Ardyss Review, How This Opportunity With Body Magic Can Be Magical

Ardyss is an experienced firm that has an innovative business opportunity to offer to its members. Started in 1989 by the Diaz De Leon family, this company has its base at Mexico. In the month of May 2007, this company was shifted their headquarters to Vegas and then changes a marketing sales model to a direct sales model.

Ardyss changed and opened the new door for hundreds of people, for these people to stay at home and have a business of their own at a high marketing level. This company does business in places like unites states, Mexico, domician republic and it also has 40 distribution centers around the worlds.

People now are more mindful of their health; Ardyss International offers products that are beneficial to everyone’s health. The best selling product of this company is the le’vive juice. Enriched with the goodness of fruits such as berries, pomegranates, goji and mangosteen, this juice helps in regulating sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels and protects your body against cancer.

They also provide skin products which are produced by some other company which is known as estee lauder’s skin care collection. Believe it or not, the company also has a garment range for men and women. Women, especially, get to benefit from specially designed undergarments that,on regular use, help to change their body shape by transferring fat from unwanted places to where it doesn’t look awkward.

The Ardyss body magic products help women in a lot of ways. For a woman the most special thing is too look slimmer and beautiful, this company provides both the kinds of products which satisfy a woman. The garment makes your stomach look flatter and your legs more shapely. This magic garment can reduce the size of a dress for a women but the problem is if it is worn for more time than your body loses its shape. When a person wears a garment of a size other than his or her actual size, over a period of time, it’s natural for his or her body to take on the shape of the garment.

The membership to living the ArdyssLife is not expensive, it is $30 for membership, $150 for auto ship and it charges $299 for a custom power pack. You tend to earn a proper income within six to eight months. It sounds shocking to know about a business which gives income so fast but this is the change brought in by compensation plan. This twenty year old company strives to provide people with a unique business opportunity that enables them to work from the comfort of their home with a chance to earn a decent residual income.

But all is not rainbows and butterflies for this Body Magic company. In terms of body reshapers there are a ton of companies right now who sell these types of garments for much cheaper. It is up to the rep to convince their clients that theirs is superior. That would be hard sell until you physically fit someone into one. The juice side of the business selling Le’Vive is also another hard sell mainly due to the fact that clients in the business must consume a large amount of the juice per month. For most families, the autoship is setup so there is always left overs and in many cases 2-3 extra bottles per month. After 12 months that is a whole lot of extra bottles if the network marketer doesn’t sell them by hand.

Competition in the health and wellness arena with juice is really stiff. Big players like Monavie who come in and pretty much dominate the scene with their Active and energy drinks have really taken a huge bite of the industry. Other more established companies like Tahitian Noni have been around a long time with a very loyal customer base. It will be very difficult to persuade a customer taking the Noni drink believe that Le’Vive is a superior product. In most cases it would take no less than 60 days of product to see if the sale would stick. Mandura and it’s royal fruits is an up and comer and it will not be easily outgunned by Le’Vive.

The market space for juice is extremely difficult and when a recession hits like it is for many now how can someone justify $40 bottles of juice when you can buy from a bulk distributor or just take another type of juice at the supermarket. Sure one’s health is vital but when companies like Mandura, Tahitian Noni, and Monavie are constantly pitching that their product is better customer retention will always be a problem. Since the juice has an expiration date, many reps are then having to consider if it’s a good business to stick with if they are not making money today. It is generally a matter of 60 to 90 days before the Ardyss rep figures out if they have what it takes to sponsor someone or sell the products. If they can’t, the only other choice is to quit the business and just be a customer which will have a ripple effect all the way up the organization which comes back to why so many companies in juice have very low retention rates for active reps and customers.