Barbour Jacket To Bring Out The Best In You!

Barbour is a clothing company started by John Barbour in 1849 in Simonside, South Shields. The company primarily produced waterproof clothing for sea men. Soon they started the catalogue business and spread to Chile, Hong Kong and South Africa. The motorcycling jackets introduced in 1937 were one of its most famous garments. These jackets were worn by maximum number of motorists of the British International Team from 1936 to 1977 (this is when Barbour opted out of manufacturing the jackets). Later they started developing army personnel clothing including the very famous Ursula suits. In 2004, the very famous Lightweight Cheviot Jacket for Barbour was designed by Lord James Percy. However, the oldest and the most famous jackets are still the waxed jackets popular among many people across the world.

At present the company has 11 retail shops only in the UK and has made its mark in 40 countries worldwide. For example Germany, Holland, Austria, France, the United States, Italy, Spain, Argentina, New Zealand and Japan. The company now produces everything from trousers to shirts to socks and also knitwear. Barbour lays its foundation on a huge emphasis on quality and knowledge of customers.

A Barbour jacket is the oldest and the most famous product of Barbour merchandise. Once considered to be a utilitarian garment, it is now a huge fashion statement. A Barbour jacket is available in five types, namely wax, waterproof breathable, quilted, tailored and casual.

These are the oldest form of jackets. The wax jackets are designed to keep sea men dry at the sea. An authentic wax jacket is made of waxed cotton cloth which is waxed using paraffin wax. There is a tartan lining and the collar is usually corduroy or leather. These wax jackets require regular waxing and maintenance to keep up the regular look. This can be done at home by using the Barbour Thornproof Dressing. Care must be taken to not wash these jackets using traditional means such as dry cleaning or washing machines as that can destroy the jackets permanently. Use the instructions for washing as given on the pack.

The other type of jacket is waterproof breathable which is also designed to provide waterproof clothing for outdoor wear. They resist water from entering the inside of the jacket and let the sweat and water vapour out. These jackets are made of cloth treated by waterproof material such as rubber or PVC.

Quilted fashion jackets are designed to keep you warm as they are made of materials such as polyester and polyamide micro fibre including an extra lining of fleece. Available in many designs and colour, they can be worn with many outfits to get a great look.

Barbour produces tailored jackets in three types, namely Classic Herringbone Two Button jacket, the Fine Over check Herringbone and the smart Tweed Window Pane jackets. They provide the wearer with an aura of sophistication. Casual jackets offer the latest in fashion and design and are very popular with everyone who cares to look good.

If you just can’t wait and want to buy the Barbour jacket as soon as possible, the Internet is the best place. You can also buy from mail order from the company directly. However, online merchandise sites give better options for customers in terms of discounts and plans.