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Fashion The Importance of Maintaining Your Hair Extensions

11th April 2011 Hair extensions are the ultimate in which to gain the long, glossy hair youve always dreamed of without having to wait months for your natural hair to grow. However, when contemplating hair extensions, it is important to remember that your extensio… Read >

Fashion Maintaining Your Hair Extensions that Look Hot Off the Red-Carpet

01st April 2011 One of the main misconceptions that are made about hair extensions is that they are incredibly high maintenance. It is this misconception that causes many to shun the idea of investing in this form of hair beauty, instead opting for clip in extensions tha… Read >

Pregnancy Childbirth Choosing the Sex Of Your Child: One Step Too Far?

28th March 2011 Although it is currently banned within Britain, it seems we cannot shake our obsession with gender selection which is sweeping through other areas of the globe. There are thousands of couples across the UK who have dreamed of having children for so long t… Read >

Pregnancy Childbirth How Soon Can I Resume Exercise After Giving Birth?

14th March 2011 There is one worry that many expectant mothers may have in the back of their mind which relates to their body. We can do all we can in order to help our bodies be able to snap back following childbirth whether we follow a certain diet or imp… Read >

Pregnancy Childbirth Spotting During Pregnancy: What Are the Causes?

11th March 2011 Pregnancy can be an extremely difficult time as we watch and feel our body change. However, in the event we experience a somewhat unusual symptom, this can often create reason to panic- whether you are a first time mother or are adding to your brood. One … Read >

Baby Child When Do Babies Start to Crawl?

11th March 2011 One of the most enjoyable aspects of being a parent is witnessing your child reach those all important milestones. From smiling to laughing and even rolling over; each milestone shows us just how much our baby is progressing.One of the most exciting miles… Read >

Pregnancy Childbirth What Is Placenta Previa?

10th March 2011 Placenta previa, which is when the placenta partically covers the cervix, occurs in around 1 out of 200 pregnancies. However, although there are many who are aware of placenta previa, they may be unaware that there are actually three different types of pr… Read >

Baby Child Relieving Babys Cradle Cap

10th March 2011 Clinically referred to as infantile seborrheic dermatitis, cradle cap is one of the most commonly contracted health issues for newborn babies and infants. It is usually identified by the presentation of scaly patches on the babys scalp but along wi… Read >

Baby Child Treating A Clogged Milk Duct

10th March 2011 Breastfeeding is a time in which a mother can bond with her baby and provide him with all the nutrients he needs in order to develop. However, one of the main issues which come from breastfeeding is clogged milk ducts. Should any nursing mother discover a… Read >

Baby Child When Will My Baby Start Teething?

10th March 2011 As a parent, there is nothing that we love more than to see our baby smile. Even in the early months when they have nothing more than a gummy smile to offer us, it is an image we all love see.However, when the time comes that our baby shows his or her fir… Read >

Health-and-Fitness How To Keep Your Hair Extensions In Tip Top Condition!

30th May 2010 Hair extensions can drastically change your look and give you the long lustrous locks you’ve always wanted. But if you want to create the most natural look possible then you will need to go for the very best in hair extensions, and these don’t usually com… Read >

Recreation-and-Sports How Can I Make Sure My Sports Memorabilia is Authentic?

26th May 2010 If you are collecting sports memorabilia either as a hobby or an investment it is essential to verify the authenticity of your collection. Unfortunately, nowadays there are a lot of fraudsters out there looking to pass off their fake goods as the real dea… Read >

Self-Improvement Will My Short Hair Stop Me From Having Hair Extensions?

26th May 2010 Nowadays, celebrities often change their hair from short to long all in the space of a red carpet appearance. Now unless they are using some sort of extremely powerful hair growth product you can be sure that they are using hair extensions! One day your f… Read >

Recreation-and-Sports Avoid Fake Sports Memorabilia With This Short Guide!

24th May 2010 Nowadays the sports memorabilia industry is big business. It is not just a hobby but people also collect as a lucrative business investment. Many people from all over the world spend lots of money on sports memorabilia in a build to build collections as p… Read >

Self-Improvement Could A Brazilian Keratin Treatment Transform Afro-Caribbean Hair?

21st May 2010 The Brazilian Keratin treatment is a revolutionary for straightening and smoothing curly hair. The treatment banishes even a hint of frizz and leaves hair more manageable than ever before. Unlike other straightening methods, the Brazilian Keratin treatmen… Read >