Custom Embroidered Patches Let The Backing Fit The Use

Custom embroidered patches are available in many different shapes and can be ordered with several types of backing. The backing thats right for your design will depend on how use your custom embroidered piece.

Twill is the standard backing material for an embroidered piece. It arrives ready to be sewn onto any garment, and is an economical utilitarian choice. For many customers, these backings are ideal.

A piece that features a 100 percent embroidered design essentially has no backing. The design covers the entire patch surface.

Beyond the basic twill, plastic backing adds sturdiness to the standard piece. The entire back is sealed in plastic, which can then be sewn onto a garment.
An optional iron-on backing works for people who prefer a quick application that doesnt require needle or thread. These can be attached to any non-stretch fabric thats also heat-safe.

The iron-on backing material is also perfect for holding the piece in place while sewing it on for the sturdiest application.

Iron-on backing is not suitable for all materials. It cant be used on garments that are sensitive to heat, such as silk. If youre not sure whether the backing is appropriate for a certain fabric, you can check the manufacturers suggestions regarding ironing on the label.

If you need to be able to remove and reattach your pieces to a fabric, Velcro backing is the solution. This backing type is especially popular with military units. One side of the Velcro is on the patch, while the other side gets sewn onto the garment. The ability to remove the pieces before laundering also adds durability to the patches, and keeps them from fading or wearing over time.

For temporary pieces that dont require a permanent application, theres no need to worry about sewn-on or iron-on backing. Tape backing is ideal for short-term applications where patches need to be removable. Many people use these for events. Theyre a cinch to peel and stick. When its time to remove them, a quick pull does the trick!

Your choice of patch backing also affects the border or edge style of the embroidered piece. For more information on patches with the perfect backings for your application and need, talk to an experienced supplier who can make your patch-buying experience a pleasure.

Saree Wearing Styles A Brief Snapshot !

India, being a nation of diversities, boasts of an enormous amssount of variety in customs, cultures and languages. Here, food habits, dialects, and attires change after a few hundred kilometers. So, its no surprise that saree draping styles change as one traverses through the length and breadth of the country. The style of wearing a saree, depends to a large extent on the culture and customs prevalent in a given geographical area. To understand this better, lets examine how sarees are worn in various parts of the country.

Lets start with the urban areas of North India, where one can see women wearing a saree in the ulta pallu style wherein the decorated edge of the saree is placed over the left shoulder and falls behind the back. This style has become very popular as most working women find it very functional and easy to manage.

The ulta pallu style is a variant of the seedha pallu style that is quite prevalent in Gujarat and the rural North. Here, the pallu or the decorative end is draped over the right shoulder rather than the left shoulder so that the design of the pallu is shown in front. However, given the fast pace of life in todays day and age, the seedha pallu style is slowly and steadily receding into oblivion.

In Central parts of India, we find the Gond Style in vogue, where the saree is first draped over the left shoulder before being draped over the rest of the body. The Maharashtrian Style Saree or the Kashta where the saree is worn in the shape of a dhoti is very common especially amongst rural women who find it very comfortable as they go about their daily chores. Down south, one can find women wearing sarees in the Dravidian or Veshti-Mundaai style wherein the Veshti covers the lower body while the Mundaai covers the upper body.

The Madisaara is another draping style that is common amongst the Brahmin ladies of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. One requires a nine-yard saree for wearing a saree in Madisaara style as compared to the six yards that is prevalent elsewhere. Another important style prevalent in places like Kerala is the Mundum Neryathum which is essentially two-piece attire in which the mundu forms the lower garment while the Neriyathu is placed over the left shoulder.

Sarees are also worn by women in tribal regions of Central India by tying and securing the sari firmly across the chest. You might have seen photographs of tribal women wearing a saree in this fashion. Whatever style you choose to drape your favourite light blue or lime green saree, keep in mind that you need to pay adequate attention to footwear, accessories, jewelry and all other items that go into completing your entire ensemble.

The Importance Of Lingerie In A Womans Life

The importance of lingerie in a womans life

The word lingerie means the special undergarments that women wear, not only to pamper their body, but also to appear sensuous. Lingerie epitomizes femininity and grace. Lingerie is the garment that is in direct touch with the woman. This is one reason why it is so important in a womans life. However, lingerie does not include the undergarments that women wear in their daily lives. Lingerie is meant for special occasions. Exotic and sexy lingerie will only enhance the excitement and energy level of the occasion. The mood and the feelings of a woman can be gauged from the piece of lingerie that she is wearing.

A woman is seen to prioritize the comfort level of the lingerie as they are closest to the womans body. The material and the fit of the lingerie are of utmost importance. Lingerie is made up of fabrics that are soft and supple. Such fabrics include satin, cotton, silk or hosiery. Lingerie is available in a riot of colors. A woman can select the appropriate color based on her mood and the occasion. The wide range of colors also helps her match the lingerie with her clothes.

Lingerie can be classified into many types based on their use and shapes. The most popular kind of lingerie is probably the thongs. They are considered to be the sexiest among them all. The high number of sales makes it evident how appealing thongs are to a woman. Panties are also widely used by women. Popularly known as knickers, they are made of a variety of fabrics. Laces panties are beautiful and can do wonders to the mood of the woman.

There are a variety of bras available in the market that caters to the varied needs of women. Athletes need a special kind of bra that gives more support. The sports-bra is ideal for them and has been made keeping them in mind. A woman needs to wear the strapless bra at certain occasions when she is flaunting off-shoulder dresses. The other kinds of bras are push-up bras and padded bras.

Lingerie is also made in special ranges like bridal lingerie. The trend of wearing custom made lingerie has caught on now. Many women are seen to get special lingerie made for occasions like weddings, anniversaries or honeymoons. Apart from the large number of lingerie stores, online stores too sell quality lingerie. One can visit myfinelingerie and check out the wide range of lingeries. They have something for everyone.

The most important thing is to check and re-check the size and make sure that it fits perfectly. There can be nothing worst than an ill-fitted lingerie. Myfinelingerie is one place that has standard size and manufactures superior quality myfinelingerie. Their products have a warranty period and proper maintenance instructions. Buying an exquisite piece of lingerie is not enough, a woman has to take proper care of it. Myfinelingerie has a whole range of marvelous lingerie from camisoles, thongs, gowns, bikini, and demi-cup bra to leather lingerie bridal lingerie, fine lingerie and body stockings.

Fashion Experts Look For The Best Cashmere Sale Online

Cashmere can be thought of as part of the most outstanding garments the world over. If you posses a cashmere wintry weather wear in your wardrobe, you will probably be thinking of it as one of your most treasured possessions. Cashmere garments are normally not exteremly cheap, but you can certainly find a Cashmere Sale where one may find these outstanding garments for a lesser cost. Cashmere sweaters have remained a favorite of those people who purchase it for its excellent quality and its style that can be a part of their wardrobe.

Every person is looking for a great bargain, and when you are buying your cashmere fabrics you might be searching for a chance to receive great savings. With the Internet gearing up, on line ordering has become the greatest way to easily place orders as well as be able to make good comparison between biggest brand names with some of the best prices for almost anything you can be on the look out. Cashmere on Sale at all times comes out at the last few days of the winter and you are most expected to discover a great deal of wintry weather wear that will be just right for the next year.

How will I find a sale on cashmere garments?

Even though, a lot of people have become quite familiar with online shopping, yet there exist some techniques by which you may understand your specific needs on the Internet. Here are a few ideas on how you will find cashmere garments on sale.

Research: a little research on the Internet with a regular keyword as Cashmere Sale may definitely show you a plethora of webpages that offer the same. But, one have to be careful while you make a deal on a certain dealer.

Comparison: you may find Cashmere Sale on plenty of webpages with many merchants. All these bargains come with a lot of other offers and discounts. Hence, it is up to you to make a comparison between all the vendors who have cashmere on sale, and then close down on the dealers who in your opinion provide you with the maximum profits.

How may I judge the type of cashmere garments?

The wool upon the garments will be either woven or knit. These fabrics may be regarded as one of the most expensive presents, no matter if they are gifted to people of any age, these fabrics may be one of the most prized classic most wanted items with contemporary techniques that may suit different ways of living.

The lower fabrics in these cashmere garments, may be still considered great, and comes from the the goats from Kashmir back and hind limbs. Hence, these fabrics are considered to be less expensive. Irrespective of its type, these rich fabrics may be tailored into scarves, sweaters, dresses, caps, mittens, blankets and many more. One must keep in mind that the vendors must have enough knowledge about the material that they make a choice to buy and also select a dealer who states he can handle and care the fabrics with care.

Choosing these materials from Cashmere Sale, can not only give your wardrobe a brand new look, but may also provide you with something pricy within a range. A cashmere scarf may be a wonderful look on a cold night and nothing else may make you feel warmer than a sweater of cashmere. This cloth can make one feel fabulously luxurious, and it comes as no wonder that it has these days changed into one of the most prized garments in the world over.

About Computerized Sewing Machine

Technology has broght many changes to clothing industry. computerized sewing machine could be one of the greatest inventions in this industry. Nowadays, many home and business users are turning to computerized sewing machine to have their sewing task carried out very easily and efficiently. For individuals who perform lots of of repetitive stitching, this machine will be a perfect gift. It can be easily programmed to take over these repetitive tasks.

Generally, the mode of operation of the computerized sewing machine is much similar to the conventional type, except it runs with a central processing unit (CPU) which controls the sewing, and other electronic parts, rather than mechanical components.

Most computerized sewing machine comes with an LCD (black and white) display screen, on which information such as the stitch selection, the length of the stitch, what the stitch will look like are displayed. Some models even have the error code shown when you happen to choose a wrong stitching options. Other common features that available in a computerized sewing machine would be an automatic needle threader, hundreds of stitch choices, one-step buttonholing, multiple needle positions, mirror imaging, automatic stitch sequences, button for startup and stop and a lot more.

The benefit of a using a computerized sewing machine is that a complicated sewing and embroidery work can be simplified considerably. The time needed to produce great looking pieces of garment would be much less. And majority of these machines are lightweight and compact in size. So it is truely portable that you can carry it around or to your sewing class. Well, nothing is perfect in this world; it does come with a drawback such as should something go wrong with the sewing machine, the whole machine will require check-up, which makes repair cost higher than usual.

With the large number of brands available today, shopping for the right machine might be quite a challenging task. Before spending any of your hard earned money, it’s important to research all the options in full. Defnitely, not all brands will have the same exact features or the same price. Commonly, factors such as budget, features, size and weight, service and warranty should be considered. A quick and simple suggestion would be if you have never used one before then it would be best not to go for the most advanced and expensive models.

Though the computerized sewing machine prices are usually more costly than the traditional version, it will still be a good investment if you consider the time-savings and quality of the sewings it produces.

Leather Is The Ultimate Garment

exclusive leather outfits. They are a great portrayal of timeless elegance and has carved niche for them in the fashion world. Leather dresses are special and unique in own way and perfect for making style statements. Leather dressings have always been prominent for style, fashion statement and being one with the huge attention from crowd As time moved on, certain types of leather attire have attained fame for rebellion and freedom call
Leather apparels are very renowned for their great appeal and versatility. One can create various looks in them through their myriad mesmerizing styles, leeway of colors, fabric types; designs, cuts etc. All this has made them hottest fashion apparel in the fashion industry and favorite of all the eras. It is the most sought after items amongst celebrities also. Leather items will never become pass
They are in demand since long times for creating glamorous looks. Quality to remain in demand in all weathers has crowned them with the title of item in demand. It has made a great stir at times. Its all outfits become trend forever and never go out of style. Trendy and stylish are the best adjectives for defining head turner leather dresses and mean it.
Leather as such is a beautiful fabric and any leather product whether shoes, clothes, or accessories all look very elegant. It is a well-built and a durable fabric as well, it is very important that you take great care of the leather products so that they retain their sheer and elegant appearance
During appreciation of the high-fashion appeal of leather, many stylish garments that match international fashion trends are being increasingly manufactured for women.
Leather clothing is choice of millions as they are having an air of allure, romance and excitement. They evoke such a great fashion appeal that no one can ignore them. Last but not the least leather outfits are perfect to make look remarkable in a fraction of time
Leather dresses encompasses many types of clothing. All are superior and create great looks. The arena of leather clothing is very vast and includes leather jackets, leather bombers, leather coats, leather blazers, leather skirts, leather pants, leather shorts, leather biker jackets, leather halters, leather vests, leather cycle jackets and many other items. They are unbiased with regard to gender and adorn both men and women.
Leather apparels are season friendly, wearable during whole year; hence look good at all times of the year. In summers leather outfits keep you cool while in winters they protect you from cold. They are a fashion icon but practical also. This uniqueness is what that only that departs leather garments from all other dresses. Durability, flexibility, lasting nature, protective, versatile are some of the features that are absolutely doubtless about them.
An ultimate outfit scoring very high in the international market is none other than

Garment Software with User Friendly Visual Interface

Several companies in India and abroad have employed technologically advanced soft wares which are the medium of executing profitable business operations. Advanced system management instruments and soft wares are the key to the enhancement of business standards.

User friendliness, web enabled interfaces and industry specific functionalities of different software edges over traditional methods of production and marketing. Supply Chain management includes the design, planning, execution, management and monitoring of entire supply chain activities. The Supply Chain Management (SCM) software includes tools and modules that facilitate in the execution of supply chain transactions, inventory management and management of supplier relationships, customer requirement processing and purchase order processing. This multi-featured software helps in controlling associated business processes. Its efficient system management technique as well as technologically advanced tool aids in offering exceptional services to the customers in a convenient and prompt fashion. The integration technology of such software allows organizations in trading with supply chain partners electronically. Balancing the disparity between supply and demand, SCMS improves business processes and enables to plan future needs using algorithms and consumption analysis. Besides, the easy-to-use interface of garment software offers total software solution for pre-production, production and post production phases in the garment industry. This web-based system features sample management screen, supplier access screen, order placement screen, etc. Convenient registration and monitoring of the bidding process are easily carried out with user-friendly features of the software. Designed and developed using latest technology, this software covers the life cycle of garment manufacturing.

Internet marketing firms all round the globe remain instrumental in offering full internet marketing solutions including search engine optimization, link popularity, web design, PHP programming, increasing web traffic etc. They help in improving online marketing initiatives of various companies thereby maximizing business profits as well as complete customer satisfaction. Their dedicated efforts enable small as well as large business enterprises in attaining a strong web presence.

Saree Style With Elegance

A saree is a dress worn by females. It is originally from India and now famous all around the world. Sarees is mostly worn in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma, Pakistan, and Malaysia. Women can wrap sarees in different ways that is why fashion designers keep finding new ways to wear sarees. Creativity of todays designer makes this dress attractive and exclusive from other dresses. Sarees have a well dressed and lavish look. Women can find all types of saree and sarees on the internet.

The Sari has been lined with fashion for thousands of years. The sari is a traditional outfit usually made from a comfortable fabric such as silk detailed with colorful needlework and crystals. Some even have 24 carat gold threading. Extremely good-looking and fit to all female figures, these saree dresses are hand decorated. The fabric is not sown and length can vary from 4-9 meters. The sari is the traditional dress of Indian women. They can be embroidered, printed or tie-dyed.

Indian people used to consider that fabric pierced by needles was impure. A figurine from around 100 B.C shows a woman wearing a decorated garment similar to the sari. In ancient times, both men and women dressed in differing versions of the sari. Color and design of the sari usually depend on the wearer’s wealth, caste and location. Saris became a measure of wealth as it can be made with gold, silver and other precious stones. The people of the village wore plain cotton sari’s that were ornamented by tie dyeing or block printing. The material used in making saris for wealthy people was usually silks.

Nowadays, the saree is a favorite wedding and bridal dress. Particularly in India, women wear sarees to weddings, as they feel it increases their beauty and charm. Excellent embroidery also enhances the good looks of this dress. Bridal saree adding glamour looks to her bridal fussy look. Wedding sarees make you look more gorgeous and classy. A collection of wedding sarees crafted on net, brease, crepe, georgette, glass tissue, jari, and net, viscose and faux. Sarees are the ideal outfit for any event. The stylish and traditional outfit is worn nowadays during weddings. The bridal saree has been modernized with the drift in fashion and is wrapped in different styles.

Printed pure georgette and faux crepe saris are the latest fashion in town just to maintain the expectations of tradition, a mix of embroidered printed sarees. Stunning colorful design tell a story about great fashion and trends.

Christians have discovered white wedding sarees by using Kanjivaram silk, georgette , chiffon , crepe , Kora and jute fabrics for this reason. Hand embroidered sarees hold a vital place in this part of the world. White sarees are made interesting with heavy bead work and enormous stone work. White sarees are very much in fashion these days.

Cloth Tape Measure – Tried And True Measurement Tool

I’ve always used a cloth tape measure for crafts and sewing, but just recently I learned that these tapes are used for many different measurement purposes.

Go figure!

Cloth Tape Measures Are Favored by Sewing Enthusiasts

When I lay out a pattern on brand new fabric, I use my cloth tape measure to make sure that the pattern is laid out with the fabric grain. I measure to make sure that the pattern follows the grain because I don’t want it to look “off” or not straight when the garment is completed.

After all, if the little sailboats pattern on the fabric looks like they’re sailing downhill or off to the side of the garment, it doesn’t reflect well on my sewing skills!

That cloth tape measure is my tried and true friend, and I’ve had the same tape for decades now. The numbers are large and easy to read, and I can lay that tape down to get accurate measurements at any time during production.

You Can Get Cloth Tape Measures With Inches and/or Metric Figures

When I was new to sewing, cloth tape measures were available only with standard inches and feet measurements. Today, tapes are available with millimeters and centimeters as well, on the reverse of the tape.

This is handy because some skills require use of both standard and metric numbers.

Cloth tape measures are not made of cloth in general, although there are some still made of professional grade polyfiber fabric. Most today are made from Tyvek or fiberglass fabric for superior durability.

Some tapes designed and manufactured in Europe are still available in a sailcloth-type fabric that is covered with polyester or other protective coating.

What Uses Are There for Cloth Tape Measures?

Actually there are many uses for cloth tape measures, besides craft and sewing projects. These tapes are perfect for children to use since they are simply a long strip of fabric with no sharp edges.

Cloth tapes allow you to measure things lying on a table or other flat surface. Tailors and women’s lingerie typically use cloth tapes since they allow measurements to be taken of rounded or unique things.

For example, a cloth tape measure is used to take a woman’s bra size measurement. Men’s clothing fitters use these tapes to measure for tuxedos and suits since cloth tapes can measure waist size, neck size and more.

Taxidermists love cloth tape measures because they can measure their specimens in order to maintain proper size of the animal when working on preservation.

Health clubs and fitness centers will have cloth tape measures on hand in order to keep record of members’ loss of inches from exercise and dieting.

Wallpaper hangers will also use cloth tape measures to get accurate readings. A yardstick can be difficult to maneuver around a corner or curve, and the cloth tapes allow them to get very specific measurements when figuring the width of a sheet of wallpaper needed.

Surveyors use cloth tape measures in extra long lengths of as much as 300 feet or more to determine accurate measurements for buildings, property lines, roadways and more.

Cloth Tape Measures Are Typically About 5 Feet Long

Today’s typical cloth tape measures are available in measurements of about 5 feet long, although you can find some that are as much as 65 inches (5 foot 5 inches).

Longer tape measures are also available for specialty uses like measuring distances, such as a pasture, fence or driveway. These tapes can be as long as 300 feet or more. Others are available in 25 or 100 feet.

Traditional tape measures are basically a long strand that can be rolled up in a small case or simply wrapped up and tied with a rubber band.

Prices for Cloth Tape Measures

The old-fashioned cloth tape measure is still found at sewing and notion stores, and even your local discount store will have some ranging from about $1 to as much as $6.

Specialty tape measures will, of course, run more. A 75 foot tape will run about $15. 300 feet will cost about $30.

You can find cloth tape measures at any home improvement store, discount store or even online. If you’d like to custom-imprint some tapes for a wedding, anniversary or business event, you can find cloth tape measures available from specialty printing retailers, too, at very reasonable prices.

Benefits of Using Linen Fabric

Nowadays, people are keen on investing on clothes which are stylish and comfortable yet having a great durability. Keeping all these three in mind, linen garments always get the first priority. There is altogether a unique kind of class and sophistication about linen fabric . This is the reason why they are so popular among fashion enthusiasts. Over the last couple of decades, linen garments have found a loyal fan-base which even surpasses the cotton materials behind. The reasons behind its rapid rise are manifold, and this article is brought forward in order to illuminate the readers about the benefits of using linen fabric:

I. High Eco-friendliness: Linen is derived from flax plants which are grown in a sustainable manner. This means that the resources of the earth will not get depleted or damaged in the growing of the plants. In other words, linen is extremely eco-friendly. In comparison to the other popular fabric cotton, linen requires lesser amount of both water and energy supplies. Linen also helps in preserving the environment because of its biodegradable properties.

II. High Durability: Linen garments have greater durability than other fabrics. They not only retain their shape with use but also turn softer and more lustrous with each laundering. Moreover, linen has a high resistance power against stains, dirt and bacteria attacks. Although the fabric can wrinkle easily, it can be removed almost effortlessly with a hot iron.

III. Stylish & Elegant Appearance: From suits and button-down shirts to beach wear or floppy sun hats, there is hardly any garment more elegant yet stylish like linen. In a house, linen products like tablecloths, shower curtains, duvets, and wall hangings look extremely attractive.

IV. Great Level of Comfort: Linen is a natural fabric. This fabric is cool, crisp, light in weight, and can be also worn for a long time. As it has high moisture absorbing properties, they are perfect to be worn during the summer seasons. This allows the wearer to enjoy a comfortable dry and cool experience. Adding to this is the insulating properties of the fabric which provide warmth during the winter season.

V. Easy to Clean: It is very simple to clean and dry a linen-made garment. Every time they are cleaned and dried, they retain their cool and crisp characteristics and looks brand new every time.

VI. Available in Different Varieties: Linen is available in a variety of patterns, textures and weights. This allows shoppers to choose from a wide range of garments made from linen fabric. The price levels differ in accordance to the type of the linen that is selected.

VII. Resistant to Abrasion: It is very hard to cause a scrape or a cut in a linen garment. The natural strength of linen makes sure that the linen garment does not get damaged by abrasion. They also remain lint-free for several years.

VIII. Resistant to Rotting: Fiber of a flax plant contains silica, and it is this silica which prevents linen garments from rotting.

IX. Medicinal Benefits: Linen fabric is very friendly with the skin. It does not cause any skin problems. In turn, they are beneficial in tackling feverishness. Moreover, there are also certain benefits related to the nervous system of the wearer.

X. Effective as an Underwear Material: Due to the fungus and bacteria resisting capability of this fabric, it is often used in making underwear. Moreover, their skin-friendly nature also keeps away irritation.