What are Anniversary Rings Given for and What do They Look Like

The sparkling ring was purchased, the venue was booked, the cake was cut, and the honeymoon happened. Before you know it, a year has gone by and you are pulling out the top piece of your frozen (but still delicious) wedding cake from the freezer and are exchanging anniversary gifts. One great gift idea is to exchange anniversary rings or bands. But what exactly are they and how are they different from the rings you exchanged on your wedding day? When should you purchase them? What kind should you get and how much should you spend? Anniversary rings are a romantic investment into your future and the pieces purchased should be a reflection of your budget, personal taste, and statement you want to make wearing the pieces.

What are Anniversary Rings?

Anniversary rings are more widely known as eternity bands. They reflect and reaffirm the vows you took on your wedding day and are given to one another for any anniversary desired as another symbol besides your wedding bands, to wear that recommits yourselves to one another for eternity. They are not worn to replace your original wedding rings and bands, and are worn on the right hand or on the left hand next to your ring finger. However, any finger or hand you choose to wear it on is acceptable. In the past the anniversary rings were more geared toward women, but has become more popular with men today.

What do Anniversary Rings Look Like?

Anniversary rings come in traditional or modern designs. They are stocked and sold by the top chain jewelry stores (Kay Jewelers and Zales), in local jewelry shops and boutiques, and as well as by popular and sophisticated brand jewelry companies and designers like David Yurman, Neil Lane, and Tacori.

They most popularly appear as a diamond band or multi-stone diamond ring (representing the past, present, and future) for women and a band for men that can be differentiated from their wedding bands.

What are Some Popular Anniversary Ring Designs?

Diamond expert, Debeers said it best when they stated, “A diamond is forever.” Diamonds are always a popular and timeless choice regarding anniversary rings. Some more modern and unique options include colored gemstone anniversary rings that include rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Canary diamonds are also a unique and beautiful choice. Engraving anniversary rings is also a unique idea and adds a personal touch to the anniversary exchange. Many private and corporate jewelers and companies offer this feature. One company, Sorella Jewelry Studio offers a selection of metals such as platinum, gold, and palladium and sterling silver; which can all be customized and engraved to deliver a special message and meaning on anniversary day. Also, when saving for or selecting a ring, there is also no right or wrong amount to spend when it comes to this anniversary gift. The tradition has always been to spend two months salary on an engagement ring, but no ring is worth getting into an economical bind over, so designating a realistic budget for an anniversary ring or band has to work for you financially.

A ring is a circle of love and commitment that never ends and by giving one as an anniversary gift you will make a powerful statement of admiration, respect, and appreciation for the one that you love, all over again.