mid-section will not be so prominent and will help to draw the eye away from the large part of your tummy.

Women who have a pear shaped body will find that they are generally heavier and broader in the hips and thigh region. However, in saying this, they have a considerably slimmer top body half. Finding the right balance will even out how the body appears and this can be achieved through correct clothing choices.

You should choose wide necklines, because it will help you to enhance your slimmer top section, and will create balance. You should use dark coloured pants in combination with a lighter coloured top. In this way, upper body will be accentuated while the lower body will be minimised. Tapered pants should also be avoided. The evenly flowing A-line skirts will hide your trouble spots.

If you have a rectangular body shape, you should create curves so that you may look slim and attractive as well. You can really define all the curves of your body, only if you choose to wear dresses that match the shape of your body.

It is necessary to define the bust region properly. In order to create curves, you can go for sweetheart necklines. Try to wear a belt, so that your waistline can be fully accentuated. Also, try avoiding tapered pants, because it will enhance some of the unnecessary curves of your body.

Considering all these plus size fashion tips, will mean that you can appear slimmer than you actually are!

Whirlpool washing machines clean clothes in few rounds only

Washing Machines have made our lives easier because it just require electricity or the power and if the same task has to be performed by us then we would need to spend lots of our energy and manual power along with lots of time. Undoubtedly, we could say that in order to clean buckets of clothes we would consume lots of time but if we dip all the dirty clothes along with washing detergents or liquid in Whirlpool Washing Machines then within 5-10 minutes it will make all the dirt from the unclean detergent soaked clothing’s.

In that duration of time you can do some other task and as the time gets completed you will be called with its inbuilt time alarm. Change the water of washing machine and let all the clothes get rewashed with non soapy or say, plain water. Simply put out all the clothes from this mechanical device and keep them in to the dryers who are generally given at the middle or at the side fronts of the washing machine itself.

Due to the introduction of washing cum dryer’s combo cleaning machines we need not to worry about changing climate whether it is raining or the season is really chilled because dear friend you are having whirlpool clothe cleaning machine at your home in which you can dry your clothes within few minutes only. If you worry that your colorful clothes may loose their original pigmentation then it is a worthless worry because washing machines are truly safe for cleaning any kind of fabrics and clothing textures and other than those of your dresses you can thoroughly clean your bed sheets, pillow covers and shoe pairs.

So, remove your tension of the cleaning process as a hectic procedure because with useful home appliance you can perform all your cleaning functions. Have the best time of washing clothes by using a Washing Machines. Purchase it from internet shopping or from home appliance selling stores.

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Salwar Kameez A Closer Look

Salwar Kameez is one of the traditional clothes worn by many people in central and south Asia. These are stitched clothes unlike the sari, or dhoti. Both men and women wear salwar kameezes in these parts of the world. However, salwar kameezes worn by women have different designs, which distinguish them from those worn by men.

Each salwar kameez consists of a trouser and a top. Kameez is the top and the salwar is its loose trouser, which ends in slightly narrow opening near the ankle like the traditional harem pants. Tailors either stitch some elastic at waist level of these salwars or provide a small fold in which a string can pass, for tying trousers. This string holds up the trousers. The fastening arrangement in these trousers is in front or the center unlike in harem pants, which mostly have such arrangement on side. The other common feature between the salwars and traditional harem pants is their bagginess. However, the bagginess of salwars tapers gradually towards the ankles, unlike in traditional harem pants. In Patiala salwar, this bagginess is more prominent and at times, it is almost straight like in pajamas. Patiala salwars with short snugly fitting tops are popular amongst teenage girls. These are convenient clothing. The narrower version of salwar fits like leggings. This is the churidar.

Men’s salwar kameezes are often similar to clothing worn by Pathans. Their kameezes may have a couple of pockets at the breast level. Cloth flaps above these pockets are for closing these pockets. A button stitched on the pocket passes through the buttonhole on the cloth flap. In addition, there are deeper pockets on either side of men’s kameezes.

Fashion designers change the length of such kameezes to create new fashions. Men often wear kameezes which are long. Usually, men’s kameezes reach a few inches below knees. Women’s kameezes are usually slightly above knee length. Knee length or even longer kameezes are also popular. There are tight kameezes as well as loose kameezes for women. Tight kameez accentuates the feminine structure of women. Loose garments are ideal summer wear. Such loose kameezes may have loose sleeves that reach the wrists. However, elbow length sleeves or sleeves that run a couple of inches below elbow are more common in such kameez varieties. Rural women wear kameezes similar to men’s kameezes. They often combine such kameezes with pleated long skirts instead of salwars. These kameezes have slit openings on sides.

Anarkali kameezes are a popular variety of kameezes. These are calf length gowns. However, there are more gathers in this top variety. Usually, these gathers start at waist level or immediately below the breast level. Such kameezes may have snugly fitting sleeves that run right up to the wrists. There may be print, embroidery, or sequin work at the shoulders, arms and wrists of such kameezes. In addition, designers add borders to the skirt part of these kameezes. Usually, there is some design at the neck. Most of the time, such designs may extend a bit more in the front and extend right up to waist. Cotton salwar kameezes outnumber other salwar kameezes. Other popular materials for stitching salwar kameezes include silk, georgette, net, satin, viscose, etc.