School Uniforms Opt For Boys’ Hoodies

Fashion trends come and go but it seems that boys hoodies are here to stay. A hoody is a casual piece of clothing that replaces a jacket, a coat or a blazer to great effect as it still provides warmth, pocket space for gadgets to listen to music or play games on and of course the ubiquitous mobile phone that everyone seems to carry with them anywhere they go. Part of their popularity from a parents point of view is that they are easily laundered, require minimal ironing if they have been tumble-dried or line-dried (should your offspring permit such a thing!) and so look smart and smell fresh whilst keeping the wearer warm and feeling good about being on trend with the fashion. Whether they are pull on or zip fastened, hoodies are comfortable and practical to wear and as they behave as an outer garment they do not have to match any other part of the outfit they are worn with. Boys hoodies can be worn with jeans, track pants, chinos or slacks.

Some schools have adopted hoodies as part of their school uniform with the school crest and motto emblazoning the garment in the school colours. This trend has been welcomed by the pupils who adhere to their school uniform policy much better and they seem to be taking better care of their school hoodies than did of their sweaters or blazers as they actually wear the garment and dont discard it in the dining hall or the school bus, the PE changing room pegs or the playground. Teachers too are delighted with the improved observance of their school uniform policies and also the decrease in lost property that often fills the school office. The hoody, incorporating a hood into the jacket hence its name also abnegates the need for school scarves, items easily lost and often used for purposes other then keeping the neck and ears warm. As many a parent will appreciate, replacing a school scarf can be expensive and on cold winter days they are essential. However, sporting anything other than the school attire is unacceptable and can lead to detention, particularly if your child has opted to wear a football scarf. Boys hoodies as part of a school uniform overcome this problem too and teaching and supervisory staff at schools across the country have seen fewer playground incidents over team rivalries since they have opted for the hoodie.

Hoodies are practical garments that get the thumbs up from both parents and children and as you now know, schools too. They are much trendier than fleece jackets and can be made from a variety of different weight materials to suit the season during which they are being worn. There are different designs available with pockets at the side or as a pouch pocket at the front no need for gloves either! With cuff and waist ribbing there are no annoying toggles or strings to get in the way when you put the garment on or to rise up irritatingly or catch on things when you are active or be pulled by friends when seated or standing in assembly.