The Longevity Of Men’s Fashion

It may feel as though it is only recently that menswear and mens designer fashion has really become popular but did you know that since the early 1920’s; dedicated, world renowned designers have been creating some of the most loved items of clothing?

Menswear has always been a debatable subject, with one side arguing that men should be the atypical guys and wear anything that feels good and makes them look ‘like a real man’ whilst the other side now debate that society, celebrities and even the women in our life have made it so that we have no choice but to conform and bow down to the style gods.

Whatever side of the fence you sit on, there is no denying that some of the best of the best designers are those specialising in mens clothing. In fact forget women’s designers, it is the menswear designers who have been the lasting revolutionaries!

Like all fashion, mens fashion has gradually evolved overtime but in comparison to the relative ‘newbie’ women’s designers there are some menswear specialists that have been around for over seven decades. Eton, the creators of the world renowned, breathtaking quality Eton shirts was first established in 1928 but today still operate with the same ethos and belief and quality in craftsmanship that has made Eton the leading name in mens shirts.

There are also many menswear companies ‘young’ in comparison to Eton that have, in spite of their juvenility; become synonymous with mens fashion. Vilebrequin, established in 1971 has become the ultimate symbol of luxury mens swimwear whilst Oliver Sweeney; creators of the admired Oliver Sweeney shoes have, since 1989 ensured mens footwear gain the status of quality that women’s footwear dominates.

The fact of the matter is that, although men have only recently begun to take time and consideration in their appearance, a push that many believe has occurred since male celebrities have become the metrosexuals who take time and care over their appearance, mens designer fashion has been present for decades.

Whether or not we have only just begun to appreciate mens fashion; it cannot be denied that mens fashion is a market that has been around for quite some time. From the suits of the 1920’s to the leather jackets of the 1980’s; mens designers are revolutionaries who have changed the way we think and the way we dress forever.

For those who were convinced that mens fashion has only presented itself since stars like David Beckham set the bar and to those who think men were unconcerned and have and should only be wearing what they need to they should really think again. Mens fashion has been present for as long as can be remembered and if you ask me; those designers are indeed, real revolutionaries.

David Beckham Spotted Wearing Natural Selection Denim

Natural Selection is set to become one of the biggest names in denim. They are aiming high and hitting hard, bringing style and durability to the market on a level that is rarely seen.

The jeans have a fantastic feel to them no surprise when you consider what goes in to their making! They are made from 14.5oz red selvedge, narrow-width denim from Kurabo Mills in Okayama, Japan. There is a selection of washes available from Raw to their fabulous Broken and Buried styles.

The beauty of Natural Selection denim does not end there each pair of jeans features a leather-bound booklet featuring hand-drawn illustrations of the brands styles as well as an introduction to the brand and what it stands for.

World-renowned football player David Beckham has been seen to be a fan of the brand. In the early hours of 16th October, Beckham was spotted arriving at Heathrow Airport (London) sporting a pair of the Natural Selection Straight Buried jeans.

It comes as no surprise that Beckham owns a pair of these jeans. Beckham has been known for his ecstatic enthusiasm for fashion and has been seen as a trendsetter of British fashion for over 10 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

Japanese Denim is becoming more prevalent across premium designer brands, and Japanese designer brands are getting ever more popular. Edwin has been around for a long time and is enjoying growing popularity. Prps, the project of Dowan Harrell (of ex-Nike designer fame) came at the world with huge quantities of style, character and build quality and has never looked back.

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