Custom Embroidered Patches Let The Backing Fit The Use

Custom embroidered patches are available in many different shapes and can be ordered with several types of backing. The backing thats right for your design will depend on how use your custom embroidered piece.

Twill is the standard backing material for an embroidered piece. It arrives ready to be sewn onto any garment, and is an economical utilitarian choice. For many customers, these backings are ideal.

A piece that features a 100 percent embroidered design essentially has no backing. The design covers the entire patch surface.

Beyond the basic twill, plastic backing adds sturdiness to the standard piece. The entire back is sealed in plastic, which can then be sewn onto a garment.
An optional iron-on backing works for people who prefer a quick application that doesnt require needle or thread. These can be attached to any non-stretch fabric thats also heat-safe.

The iron-on backing material is also perfect for holding the piece in place while sewing it on for the sturdiest application.

Iron-on backing is not suitable for all materials. It cant be used on garments that are sensitive to heat, such as silk. If youre not sure whether the backing is appropriate for a certain fabric, you can check the manufacturers suggestions regarding ironing on the label.

If you need to be able to remove and reattach your pieces to a fabric, Velcro backing is the solution. This backing type is especially popular with military units. One side of the Velcro is on the patch, while the other side gets sewn onto the garment. The ability to remove the pieces before laundering also adds durability to the patches, and keeps them from fading or wearing over time.

For temporary pieces that dont require a permanent application, theres no need to worry about sewn-on or iron-on backing. Tape backing is ideal for short-term applications where patches need to be removable. Many people use these for events. Theyre a cinch to peel and stick. When its time to remove them, a quick pull does the trick!

Your choice of patch backing also affects the border or edge style of the embroidered piece. For more information on patches with the perfect backings for your application and need, talk to an experienced supplier who can make your patch-buying experience a pleasure.