After Dinner Speech Needed Best Tips From Top After Dinner Speaker John Bell

Dont tell me! Someone mentioned they were looking for an after dinner speaker for an important event and you, in a moment of weakness or sheer madness, said you would do it. And now, as the evening rapidly approaches, you have swallowed a little of your precious pride and decided to seek help or search for some speech material you might us. Am I right?

Let me begin by saying this, if it is of any consolation, you are not the first and most certainly wont be the last to put your mouth into gear before engaging your brain. Many years back, flattered by friends who said I was a natural comedian, I did exactly the same and what follows are some of my best top tips to make the coming event a little less daunting, and hopefully help you by describing some of the basic mistakes I made in those early days whilst dying as an inexperienced, after dinner speaker.

Many people, including some of my friends, believe comedians are born funny and then somehow become a natural, polished, humorous entertainer. Nothing is further from the truth. Some top, after dinner speakers develop their skill as children as a method of dealing with school bullies, and the everyday anguish growing-up causes so many of us in those terrible teenage times. For far too many, school is not the best days of your life as described by those for whom time has distorted the truth; but a living hell, made a little easier by learning to make others laugh as a means of defence.

Some of the best after dinner speakers on the professional circuit began studying the subject after realising how powerful a tool it is in entertaining and amusing a captive audience, in convivial company, after a meal. The fact that others were prepared to pay money to have someone make others laugh would, initially, have been a bonus, and later, with lots of experience and gigs under their belt, an effect way to earn a living.

For those amongst you who are thinking about using after dinner speaking as a means of making a living, my advice is to carefully consider whether your dream could ever become a reality. Professional, after dinner speaking is one of the most difficult occupations in which to earn a decent living. There are lots of after dinner speakers out there offering their polished skill as a service, and relatively few speaker engagements available to ply their trade.

Most after dinner speakers are hired through an agent. The difficulty for those wanting to become an after dinner speaker is that agents are only interested in established, quality, popular speakers with a proven ability to give an after dinner speech.

Such after dinner speakers have so much experience; they no longer have off days. Their reputation for excellence is already in place, and this removes the element of chance that event organisers take when engaging a less experienced, amateur, after dinner speaker. What event organisers gain in cash saving is insignificant when compared to their potential loss of reputation with which they gamble when engaging cheap amateurs.

If you are considering giving after dinner speeches as a profession, please believe me when I say that being a successful, fulltime, professional after dinner speaker is seriously hard work and is a dream that is, for most, very difficult to achieve. In regard to quality of life, it will mean many late nights, often away from home and your loved ones. The occupation of after dinner speaker is not nearly as glamorous as some would imagine. It can be an extremely tiring and demanding occupation with variable rewards.

If, all that said, you are still interested in how to give an effective, entertaining after dinner speech, perhaps as a one-off or hobby, what follows are my best, top tips:

I begin by offering some reassurance – most audiences make allowances for a courageous amateur doing his or her best to entertain them. They often hold a better them than me attitude.

A survey carried out in America showed that more people fear public speaking than death. Which, I guess means, that at a funeral, Americans would rather be the individual lying in the coffin than the poor soul providing the eulogy to the mourners!

Some, attempting to perform as an effective after dinner speaker, fail because they dont work hard enough at being funny. Being funny is seriously hard work and not that funny.

After dinner speaking is no different to any other skilled profession. The fortunate few funny folk having all the lucky breaks is nonsense. Luck plays little part in whether or not you are likely to succeed as an after dinner speaker.

It was Gary Player who said, The more I practise the luckier I get. This is as relevant to after dinner speaking as it is in golf. However the best, professional, after dinner speakers work on the principal that practise in itself is not sufficient, as many a frustrated, addicted golfer will also testify.

Preparation is an essential ingredient in successful, after dinner speaking. There is a saying failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Learn about your audience before you start, and never forget that preparation, before presenting, is paramount.

At the research stage, you will need to know exactly who makes up the audience. For example, if you are told the diners will be made up from members of a particular profession, ask the organiser where the audience stand in that organisation. Are they managers or machine operators? Such information will help you fine tune your after dinner speech and make it totally relevant to the audiences every day reality.

It is not sufficient to know that all of the audience have an interest in golf. You need to dig deeper. Are they all members of a particular club? Do they have a rival team whom you might poke fun at? Are there any characters in the club who most members would recognise if an after dinner speaker were to describe and exaggerate their most noticeable characteristics?

This brings me to an important point in the art of successful after dinner speech giving.

Quality, after dinner speakers do not tell jokes. Quick-witted one-liners are still in fashion on the after dinner speaker circuit, whereas jokes are not. The these three golfers were approaching the 18th hole type stories will create a chorus of cringes, as many inexperienced after dinner speakers have found, unfortunately, too late to save their delicate feelings.

If an audience of diners have a strong interest in a particular subject the chances are they will have heard each and every joke you have placed in your repertoire a dozen times before. Hopeful you now better understand why I say being a successful after dinner speaker is such hard work. It is not a case of putting an act together and then repeating the speech night after night to different audiences.

For a professional after dinner speaker, what a particular audience of diners consider funny, fluctuates with the years, and is generally accepted as being a subjective and fashionable test. By better understanding who your audience are, as apposed to what they have in common, means you are much more likely to provide an entertaining after dinner speech that will be remembered with affection by the diners, and event organisers for years to come.

The fact that an audience of diners have a common interest in golf will, for a professional after dinner speaker, only act as a theme that weaves its way through their after dinner speech.

Basing your whole after dinner speech on golf jokes is preparing to fail. A quality after dinner speech is a subtle observation of the real life of the audience of diners, delivered humorously by the after dinner speaker.

Superior after dinner speech humour is so much subtler than simply reciting one joke after another. If you happen to be an after dinner speaker who tells joke after boring joke during your speeches, I make no apology if I have offended you by writing so. I never apologise. Sorry, thats just the way I am.

And, if having read the last few sentences, you are still have a problem understanding what it is I am saying, it may be you are without all hope.

Quality after dinner speaking has much to do with a skilful observation of real life. The words used to describe a situation require vocal expression, comic timing, character exaggeration, and carefully placed pauses that are so full of meaning. Frank Carsons catch phrase Its the way I tell em is the essence of what makes good, after dinner speaking.

For the diners doing the laughing, and for that matter the after dinner speaker too, humour is an escape from their everyday reality. Top after dinner speakers befriend an audience and quickly build a rapport with the diners. As the average after dinner speech provided by a professional after dinner speaker lasts between 20 to 30 minutes, speed in building rapport is an essential requirement in successful after dinner speaking.

To help build rapport, an after dinner speaker will often playfully laugh at themselves. To do so, the after dinner speaker needs to become a philosophical spectator of his or her own life in relation to those they have around them. Effective after dinner speaking is about showing an understanding of what makes people tick and then making witty observations to entertain and amuse the diners.

When next listening to a proficient after dinner speaker notice that many of the topics included in the after dinner speech revolve around problems the after dinner speaker encounters in his or her day-to-day reality.

Top after dinner speakers know there is little difference in people. By making fun of their own problems the after dinner speaker develops an empathy with the diners mainly because the diners have very similar problems to that of the after dinner speaker.

The after dinner speaker is, by helping the diners to come to terms with their own problems, helping them through a difficult dilemma they would, under normal circumstances, prefer not to think about. Following a good meal, and with the well-known therapeutic effect of a moderate amount of alcohol, diners are primed and ready for the light-hearted entertainment a professional, after dinner speaker always provides.

Top after dinner speakers are constantly striving for perfection by reworking their best material. They may be at the top of their profession but they never stop asking the question How can I make this after dinner story better? Theirs is a quest for perfection that never comes. Most of the best after dinner speakers are their own worst critic. Depressingly so!

The best after dinner speakers are striving to be ever funnier. For them, providing the best ever after dinner speech, is a lifelong apprenticeship that few have the resolve to complete. If you are giving your first ever after dinner speech, rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse. If possible, try your material out with friends or relatives whom you trust will provide honest, constructive feedback. And if they say you need more jokes in your speech, dont listen to them!

When an after dinner speaker is working on improving his or her after dinner speech material, they will often work on a simplistic definition of the psychology of humour. Mine is – the study of wit in relation to the workings of the human mind and prediction of people behaviour.

To make an after dinner speech humorous, the diners must first predict some outcome, and then be humoured with a punch line that nudges them off their expected route.

To do this, an after dinner speaker must be a great story teller and be aware that in telling the story the majority of diners listening to the talk will be travelling down a particular path, guided by the speaker, only to be nudged from the predicated route. It is this nudge that makes the story humorous. An unexpected outcome can turn a tedious tale into a funny story.

When you next have the opportunity to enjoy a professional, after dinner speaker, be much more analytical about what it is they are saying, and then analyse why what they are saying, appeals to your sense of humour.

By way of example, I consider Woody Allen to be one of the best, humorous storytellers around. Here is a short extract from one of his routines and I would like you to take a few minutes out to analyse. Look particularly at the construction of the story taking into consideration the likes of rapport building, etc, I described earlier:

When I was little boy, I wanted a dog desperately, and we had no money. I was a tiny kid, and my parents couldn’t get me a dog, ’cause we just didn’t have the money, so they got me, instead of a dog – they told me it was a dog – they got me an ant. And I didn’t know any better, y’know, I thought it was a dog, I was a dumb kid. Called it ‘Spot’. I trained it, y’know. Coming home late one night, Sheldon Finklestein tried to bully me. Spot was with me. And I said “Kill!”, and Sheldon stepped on my dog.

Now analyse the construction of this short story. Take into account the skilful observation of life Woody Allen uses. Do you believe it possible that maybe he was bullied at school and, at some low point in his childhood, discovered humour made his life a little more bearable by effectively dealing with such obnoxious, bullying characters?

To best understand the quality of Woody Allen as a storyteller you need to appreciate his masterful style of delivery. Otherwise the quote from Woody I have provided above is merely a skeleton that lacks life and flesh.

Woody Allens genius as a humorous speaker comes from his vocal expression and it is that which puts flesh onto the skeleton of a story. It is his superb comic timing, character exaggeration, and carefully placed pauses that then breathe life into his amusing tale.

If you need to better understand the importance of the ingredients I have described in giving a polished after dinner speech, seek out video clips of Woody Allen and, or a top, professional, after dinner speaker and you should appreciate why I have included them.

For now, take the full stops is Woodys story as being the pauses I described earlier. Does he build empathy by describing a situation that was similar to a problem you may once have had? It is my belief that most people have been bullied at sometime in their life. The fact that the memory of such can still cause pain may be one of the main reasons people would prefer not to speak of such events to others. It is their secret a skilled after dinner speaker has somehow touched upon. The diner can empathise with the speaker and rapport is established.

Ask yourself this:

Was money tight when you were a child? (Rapport)

Is Woody Allen a philosophical spectator of his own life in relation to those around him? (Rapport)

What relationship does Woody with the other characters in the story?

Read through the story again and then consider – does Woody appear to be laughing at himself?

Is Woody appearing to make fun of his own problems encountered whilst child?

As with Woody Allen, during an after dinner speech the speaker becomes a story teller describing the practically enacted theory of the absurdities so often found in human relationships and this is usually related to a twist in the story that makes the tale humorous for the diners.

The twist takes the story away from the norm (the predicted path), and makes it funny. Woodys dog becomes an ant. As the story unfolds Woody creates a movie in your mind. He becomes a storyteller. You are there with him as Finklestein (did you picture Frankenstein) tries to bully him and Spot (his pet ant) is instructed to Kill!

Entertaining, after dinner speakers have the ability to have fun with literal meanings. It is said they can see the funny side of most things. They can, but only when they set the mind to the task. After dinner speakers are performers, providing humorous twists. And, at the end of the day –

(pause) its midnight. (the twist)

If you wish to make an impact as an after dinner speaker take a topic that has a literal meaning somehow connected to the diners and think of alternative meanings to make it humorous.

By way of example at an after dinner event where the diners are made up of people connected to the retail industry and, having probed deeper with the event organiser, you may have established that a large part of the audience will be shop owners, you therefore might include:

I said to the guy next door I was on my way to the shops and your dog went for me!

Now think of alternate meaning to your dog went for me i.e. the dog attempted to bite him:

and he replied – thats impressive; it never went to the shops for me before!

The listener is nudged from the predicted path making the story humorous and, indirectly relevant to those in the audience who are the shop owners.

I would now like to offer you important advice on the type of material you should not use whilst giving an after dinner speech.

Be extremely careful about using any material that could cause offence to any of the diners. Experienced, successful, professional after dinner speakers are usually very skilled at judging how controversial they can be on topics such as sex, politics, race or religion. If you are new to after dinner speaking, take my advice and avoid all four topics during your speech.

I mentioned earlier that an average after dinner speech, delivered by a professional after dinner speaker, lasts around 20 to 30 minutes. 10 to 15 minutes is sufficient if you are inexperienced at public speaking. Dont mistake smiles or polite laughter as in invitation to go on and on and on and on. Your aim should be to leave the diners wanting more, yet appreciative of the entertainment you have already skilfully provided.

One of the biggest mistakes made by inexperienced, after dinner speakers is their perceived need to read verbatim from copious quantities of notes scribbled on A4 sheets of paper that become totally illegible in the candle light available during your speech.

If you feel it is absolutely necessary to have an aid to memory, acquire something as small as an index card and use the odd word or two, printed in large letters, to jog your memory. Do not read verbatim. Heres why:

And so to my final tip, purposefully left until last because I consider it to be the most important. It is this – when giving a successful after dinner speech Stop Trying Too Hard!

I understand this initially seem to contradict all I have written about after dinner speaking and the giving of a great speech, but please hear me out.

You have completed the required research, you have prepared and practised your piece and now, as you deliver your masterpiece to an appreciated audience of after dinner diners, I want you to imagine yourself speaking informally, to a small group of close friends and family. People with whom you normally feel totally comfortable and at ease.

You have my word that if on the day, you stop trying too hard, your confidence will grow, you will appear much more relaxed, and, it turn, the diners will be much more at ease and in better positioned to enjoy and appreciate your short masterpiece the after dinner speech.

Have a great evening.

Manufacturing Process Of Zippers

Evolution of Zippers:

Zipper is the brain child of Mr. Whitcomb Judson. It was introduced in 1893 at the Chicago World’s Fairthen with the name ‘Clasp Locker’. Gideon Sundback, an electrical engineer, who was hired to work for the Company designed the modern zipper in 1913. This zip had ten or eleven fastening elements (old one had only four) for an inch, two facing tows of teeth that can be pulled into one piece by the slider and increased opening for the teeth. The infamous zip came into existence, when B. F. Goodrich Company, wanted to use it for their new product boots. They renamed it as zipper which is in practice till today. It took twenty long years for the fashion industry to get convinced and accept zippers as a part of the garment.

Initially, during 1930s zippers were featured in childrens clothing complementing them for helping children to dress up quickly and by themselves. Zippers came into limelight in 1937 through the French fashion designers who used them on mens trousers. Esquire magazine described the zippers as “Newest Tailoring Idea for Men” The next big boost for zippers came when they were used on jackets and could be opened on both ends.

Types of Zippers:

Coil Zippers: This is the most commonly used zipper. They run on two coils on either side. There are two types of coils. One is the spiral coil, with a cord running inside the coil. The second one is in the ladder form called Ruhrmann type and is used mainly in South Asia.

Invisible Zippers: They have their teeth behind the tape whose color matches exactly with the dress color and the slider and so gives an invisible appearance. They are usually coil zippers and are used mainly in skirts and other dresses.

Metallic Zippers: These types of zippers are mainly found in jeans today. They are made of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, zinc, or nickel alloy. Pieces of metal are molded into teeth and are set in a tape at regular intervals. They can be painted in any color to match with the dress.

Plastic molded Zippers: They are similar to metal zippers except the fact that they are made of plastic. They can be easily made in any color of plastic to go with the product. Polyethylene resins and mainly polyacetal resins are used to make plastic zippers.

Open-ended zippers: They are used mostly in jackets and have a box and pin” mechanism to lock the two sides of the zipper into place. They can be any of the above specified types

Closed-ended zippers: This type is used mostly in baggage and is closed at both ends.

Manufacturing Process:

The key elements required for making a zipper is a stringer which consists of a tape and teeth assembly, a slider to open and close the zipper, and a tab to pull the slider. A separating zipper has a box and a pin instead of a bottom stop. The tapes are made either of cotton or polyester or a blend of both.

Making of the Metal Zippers:

The stringer is made by passing a wire through a rolling mill to form a Y shaped wire. This is then cut to make the tooth for the zipper. The tooth is then punched into a scoop with a die and is put in a slot on a rotating turntable. The turntable is rotated to 90 degrees and another tooth is fed into the slot. This tooth is clamped into a cloth tape. In a second method, the wire is passed through a head and pocket punch, to make scoops. A blanking punch cuts the scoops and makes the Y shape. The legs of the scoop are then clamped to a cloth tape. This method proved faster than the previous Sundbacks method. Yet another method is prevalent wherein a chain of teeth in molded and clamped around a cloth. This cloth is injected with molten zinc under pressure. The mold is cooled by the water and shapes the teeth. Residues are finally trimmed.

Making of the Plastic Zippers:

Stringers for plastic zippers are made similar to metal ones. Two methods are prevalent to make plastic zippers. In the first method, a round plastic wire is fed in between two heated screws. One screw rotates clockwise, and the other one counter-clockwise. This rotation forms loops in the wire. A head maker presses the loops into a round knob. It is then cooled. Left and right spirals are made simultaneously from two different machines, so that they match with each other. Under the second method both left and right spirals are made from the same machine. A piece of wire is looped twice between notches on a rotating forming wheel. A pusher and head maker works at the same time to form the notch and the head at a time. This process makes a zipper that is already linked together in a cloth tape. Superior quality of plastic zippers is
Made by weaving them directly into the cloth like weaving.

Quality Testing:

A zipper should meet the textile quality standards. Once manufactured, the zipper is tested for its flatness by passing a gauge set at a certain height. If the gauge touches the zip many times, it means the zipper is defective. It is then tested for its straightness by laying it across a straight edge and is scrutinized for any curving. Zippers are tested with small steel balls to test coating for abrasion. They are also tested for shrinkage. Two marks are made in the tape, and they are measured before and after washing or heating, to check if there is any shrinkage in its length. Normally light weight zippers will have one to four percent shrinkage and heavy weight zippers will not have any.

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Shelving the elevated and insensitive tinge in the women’s fashion attires, even the glamorous outfit is undergoing reform, to a fragile and flimsy pattern during the current year. Malleable and bubbling styles united with active and sporty look this years casual wear trend, making all and huge difference in women fashion trends with heavy and intense patterns as well as prints. Bold, outrageous and extreme fashions are also there but all with an excellent and fine blend of fragility and delicacy. Most popular colors this season are blues, neutral shades, browns, chrome yellow, pinks as well as neon green.

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Mahesh Dattani has presented the bizarre reality of the woman playing second fiddle to man.This play opens with Chandan changed into Dan in order to absolve himself from the guilt of killing his sister.He has to bear the brunt of his grandfather`s and mother`s cruelty .He considers himself responsible for his sister`s death. In this play Dattani plays with the idea of female infanticide that is prevalent among the Gujratis and also suggests Patel`s hegemonic patriarchy when he insists that proper division in the gender roles be made Tara gives us a glimpse into the modern society which claims to be liberal and advanced in its thought and action. In a society which claims that its mothers are educated today and have `Devis ` like Durga, Kali, Saraswati , Lakshmi etc whom not only women but men also pay obeisance , differentiate between a male child and a female child.All the propagandas of equality between male and female , equal opportunities to women in all the fields are belied..Dattani`s deep preoccupation with gender issues leads to the emergence of the idea of the twin side to one`s self -quite literally embodied in one body and the separation that follows Mahesh Dattani mentioned in one of his interviews with Lakshmi Subramanyam : “I see Tara as a play about the male self and female self.The male self is being preferred in all cultures .The play is about the separation of self and the resultant angst“[p-134]1

.Erin Mee writes in the note of the play,

“Tara centres on the emotional separation that grows between two conjoined twins following the discovery that their physical separation was manipulated by their mother and grandfather to favour the boy[ Chandan] over the girl [ Tara] .Tara , a feisty girl who isn`t given the opportunities given to her brother [although she may be smarter ] eventually wastes away and dies. Chandan escapes to London , changes his name to Dan , and attempts to repress the guilt he feels over his sister`s death by living without a personal history .Woven into the play are issues of class and community , and the clash between traditional and modern lifestyles and values.“ CP [p-319]2

Patel and Bharati are educted parents but they created new discriminations. Bharati`s father, a resourceful person , is also considered to be one of the factors in this mishap. If Bharati had been led astray by her father`s high handed decision , why didn`t Patel put his foot down and stand against their decision?Father should be strong enough to fight this discrimination.The relationship of Bharati and Tara , mother and daughter is subordinated to her subjugation to the expectations of the society .She has no free will and her compassion for Tara , proves weak in her preference for her son Chandan. She plans for the surgery for the separation of the children and determines to offer her kidney to give a new lease of life to Tara .When Chandan enquires her if she has any plans for Tara , Bharati says,

“Yes, I plans for her happiness .I mean to give her all love and affection which I can give .Its what she deserves have can make up for lot[ CP p-349]“3

Bharati is quite much fearful about the future of her daughter,

“It`s all right while she is young .It`s all very cute and comfortable when she makes witty remarks .But let her grow up .Yes ,Chandan the world will tolerate you. The world will accept you- but not her! Oh! The pair is going to feel when she sees herself at eighteen or twenty .Thirty is unthinkable and what about forty and fifty! Oh, God ! [ CP p-349]4

Bharati tries to shed her burden of guilt by showing maternal love and concern for her daughter and to assert her moral superiority over her husbandShe also tries to expatiate by the act of donating kidney to her daughter which was ultimately futile.Dattani establishes that mother and daughter relationship is ultimately subordinated to the directives of patriarchy .All cultures and all countries by establishing values , roles , gender perception and prescribe unequal means to achieve.Dr. Thakkar occupies the one on the highest level throughout the play.Tara and Chandan are conjoined, Siamese twins who must be separated to survive. The dichotomy between the twin `gendered` selves is recognized , and a physical separation is made through surgery “ Like we`ve always been.Inseperable .The way we started in life.Two lives and one body in one comfortable womb .Till we were forced out—- And separated“ [ CP p-325]5

The problem begin when it is recognized that it has been unequal , unfair operation , with the mother , Bharati, her father and the surgeon collaborating to afford the male with better chances , physically -the second leg.Dr. Thakkar , the god -like `life giver ` is aware that the third leg would adhere better to the female half , and yet becomes party to the decision..Dan tries to define his other half, the feisty Tara “ She never got a fair deal .Not even from nature.Neither of us did .May be God never wanted us separated .Destiny desires strange things—–But even God does not always get what he wants.Conflict is the crux of life“`[ CP p-330]6

Mr. Patel , an emblem of male chauvinism , maintains his absolute authority in the decision making about the family Bharati is a pathetic victim of patriarchy .She was exceptionally conscious for her safety for Tara , not for the sake of Tara but for her own sake.It was irony of fate that Chandan and Tara were entwined in such a way that their separation was impossible .Chandan enjoyed greater preference and Tara was left to enjoy the position of a subaltern. The effort to separate them through surgery left Tara cripple for life. The suffering of Tara and Chandan is a symbolic justification to the perception that the grace of the relationship exist not in their separateness but in their moving in a coordination or interdependence.The famous theatre director Erin Mee writes“

Dattani sees Tara as a play about the gendered self, about coming to terms with the feminine side of oneself in a world that always favours what is `male` , but many people in India see it as a play about the girl child.“ [ CP-p-320]7

Tara was more enthusiastic and full of jest and spark of life .She had high aspirations which she could not accomplish because of her handicapped state while the boy was comfortably ensconced and had come to terms with his handicapped life,Why was then Tara denied the privilege of the good leg. Why? Is it because she was a girl ? Is being a girl in the society a curse. Why so much partiality and differentiation done to women in the country which has rich heritage and where women are otherwise placed on the pedestral Dr. Thakkar belied his godly profession and led himself to be bribed by Bharati`s father into becoming an accomplice in the bizarre act of severing the leg. He should have upheld his profession by denouncing the decision at his inception whereas he in a way took Tara`s life by severing the leg. His wise decision could have given Tara a safe, secured and complete life.Patel , meanwhile seems much beleaguered “Yes, call me a liar, a wife beater, a child abuser.It`s what you want me to be! And you .You want them to believe you love them very much “ [ CP p-354]8

Again he tells Tara , “ Tara , please believe me when I say that I love you very much and I have never in all my life loved you less or more than I have loved your brother.But your mother—-“ [ CP-p-354]9

This is why the play generates a death like response from Tara when she learns the truth, she was discriminated against , because of her gender, but not by her father- it was Bharart`s decision that deprived her of what she wanted more than anything else in the world- a second leg.Bharati`s father further strengthened his indulgence for male grand child by leaving his property after his demise to Chandan and not a single penny to Tara. Chandan and Tara`s maternal grandfather was a wealthy man. He was in politics and came very close to becoming the Chief Minister.His will is a testament of the kind of treatment that is meted out to girls in Indian society.Mr. Patel and Chandan are talking,

“PATEL. He [ grandfather] left you a lot of money. CHANDAN . And Tara? PATEL . Nothing CHANDAN. Why? PATEL It was his money.He could do what he wanted with it.[CP p-360]10

Patel`s attitude has also been negative. He belames his wife and father-in-law for the damage done cannot be denied. The fact that male is always given the greater chance is obvious from Patel`s planning for Chandan`s education and future career.No consideration whatsoever for her feelings! Tara is the victim of this collective social system.Her father, Mr. Patel , is not much different from his wife , though Bharati is guilty of a more serious crime against Tara. He continuously and doggedly favours Chandan when it comes to giving him higher education abroad. , and a career.

“PATEL .You are turning them against the whole world. BHARATI I am doing that. PATEL . Yes ! Look at the way you treat Tara .As if she is made of glass. You coddle her , you pet her, you sdpoil her, She`s grown up feeling she doesn`t need anyone but you.! BHARATI. What d`you want me to do? Just tell me in plain simple words what you want me to do and i`ll do it! PATEL. Let go. Just let go.And let me handle them. BHARATI. All right .You stay at home then ! You stay at home and watch what they can do and what they can`t .You remind them of what they can`t be. It`s easy for you to talk about their future and your plans.But tell them what they should do now .This day , this hour , this minute .Tell them ! I want to hear.! PATEL. Chandan is going to study further and he will go abroad for his higher studies. BHARATI. And Tara? PATEL. When have you ever allowed me to make any plans for her? [ CP p-352]11

But Tara could have made her defiency , her strength and fight the society to etch a place of her own.Tara is discoraged openly, notwithstanding her feelings in the matter , even though she is more intelligent , sharp and witty and would perform well if given ooportunities in life. Economic and cultural factors have been responsible for the antipathy against and inferiorization of the girl child .All these factors combine to create the social system in which the girl child has to live and die.Tara is killed by social system , which controls the minds and actions of the people.The trauma of coming to know the role her mother had played in her life , and the discrimination become too much for her. And why is she killed? Tara is not wanted. Girls are not wanted.

“TARA. Oh! What a waste! A waste of money .What spend all the money to keep me alive?It cannot matter whether I live or die. There are thousands of poor sick people on the roads who could be given care and attention , and I think I know what I will make of myself.I will be a crer for those people .I —- I will spend the rest of my life feeding and clothing those. —-starving naked millions everywhere is talking about.May be I can start an institution that will —- do all that.Or I could join Mother Teresa and sacrifice muself to a great cause.That may give— purpose to my —existence .I can do it .I can do it , can`t I ?I will be very happy if I could , because that is really what I want .That really —[with emotion].Oh! , bullshirt! I don`t care .I don`t care for anyone except mummy! [ CP- p-370]12

The above statement shows that Tara is not deterred by the injustice done to her by her parents but she presents herself as an empowered lady to face all the hurdles.She also shows her sympathy towards the downtrodden.She was bubbly and energetic girl who had all the qualities of a normal girl. If she had been given moral support by her parents .She might have shone like a star as her name signifies. Her life was a burden on this earth .This made her lose interest in life altogether .Further she refuses to go to physiotherapy or fill forms for college.

TARA.. How do you expect me to feel anything for anyone if they don`t give me any feeling to begin with? Why is it wrong for me to be without feeling? Why are you asking me to do something that nobody has done for me?[ CP p-371]`13`

Tara was a bright and shinning star which was a source of cheerfulness and happiness of the family.A complete life could have done wonders and she would have scored the limits which her brother Chandan couldn`t have.Tara`s potentiality was sacrificed on the alter of gender. Identity crisis becomes a chain with which a female is fettered when the question of choice between male and female arises.

“ TARA The hospital staff. At the reception , they asked me who I wanted to see. I told them. They asked me to wait .One of the nurses passing by recognized me .She drew the receptionist aside and spoke to her in a low voice .She thought I couldn`t hear what she was saying .But I heard ! She told her that she had received strict instructions from our father that I shouldn`t on any account be allowed to see mummy on my own .[Pause] Now tell me i`m imagining things .Tell me that he doesn`t hate me! [ CP p-373]14

It is noteworthy that discrimination against Tara continues even after her death.Chandan , who was always interested in writing , and who has come to England for higher studies , has transferred into Dan .He turns the story he writes into his own tragedy. Dan apologises to Tara for doing this “Forgive me , Tara .Forgive me for making it my tragedy.“`[ CP p-380]15

In the end I can say that Mahesh Dattani has very deftly revealed the theme of gender discrimination in this play.

NOTES AND REFERENCES 1-Subramanyam,Lakshmi[ed]. ,Muffled Voices: Women in Modern Indian Theatre, New Delhi,Shakti , 2002, p-134 2-Mee, Erin, A Note in the Play ,Collected Plays, Mahesh Dattani, Penguin Books, New Delhi, p-319 3-Dattani, Mahesh, Collected Plays, Penguin, New Delhi, p-349 4- ibid p-349 5-ibid p-325 6-ibid p-330 7- Mee, Erin, A Note in the Play, Collected Plays, Mahesh Dattani, Penguin, New Delhi p-320 8-Dattani, Mahesh-Collected Plays, Penguin Books, New Delhi, p-354 9-ibid -p-354 10-ibid p-360 11-ibid p-352 12- ibid p-370 13 – ibid p-371 14 -ibid p-373 15-ibid p-380

Wrist Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

Sanskrit is an ancient language dated to 1500 BC. While not actually dead, it has been reserved for religious use for many centuries. However, this language has lately seen renewed interest in the form of Sanskrit tattoo designs. Sanskrit tattoos are very flexible and can be found anywhere on the body. The wrist, biceps, shoulders and lower back are some of the most popular places to find these beautiful tattoo images.

Are Sanskrit tattoo designs a recent Western phenomenon, or did the ancient Indians already have such tattoos? On the surface, it seems unlikely because Hinduism bans tattoos – much the same case as any other major religion, actually. But we also know that many other ancient cultures also made tattoos taboo – but they still infiltrated those societies. The Greeks, Romans, Japanese and Chinese come to mind. In addition, henna temporary tattoos have been a part of life in India and the Middle East for many centuries, often used by women during celebrations.

Surveys done in the US suggest that 17% of the population have a tattoo. Obviously, this number would be bigger among the younger generation. While you still wouldn’t expect a banker or lawyer to have a tattoo, you can’t really tell what he has hidden under that suit, can you?

How Tattoos Become Popular

There are several reasons why tattoos have become popular. In the past, the tattooing process was not very hygienic and often took place in a disreputable looking dive. One look at the stained needles and chain-smoking bearded tattoo johnny and most prospective customers run away. Now you have clean-cut tattoo artists in brightly lit studios doing the job. When you step in, you will see autoclaves and other gleaming pieces of technology for sterilizing the tattoo equipment. The artist appears thoroughly professional and uses new needles for each customer. The experience of getting a tattoo becomes indistinguishable from that of getting a hair cut or beauty makeover.

The internet is another big reason. It lets people find out anything. People can find out about the actual tattooing process and are no longer subject to fear, uncertainty and doubt. They can make up their minds beforehand, whether or not a tattoo is right for them, what kind of tattoo to get – Sanskrit tattoos, Celtic crosses, tribal tattoos, etc.

As always, whenever something in society changes, Hollywood plays a part. People see movie stars with tastefully done tattoos and the perception starts changing. No longer are tattoos inextricably linked to punks and gangsters. Certainly not when the newspapers feature superstar Angelina Jolie on their front page saving yet another orphan child and showing off her tattoos. Other Hollywood stars with tattoos are Jessica Alba with a Sanskrit lotus flower tattoo on her wrist and Gillian Anderson with a Sanskrit word tattoo saying “everyday”.

Wrist Tattoos In Sanskrit

In general, wrist tattoos don’t give you much room to work. Space is a bit limited – you can only have a tattoo on top, on the inside or encircling your wrist.

For a tattoo going around your whole wrist, the best Sanskrit tattoo designs choose a single symbol and repeat it. Sanskrit symbols are really good for this – most of them have a bar on top and are curved below. That means you can link up all the bars into a slim armband or permanent bracelet.

For the top of your wrist or the inside of your wrist, an Om symbol looks good. Sanskrit is actually a spoken language, so it has several different writing systems. In most of these writing systems, Om looks pretty darn cool – and it is a powerful mystic symbol as well. Om is one of the sounds which created the universe, and the written symbol for Om also represents the Hindu God Wisdom and Success, Ganesha.

Another popular alternative to Om is the Sanskrit lotus flower, Padma. This is a brightly colored symbolic image that looks like a Mandala. Padma represents both death and rebirth as well as rising up above the madding crowd.

You have many different choices of Sanskrit tattoo designs for your wrist. What you pick is a reflection of your spirit and sense of fashion.

Robin OBrien

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Kids Wear – Boys & Girls Kids Fashion Wear

In this modern world, Men and Women both are fashion conscious now and know the importance of designer wears. Same way Children also are not far behind the trend. They also would love to wear fashionable kid wear designed by expert fashion designers who knows the type of children clothing would be the best suit as per events, weather and individual child. Children wear may include jackets, striped sweaters, T-shirts, shirts, skirts in different colour shades. They are specifically designed to fulfill the practical needs of children. They include a varied range of clothes for children to suit their tastes and styles. Kids apparels and related accessories such as foot wears, gift items etc. are in huge demand too. Children and kids section have become a big market these days. One can purchase children clothes from kids wear shop near to your home or online kids fashion wear shop.

One has to keep in mind certain things on purchasing the kids dresses either boys clothing or girls clothing from online kids wear shop that the site must be legal, verify the statement of previous buyers and about their experience of online purchase from that site. You have only the photographs and feature instead of real material so you need to check the trust worthiness of the site before purchasing the kids wear because you cannot compromise with the things for your child. Also need to check payment mode and there should not be any hidden charges along with the refund policy if you dislike the material or not as per the description given on site. Size, shape, quality and style of kids wear must match with the features given on site for particular kids clothing. There must be quality assurance from online kids wear shop for the children dress and free look in period during which customer can return the children wear if not as per the mark given on the site.

Kids wear has a lot of variety which includes tops, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, rompers, graceful dresses, night suits etc Depending upon your needs and budget you can decide what to buy for your kid. A lot of stock is manufactured according to the season like summer wear or winter wear. You can make your choice based on the season as well. Kids usually do not have a mind of their own. Their choice depends on something they have seen on television or may be some other kid around in the neighborhood. You can try to involve your kid in the decision while buying clothes so as to inculcate the idea of making choice in them. Shopping with kids and for kids is a wonderful experience. You can cherish the memories associated with it throughout your life.

Magnet Use In Everyday Life

Magnets are quickly being used as a way to add accessories to your look or wardrobe. They are being used to create looks as in fashion nails and to maintain the impression of a look as in magnetic earrings that appear to be earrings for pierced ears. Magnets are even being used for more useful purposes such as working as closures for clothing especially kids clothing, making it easier for them to participate in dressing themselves at a younger age. All in all magnets are in fashion and so are the looks they are making possible for the many that use them.

For those who love the look of highly decorated nails, but want to save on the expense of going to a nail salon to get those decorative nails, there’s a new product called magnetic nail polish. This product is easy to use. Simply apply a couple of coats of the metallic nail polish and then hold the magnet over the nail while it dries, interesting designs formulate on the nail. Get that salon look with a much smaller investment and change the look easily. With all the other metallic nail polishes on the market, you can always sport a new and exciting look.

Magnets can be used at salons in conjunction with the new gel polishes that last up to three weeks with no chipping or peeling. A gel polish with magnetized elements can be used to create unique designs when a magnet is held over the nail before the polish dries creating eye-catching undulations or movements. The same designs can be created with other magnetized nail polishes.

Earrings have traditionally been either clip-on or pierced. The clip-on styles were clunky to hide the clip and the pierced required a hole be drilled in your ear to secure them. Today, if someone wants the look of pierced ears they can simply put on magnetized earrings. This is a great option for women and men who want that look. Because ears or noses dont have to be pierced, just remove them and go on with your life, no holes needed. Change them readily as more and more magnetic earrings are being created daily. The styles range from studs to hoops, so if theres a look youve wanted to wear, it exists in the form of magnetic earrings.

If you dress a young child or senior, you may be happy to learn theres an option to struggling to keep them still while you button their clothing, magnets. Yes, magnets can be used as closures rather than buttons. Simply buy sewn in miniature magnets and attach them on the back of the overlapping layer of clothing and on the top of the underlying layer. Make sure the magnets are lined up so that the opposite magnets can attract and keep the clothing closed properly. Use this technique for infant clothing too. Dont use magnets if a pacemaker is used by the wearer and use it on clothing you send primarily to the cleaner to safe guard the magnetic properties of the magnets.

Use magnets to beautify and simplify your life. Magnets can add interest to nail dcor, give the pierced look to ears and noses and secure clothing. Check in tomorrow, maybe well find yet another use for magnets that changes the way we dress or accessorize our world.

Understanding the Importance of Eyeglasses

Corrective eyeglasses are as important as the eyes themselves. There are a lot of factors that greatly affect the visual comfort and clarity on people, especially children. For parents, choosing the right eyeglasses for their kids should be done carefully considering both the comfort and the effectiveness.

It is a common neglect among eyeglasses wearers in Indianapolis that proper maintenance of eyeglasses is as big as a deal of looking for the perfect eyewear. An eyewear that is damaged with smears and scratches could affect the clarity of vision and can pose risks to health and safety. Its not important whether the eyewear is the most expensive or the least; what matters most is the benefit it gives.

Wearing eyeglasses does not really change the eyes. However, they distort light rays making things easier to be seen. A child who has been wearing eyeglasses may need to replace them as he or she grows up, depending on the treatment and improvement given. In Indianapolis, wearing the right eyeglasses is just as good as having your own good eyes.

Child trying on eyeglasses
Download Child trying on eyeglasses from (c)

There are still a lot of people nowadays who do not want to wear eyeglasses even if there is already a necessity. The fear of humiliation and bullying especially among children triggers this reaction. But, fashion experts had come to the idea of innovating eyeglasses designs from the conventional nerd-type style to what is now commonly known as designer eyewear. Designer Indianapolis eyeglasses are already becoming a fashion statement and had now been boosting the confidence of the wearer instead. With the aesthetic quality of designer eyewear, even people who do not really need eyeglasses wear them as part of the attire.

Optometrists and opticians prescribe eyeglasses to correct vision, not to harm the eyes. Indianapolis eyeglasses should be worn when they should, because the only time that an eyewear could be harmful is when you are not wearing it. However, a regular check-up at least twice a year could help you ensure and monitor your eye condition.

Indianapolis eyeglasses, especially corrective eyeglasses, are prescribed and manufactured by eye experts because they are needed. Choosing the right Indianapolis eyeglasses needs an in-depth consideration on the size of the persons face and color of the skin, hair, and eyes. If the eyewear style isnt right, its comfort and benefit wouldnt be maximized.

Dress up your kids in fashionable clothing and fashion easily

We’ve all been there. Anxiously checking the stores, trying to find fashionable clothes which our kids would actually wear. The worst thing you want, would be to spend many hundreds of dollars on clothing for them to be stuffed in to the back of the dresser never to be seen again. It usually is aggravating continuing to keep up, and naturally, you desire your kids to generally be dressed up nice, rather than look like a scruff.

A different concern, is children’s clothes go out of style so easily or wear out quickly. So you don’t wish to be purchasing clothes that need replaced all the time. The best bet is to look for brands who produce top quality children’s fashion but without the high cost range. There are plenty available on the market, it’s just discovering them.

Here we present you with some tips to finding suitable clothes for your kids without going over your financial allowance. What’s even better, they ought to last you a life-time and can even be passed on to the younger generation to use. Often a good idea when you have multiple children.

Tip 1: Use the internet to its whole potential.
A search engine will be your friend and finding the right clothing can be made easier by making use of better search phrases. For instance: If you ever just searched for “kids clothes”, you are going to possibly find numerous results from almost every brand imaginable and many types of costs. Try widening your search to include other keywords, such as: “discounted designer kids clothing” or “brand name newborn young girls clothes”. With this you’ll decrease the results given, and you’ll have a far better possibility of finding what you want. You can even make it happen in Google Shopping, which shows thousands of products from online vendors within the one place.

Tip 2: Ask your kids.
By asking your children what brands they like, it ought to make it much simpler for you when searching on line for possible purchases. You recognize your self how picky children are when it comes to their own sense of style. So by questioning them, you’re removing a substantial part of your search. If it’s Levi they’re after, make sure you add “Levi” to your keyword phrase.

Tip 3: Take a look at what your children’s pals are wearing.
Even though most children like to have their own personal style, it’s crucial that you understand that it’s not unique. In general they’ll wear the exact same brands, styles and/or colors as the pals but with subtle differences. If your kid is a touch more mature and loves spending time outside with their friends, keep an eye on what they’re all wearing. Unquestionably they’ll arrive at the doorway here and there to ask them over to play, so keep your thinking cap on and let them know they appear nice and exactly where did you get that? It’s an excellent conversation starter, and in addition they may indulge a handful of buying tricks.
You can forget about squandered time returning clothing or putting them right into a charity shop a couple of months after you paid for them.