Power Of Color

As a child you learn how to count and to recognize colors. You also learn to associate colors with concepts, emotions and objects or things like the blue sky, or green grass, or blood that is red.

We are told that there are seven colors in the rainbow and to memorize this, we use the name ROY G. BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) to help us remember these colors.

We are taught that you can associate colors with concepts such as heat and cold. Heat is represented with red, but red can also mean danger. Blue is associated with cold and ice, green can mean go, or it is associated with growth and summer. Yellow goes with bright sunshine and orange with sunsets and flames.

When you mix colors, you get secondary shades, such as pinks, browns, grays and others. Pink generally is associated with girls and blue with boys. With a huge variety of color, it is easy to understand how fashion designers can get carried away when making up fashion. Colors also play an important role in graphic design and advertising. If you want to target a certain market, some investigation and studies are done to find out which color would appeal to your target market, and the advertising and packaging would be channeled in that fashion.

Packaging for perfume makes use of colors to attract prospective buyers as well. Bold blacks and browns to darker blues and greens will most probably look masculine and therefore target the male market. Red looks daring and dangerous, and combined with other bold colors might also feature in a male masculine fragrance packaging or fashion.

Pink is soft and feminine, think of small babies, pink roses and cuddly kittens. The association with pink will most definitely be for girls or women and not for boys or men. Red is a passion color, and would feature often in male and female perfume packaging, linking it with romance and love.

White is very virginal or angelic, pure and clean and will represent a female perfume, crisp and fresh. White also features in a lot of perfume names, like white linen, white diamonds and white musk.

Colors also feature high in the manufacture and designs of jewelry boxes. Passionate red satin linings to soft pink and whites, to pale blues and regal burgundy and purples.

When you want to redecorate your house or office, colors for walls, drapes and flooring plays an important role. One will firstly take into account whom the person is that will occupy a room or office. Then the location of the room is taken into account, ask if it get sunshine or is it facing away from the sun. The purpose of the room of office will also play a role when choosing colors.

So looking at the colors of the rainbow, one can decorate your world and create moods, determine if it is a boy or a girl, send flowers to the sick and loved ones and cheer up your general environment.