How To Persuade People To Get What You Want

One powerful tool that you can use in your toolkit of persuasion and influence is the embedded command. An embedded command is likely the most popular, easiest to learn, hardest to detect (and therefore one of the most powerful) ways to influence others.

They do take some time to learn, but once you have them down, you’ll notice that you are using them in your everyday speech. When you combine an unconscious skill of embedded commands with a strong win/win intention or outcome, you can be a powerfully unstoppable and charismatic force.

It’s no secret that most people would rather rally around a strong, charismatic leader than step up the plate themselves. Humans are designed to follow on leader for every group of people. Many studies of psychology and sociology have been done that illustrate this simple point. If you’ve every been in a business meeting, you know that most people would happily submit to a powerful, authoritative leader than take responsibility for themselves.

When you develop the use of embedded commands, you will be tapping into peoples deep evolutionarily based need to follow directions, and become incredibly influential. And the great thing is that they are very simple to use and apply.

First, take a short sentence, which is in the imperative form. A short command. Some examples.

Eat sushi. Drink CC Lemon. Watch Television Add water. Buy my product. The structure is the first word is a verb in its basic present tense form. Then you have two or three words after it, that go along with the verb.

Next, you need to say them with the right tonality. Pretend you have your own personal robot. They will do everything you ask, and their feelings won’t get hurt. Say each of the above sentences with a slight downward tonality.

Ok? Ok. Next, take the above small snippets of speech, and put them into a larger sentence. This is where it gets tricky. You’ll need to say the command part a little bit different from the rest of the sentence. But make sure not to linger too long when you say the command, otherwise the people you are talking to will know that something is up. Pause just a little bit before the command, and a little bit afterwards, and then continue on with your sentence as if nothing happened.

This way, even if the person you are speaking with suspects something is up, by continuing on as if nothing happened, they’ll quickly forget their suspicions. Even if they notice something is up, they likely won’t know exactly what it is (other than maybe, you are talking funny, but this rarely happens.)

For example, let say you want to convince your girlfriend to eat sushi. You could try looking at her like Rasputin, and say EAT SUSHI! But she’ll likely think you are a nutcase. Or you could say something like this:

The other day, I was listening to this doctor on a radio talk show. He was discussing a study about people who eat sushi, and how they are healthier. He says that when you eat sushi, you get lots of good monounsaturated fats, and people that eat sushi on a regular basis tend to live longer. Hey, I’m getting kind of hungry by the way; do you want to get something to eat?

I remember when I was a kid; I went to some amusement park. In the amusement park they had this animal show, where they had a dog and a cat do a bunch of tricks. They had a sort of joke trick, where they would pull a kid out of the audience, and the trainer would tell him to whisper an article of clothing in the dog’s ear, and then he would go and get it.

Every time they kid would whisper women’s underwear, and the dog would come back with a bra, and you could hear a woman scream from backstage. They called me up on stage, and sure enough, I chose to whisper in the dog’s ear a woman’s bra. I thought it was my own choice to choose a woman’s bra, but my brother later explained what was up.

He would describe all the things I could choose, but he always used embedded commands (although at the time I had no idea what they were) when he mentioned to “choose a woman’s bra,” so inevitable, all the kids that went up on stage would choose that. And that was the only thing the dog was trained to go and get from back stage. It was a pretty good way to set up an easy trick.

These are great to use over the phone if you are in sales, or are talking to your girlfriend or boyfriend. They are particularly powerful if you start with a command that is easy to accept, and slowly lead to a more powerful command that you’d like your listener to perform.

For example

Become interested. Get curious. Get excited about this. Want this. Make a decision Get this. Buy this. Do this. Choose now. Be happy. Share with your friends.

Whatever it is you are talking about, if you start slow, and work your way up to a big finish, this can be very powerful. At first you’ll have to think these through before you deliver them, but after a while (with practice) you’ll be able to choose a destination and then automatically give people easy steps to get there by following your commands.

Of course, like any other powerful persuasion techniques, these should be used with caution. The quickest way to make a bad name for yourself is to convince somebody to commit money or emotions to something that isn’t in their best interests. The reasons powerful leaders are so powerful, and that people trust them is because they truly have the people’s interest at heart. You don’t have to look back through history to find reviled, hated and despised dictator that took advantage of their leadership.

When you use these ethically, they can be a lot of fun, and make a lot of people (including yourself) very happy.

Reach Out to Others in Your Christian Clothing

In this postmodern world, Christians have a mission to find the most effective way of creating awareness about their faith in a manner that is less prone to rejection. The question that many have asked is whether Christian clothing can be one such way to share the gospel. It can be a difficult move to start a conversation tailored towards evangelism or to convince a friend to read a Bible verse or even to ask them to accompany you to a church service. These challenges have led Christians to turn to Christian clothing as the best option to approach their evangelism especially when targeting young people.

Christian clothing is usually decorated shirts with Bible verses printed on them to convey a message. It can either be printed on the back of a t-shirt, on the front or both. Christian clothing with a message like -Jesus saves- speaks more than thousands of words. It is not possible to help reading it once printed on your t-shirt, unless you have among illiterate people. Some time back, it was not popular to find people openly wearing Christian clothing in public since they were left for particular occasions.

Most Christian designers have come up with a variety of Christian clothing and items made specifically to bridge the gap. They make Christian clothing and jewelry for all occasions including school uniforms that have a Christian aspect. Christian shirts and t-shirts are designed with a printed image or bible trucks meant to create awareness in the minds of readers about Christian faith. By having this, one is able to share the massage of faith to the unreached as well as to encourage believes.

Sometimes speaking a gospel message may be hindered by several challenges. For example, one may find it hard to start a conversation due to fear. Time and money to travel to share a message can be a challenge but Christian clothing will make it easier. By wearing Christian clothing, you don’t have to speak about your faith, people will just know. The next challenge as a Christian will be to confirm the testimony by portraying the same lifestyle.

Wearing Christian clothing is a great way to share your faith with others. If you want to keep you testimony known, Christian clothing will be good for you. You can also wear Christian clothing as your private reminder for the commitment that you have with Christ.

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Lovely one example smock, Mormor anger can be found in Denmark. They have a series of clothing and many examples for your kids cute clothes. Their hand – knit overalls manufacturing has continued too lovely through, so long as you can find them in stock. We know, they will sell out, like most of the high-end moncler clothes, Mormor anger configuration.Another example brand-name children’s clothing from Mormor wrath is their hand – knit overalls cream and come up. These are hand-made and high – strong, not to mention they are fully by alpaca. They feel feels soft you might expect, know, fly from store shelves.

Change a designer, you still can anybody in New York, Estella appetizing overalls made for your child, and range in materials and design. A very lovely example is the sun’s suits, complete cotton and grid. This is the best speeches, many of them onesies can use, but also can wear on layer or ordinary, depends on the weather. Baby had a jacket and high insulation baby stroller “foot muffs” that are designed for fashionable moncler jackets and very functional for those who are snowy weather. Do you know how many babies can exercise a bomber jacket? No doubt, not how much that can be counted, they are a kind of fashion delicate when you see them in six month-old baby.

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Factors Affecting The Success Of A Wholesale Clothing Business

Wholesale clothing businesses are considered by many business experts as one of the easiest types of wholesaling or distributorship business. This is because a wholesale clothing business doesnt necessarily require the same kind of investment in which many other types of wholesaling businesses are known for.

According to many experienced business men and women, starting a wholesale clothing business can be easily started within ones own home, while using their own spare room or basement as storage and their cars or vans as delivery transports. This is one of the many reasons why many new entrepreneurs have decided to start their own wholesale clothing business.

However, there are several important tips that many business experts would like to share to those planning to start their own wholesale clothing businesses. According to them, starting any kind of business, no matter how simple, can still fail if handed improperly. This is the reason why majority of those starting a wholesale clothing business fails at their first year. So what are the factors which contribute to the failure of a wholesale clothing business?

Factors Affecting the Success of a Wholesale Clothing Business
There are many factors that contribute to the failure of a wholesale clothing business. Some of the most common, according to many business experts, include: Lack of Experience, Lack of Knowledge, and Lack of Passion for the Industry.

Lack of Experience
Experience is the key to any successful businesses. It plays a major role in starting a business and maintaining it. Lack of experience is usually the most common reason why many wholesale clothing businesses fail at their first year.

There are many ways in which individuals can gain the necessary experience in handling a business. One way is working in one. Another is by starting a much smaller business, such as a retail business, which would allow them to learn of how the business goes and what are the usual risks that owners normally encounter in handling a business.

Lack of Knowledge
Before starting a business, one must be as knowledgeable of the business as much as possible, from its day-to-day processes to gathering and meeting clients. Knowledge is a very important part of any businesses, and this is one of the main factors why wholesale clothing businesses fail. Part of the reason is because many entrepreneurs believed that they can easily learn to handle the business once they have started it.

According to many business experts its important to first learn about the business before starting it. Little knowledge can go a long way, but learning about it with passion can go even further.

Lack of Passion for the Industry
Passion is as important as experience is in handling a business. It is passion that gives owners the will to face risks. It is also passion that gives the owner the strength to continue even if the odds are against him and his/her business. And it is passion that allows them to learn what the industry demands.

Because the business is about clothing, it is important for wholesale clothing business owners to learn what fashion is in and what is not. It is through passion for learning about the industry of fashion which would lead a wholesale clothing business to success. For more information visit to our site at

Online Summer Clothes Shopping For Women

Online clothes shopping is very common nowadays because this way of shopping offers great advantages. So if you are planning to buy clothes for for yourself or for your special loved one, shopping from online clothes store is the right step to take. There are many reasons why you should do online clothes shopping.

One major reason to shop clothes online is convenience. Online clothes shopping can be done according to your schedule as online stores are always open. You can start online shopping even at 3 in the morning while sitting comfortably in your room. Many online store offer a huge selection in clothes to choose from, which means you will get more varieties to choose from.

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Comparison shopping is also possible when shopping for clothes online. Just by sitting in front of the computer and making few clicks, you will be able to comparison between different clothes to get the best deal on clothes.

In fact it is considered as a best place to t shirt online. The store houses an extraordinary designs in t shirts from the high end labels. Furthermore, the selection of t shirts are well sorted and includes some really cool and pretty designs that are definitely going to lure you. Furthermore, the great prices offered by this store is going to make your shopping experience a pleasant on. So, if anybody wants to buy t-shirts online, then do visit this online shopping store.

The store not only caters clothes, but also many other products such as lingerie, lounge wear, handbags, sunglasses, watches, apparels, footwear, accessories and cosmetics. All these products are available at the best possible prices at this shopping stores and from the high end labels such as La Senza, Aldo, bebe, Mango, Inglot, Queue Up and more.

Men Shoes price Red Tape Men Shoes Price

Generally, men posses 2 to 3 pairs of shoes or footwear and available variety are relatively less than the women. Men Shoes can be categorized into four: Work Boots, Casual Shoes, Athletic Shoes and Men’s Dress Shoes. The Casual shoes are mostly preferred by the youngsters that easily go with any kind of outfits like t-shirts, shorts, khakis & jeans and quite comfortable & stylish.

These Men Shoes give complete athletic look with great comfort while walking, jogging and exercising. Work Boots provide the rough and tough look to your overall personality with its thick soul and robust design. However, now are also available with the hiking boots with light-weight sole. These Boots have great resistivity to dry and warm situations. Whereas, the Athletic Shoes are more flexible and comfortable with good friction capability.

You will find the affordable price list of the Shoes weather its Red Tape Men Shoes Price, Nike Men Shoes price, Lotto Men Shoes price or anyother brand. If you are curious to know more about the currently updated list of Puma Men Shoes price, Nike Men Shoes price, Lotto Men Shoes price etc then, you simply need to logon

There are various Shoe making companies that constantly come with new, innovative and technically advanced Shoes pairs including Puma, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Lotto, Action, and many more. Puma is the one among the leading brand, which is world renowned for its unique collection of the athletic shoes, fashion clothing and accessories. Company has finalized a partnership deal with SAFA on 7th June 2011, under which Puma will supply the official technical support to the SAFA and it will last for beyond the next two FIFA World Cups.

Puma has been honored for its Innovation by the Luxury Briefing Awards 2011. With the tagline of -Just Do it’ Nike sport brand leading the market by means of its incredible collection of the sport shoes and clothing. You are available with the extensive array of the Nike Men Shoes including Nike Air Force, Nike Air Rift, Nike Shox etc. to choose from. Similarly, Lotto is the one among the active sport shoe manufactures that also produces the football and tennis clothing.

Recently, Lotto has celebrated its 150th anniversary and made a partnership with Columbus Shoes for the wholesale manufacturing, sourcing and distribution across the India. You can choose from the available with wide and advanced Men Shoes collection under the name of your preferred brand; even, if you are limited with the budget. The Men Shoes price range starts from Rs.1000 onwards.

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Designer Baby Clothes & Trainers To Dashing & Smart Look Of Kids

Designer baby clothes are a blending comfort and style. Parents have a tough time in selecting kids for their children as designer baby clothes are bit expensive. Designer baby industry is a growing industry as new designer are coming one up with new brands and fashion. Leading brands such Armani, Jimmy Choo, Baby Dior, Baby Pant, Anne Geddes and others have made a mark in the market. Kids dont just want to look like a school going child but wants to dress up like their favorite stars. Our Dressing style says much about our personality, character, reflection, confidence which are also applicable for kids. Kids schedule are hectic after long hours of school, their lessons, sports activity wants to look bright and colorful. If a baby girl is wearing a new outfit will repeatedly touch and feel her outfit as how she is looking and make sure she is looking her best as compare to her friends.

Designer baby clothes are fun and will create stylish charm to your kids wardrobe. The disadvantage of such designer clothes is that they are expensive and are affordable to the people who are film stars or kids of politicians or some millionaire. We can find a local designer whose design is attractive but at the same time affordable. Internet Websites have become popular and parents do not need to take the pain and go out in market where there is traffic, parking problems and can buy clothes through the companys website. We can pick fashionable clothes for kids and makes them look dashing and smart. You can also shop for accessories and kids trainers which are designer. Such clothes can be given as a gift at the time Birthdays, Baby shower, Christmas and many more.

Parents should see the quality of clothes as they going to worn by their dear ones. Leading Brands uses premium quality of cotton and is great for comfort and style. Before purchasing clothes from online, parents should aware of the size as it varies from company to company and also weight is not mentioned which can be heavier for kids. Purchasing designer clothes from online sometimes becomes risk as their some hidden prices like shipping charges or handling charges or delivery charges. Parents should go through the policies of the company before purchasing anything.

Designer clothes are available online as well as in boutiques. Online Companies delivery cloths within 3-4 working days from the date of order placed. The designers launch their clothes basically in summer and winter. Designers clothes are durable, comfortable and trendy just like your kids favorite stars.

Different Kinds Of Casual And Formal Men Clothes Are Obtainable Online

It’s very easy to buy men clothes nowadays because of the web. However, deciding the best way to mix-and-match your wardrobes can be difficult. The same as females, guys need to use dresses that match the gatherings they are joining.

They must differentiate between casual and formal clothing. Men?s suits are appropriate for diverse formal gatherings. When you have an office job, a suit is most probably your regular attire. To avoid buying very many clothes, you could choose plain-colored, striped and checkered options. Lots of men suits have faint stripes and tiny checkered patterns. They appear simple and elegant.

Numerous official suits are worn with dress shirts and ties. It’s your choice to select shirts and ties that match your formal suits. For instance, you could pick diagonal stripes, trendy subtle plaids and polka dots. A few men prefer using an appropriate jacket or even tunic along with their shirts and tie. Jackets are needed during the cold times, but they have to go well with the celebration. Flat front pants are great for men who have athletic bodies.
They can even create suitable substitutes for pleated pants. Both designs look totally great when used with the right shirts . During winter, guys need stylish coats and there are new arrivals each and every season . You can look for the latest designer coats on different web stores. They have diverse lengths, and you can pick all styles. Casual men clothes are many and various. They can also be selected depending on the present season.

If you don’t to shop each season, then look for clothes that are likely to stay classy for a long period. There are numerous t-shirt designs for huge, medium and small guys. Casual t-shirts are typically common amonh younger guys. They are baggy tees with collared, V-necked or round-necked designs. Typically made of natural cotton and its blends, casual t-shirts are very comfortable throughout warm or cold climate. They can offer any customized print or pattern.

Polo t-shirts have a sporty appearance. They are collared, and they may or might not have necked buttons. Some companies allow polo shirts throughout a casual occasion. Casual shirts for males have short or long sleeves and appealing fabrics. You could use a matching vest and unbutton your casual printed t shirts. A man who’s part of a given sports team should buy a few jersey shirts to use during events. Jersey shirts could be customized along with your team?s logo or even name.

You need denims and casual jeans to wear along with your casual t-shirts and shirts. Denim jeans pants can be used anywhere else yet formal occasions. Men?s modern jeans are usually wide or thin and come in various shades. Cargo pants are great replacements for denim jeans. They are created from robust fabrics and thus appropriate for outdoor fun-based activities like hiking.

Men?s casual jackets and blazers are made from diverse textiles and have wide-ranging cuts. Good examples of leather jackets comprise of motocross, motorcycle, duster and leather bomber jackets. Denim jackets are also quite appealing and be combined with denim jeans or any other casual pant . Men clothes also include accessories like undergarments, hats, belts, socks, watches and shoes.

Males clothing is simple to buy and use if you follow some of the hints we have contributed above. Our advice is making your decision based on your body size and way of living. Regardless of whether your lifestyle is casual or formal, try to mix your clothes.

Easy And Comfortable Way To Shop Clothes In Hyderabad

Online shopping for clothes has become so much popular these days. As more and more people are discovering the ease of shopping clothes online, the online clothes stores is booming with sales. Online shopping allows you to shop almost anything with just a click of the mouse and that too without compromising in quality. There are plenty of advantages associated with online clothes shopping.

One of the major advantages of online shopping in Hyderabad is the convenience. It allows the shoppers to shop clothes from the comfort of their home. Most of the online stores offer return policy. With this policy, if the customer is not satisfied with the products he purchased, he can send it back to the online store and get the money back.

Online stores are open 24×7 which makes it possible for shoppers to shop anytime of the day. You can shop anytime at all leading stores that features all leading brands. When shopping online in Hyderabad you no more have to run from one store to another to get the desired clothes.

Increasing competition between online stores allows the shoppers to get desirable products at cheaper rates. There are many online stores that provide great deals and discounts on their products to increase their sales. Moreover, online shopping in Dubai allows the shoppers to compare the price, style, design of the clothes at different stores to get the best deal.

When shopping clothes such as shirts for men, dresses for girls, shirts for men etc. online, you dont need to stand in queues to step into the store. While sitting in the comfort of your home you will be able to shop almost anything.

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Vintage Clothing Never Goes Out Of Style – Timeless Outfits For Anybody In Any Era

With trends in and out of fashion faster than they are placed on the racks, the fine line between ‘hot’ and vintage has been blurred. Any style from a previous era is considered as vintage clothing – which happens to inspire many of the up and coming trends. Many individual pieces of clothing are of vintage style or vintage inspiration but not what we’d call a true collectible. For an item to be considered as truly vintage, it must have hailed from an earlier age and survived the wear and tear of time. Vintage clothing is a collective term for second-hand itemized pieces that originated from the 1920s up to the 1990s. Sometimes synonymous to -vintage-, -retro- clothing are garments procured from the 60s and the 70s specifically. Anything before the 1920s is considered as an antique, meant to be preserved, even showcased. Anything after the 1990s on the other hand, which has been out of -vintage- reach, is still hideous.

A cycle of fashion trends is one determinant where certain styles are considered as outdated or vintage-chic. It used to have been a rotation of 50 years, cut down to 30, 20 and now, even 10. Turnovers from era to era are gaining speed and fast. Vintage clothing used to be limited to the 1970s and its preceding years, but now the 80s and the 90s are already making their comebacks. With huge tees and jumpers reemerging from the grunge era, and shoulder pads and bare midriffs from the disco age, the 21st century should be ready for a turnover soon. But vintage pieces are those that transcend current trends. Made from fashion designers representative of a particular era, they have transformed from second-hand garments into timeless collectibles.

There has been a recent surge in the vintage market with items being referred to as hard assets. In layman’s terms, the prices of these items are on the rise. With a new niche, mostly fashion forward women who can afford, the value of vintage clothing is quickly gaining reputable recognition. From readily accessible in thrift shops, second-hand gems like Dior, Versace and the like, now cost an arm and a leg in special shops mostly found online. Run by middlemen who take the liberty of hand-picking and restoring vintage items, these online shops cater to specific target markets. For example, a shop dedicated to mod and retro will only feature designer pieces from the 60s and the 70s. It is through this system that -vintage- will never be outdated.

James Walmsley is a marketing assistant at Phix Clothing, a UK-based online retailer which specialises in trendy and fashionable vintage clothing and retro clothing for men and women. All clothes are shipped worldwide.