Military Fashion Tips For Men

Leaving the recession of 2009 behind, the men’s fashion industry is back in business with a bang. There are a bunch of new designers as well as a return of the older, established ones who are putting up a brave front for the current military trend in fashion. Watch them fight it out for supremacy with their eye-catching, powerful style statements. This fall, men’s fashion is gearing up for the military look, so you better get your spy-glasses on and take a look.

Today, the military has become far more widespread than the nation’s defense forces. It has influenced popular trends in fashion, never more than now. The UK and the US have already joined the bandwagon in this regard, so don’t be left behind! Here’s a quick run-through of how and when it all started.

1.Beginnings: The Vietnam War brought with it much controversy and loss, but its influence on fashion too cannot be underestimated. Protesters against the war wore army suits to prove their point.

2.Then came The Beatles with their new military look in Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts’ Club Band, making it an overnight hit amongst both rock music and fashion lovers.

3.The 70s saw the Skinheads and Punks make the army fatigues their second skin.

4.Then the combat boots took the world by storm in the 1980s.

5.Top Gun was perhaps most influential in sealing the fate of the “Man in Uniform” as being every girl’s dreamboat. Tom Cruise’s aviators have become a rage ever since.

6.Even today, music videos, ramp shows, fashion displays or at concerts, icons have been spreading the military word through their clothing.

But the question remains on what you want your military look to be like. It could be that the aviator glasses attract you, or the combat boots or perhaps the cargo trousers; whatever the case may be, remember that the look is personalized, it’s you. So don’t follow any trend just for the heck of it, choose whatever you like best and think suits your personality.

There is no established way of using the military look, so go experimental. Don’t overdo it unless you want to resemble Arnold Schwarzenegger! Just be confident that your look is your own and go ahead and fix yourself up.

You could add a simple military twist to your normal outfit by investing in something as simple as an olive-colored top. A parka is both utilitarian as well as sophisticated-looking. The hood is usually shearling-lined and keeps your head warm. Not only does it give you a street-smart look, its slim-fit comfort will also make you look polished and sophisticated. Coupled with combat boots, you can’t go wrong with this look. No matter how old you are!

Fashion Dior Sunglasses, Men Are More Mannish

Most fashion accessories are designed for women, but fashion sunglasses are also designed for men. Fashion Dior Sunglasses are the sunglasses make men more mannish. If you want to look stylish whenever the sun’s shining then you could do worse than to treat yourself to a pair of fashion Dior sunglasses. The shape of the sunglasses must suit the shape of the face in such a way as to enhance it, rather than to emphasize it.
Aside from suiting the shape of your face, it is important to know if the fashion Dior sunglasses are designed to offer the maximum protection to the extremely delicate eyeball to protect it from the suns’ harmful rays. After this, you can concentrate on getting the right style for your own sense of fashion. These aspects are many and varied everything from polarizing the lenses to using interchangeable nose pieces.
The perennial favorite saw a massive resurgence in the eighties with the release of Top Gun. These were originally designed for the US Airforce and were provided to the pilots free of charge. They became popular with the masses when the, now famous, photo of General Douglas MacArthur wading ashore in the Phillipines was published and he was wearing these sunglasses. The best thing about these little beauties is they can be worn with almost any style of clothing.
Even though these styles of Dior Designer Sunglasses appeal to almost every demographic of male sunglass wearer, due to the nature of their design, Rimless sunglasses are probably more suited to the young urban professional than your average Joe or sports jock.
Plastic protectors
So before you lash out and buy new fashion Dior sunglasses, check and see what the leading designers have in-store. Depending on your requirements, whether it be a pair for the office or just a pair for your car, they are sure to have what ever you desire for your next pair of Dior Sunglasses

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