Beautiful Colours That Enhance Your Complexion

So you have hazel eyes and a peachy skin but you don’t know what brings out the colour of your eyes and what complements your skin tone? There’s nothing to worry about, there are tips to help you know which colours to choose that will make you look good by simply by using the right colour!

Colour is about the right light and accenting with the right shades. Whether its cosmetics or clothes colours, they can really make a difference to the way you look and help balance your imperfections. Here are some colour basics for dresses that could bring out the best in you!

Your eyes and your skin are the most crucial colours that bring out the best features of your face. If you have a pale skin that gets sun burnt easily or a cool skin tone in other words you are light eyed with blonde, brunette or red hair then you have a skin tone that is described as cool with blue or pink undertones.

Colours like peach or green work best with this colour skin tone. Shades of apricot give a warmer tone to your skin and bronze or shades of gold look beautiful. Try wearing this seasons floaty tops teamed with a gypsy style skirt or jeans.

If you have pale coloured eyes in shades of hazel, green or blue, have brown or blonde hair with a pale skin that looks pale in winter, and tans during summer then you have a fair complexion.

Colours such as lilac and rose balances the orange or yellow complexion that tends to look sickly and pale if you wear the wrong colours! Gold and bronze also works well for this skin tone. Evening dresses coordinated with metalic or gold create visually stunning effects which will turn heads!

A skin tone which is medium and tends to tan easily and you have hazel, brown or green colored eyes with sand blonde, brown or dark brunette hair then you have a skin tone that has warm undertones and is yellow. Colors like blue, apricot or peach accentuate this skin tone beautifully.

Those with dark hair with brown eyes and if your skin has a dark skin tone then you have medium to dark skin tone with yellow or brown undertones. Colours like pink that have a rosy tone can make yellow skin look better and brown, gold and bronze colours accentuate this skin tone wonderfully.

Your eyes can be accentuated with the following colours to bring out their natural beauty.

* If you have green eyes then colors such as rose, pine and wine bring out the green of your eyes beautifully.

* Blue eyes come more alive with gold, bronze, copper or lemon yellow hues.

* Brown eyes tend to look good with shades of light and dark blues. Jeans, tailored trousers in navy and denim are good choices of clothing!

If you have bright skin and a contrasting hair colour then you can wear clothes that are vibrant or pure white. You can also sport shades of navy blue or charcoal black; alternatively, pink, coral, salmon pink, scarlet red and mango shades also look good. You can wear shades of bright blues, greens and yellow with ease.

Grey hair or rosy skin should avoid browns, other than rose brown. All colors would look good on this skin tone, however avoid using royal colors. Clear reds, whites, light lilacs and camel are colors that work well with this skin type and hair colour.

If you have strong skin tone and rich hair color, then bold contrasts of vibrant colors work well for you. You can use neutral colors or use contrasting dark colors along with it. You can work well with rich and vibrant colors, clear whites, red, green, yellow and blue.

Strong colors like black and chocolate brown need to be injected with a contrasting colour to provide maximum impact, especially if you wear plus size clothing as this will help to detract from your problem area.