Multiplayer Fashion Designer Games

If your little girl and her friends love fashion, they might enjoy playing fashion designer games. They can use their creativity and imaginations to create outfits for their dolls or for virtual dolls. Some outfits they can create are dresses, sets, bathing suits and workout clothes. Fashion designer games come in three different formats: computer games, online virtual doll games and fashion designer game sets. They are all easy for little girls to use.
Online Designer Fashion Games
Some kid-friendly websites offer fashion designer games for your little girl. The most recommended websites would be Girl Sense, dress up games and Fashion Club. With Girl Sense, girls can register and become a member in order to play games and interact with other girls. These fashion designer games allow girls to create fashions for well-known boutiques such as JCPenny, Mudd, B.B. Dakota and Saint Grace. At Dress Up Games, registration is not required. Some fashion designer games include Model Photo Shoot Dress Up, Design Diva, Fashion Designer NY, Nadia Catwalk Show and March Cover Model. Girls can show of their designs by creating their own virtual fashion show. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising sponsors the Fashion Club website. This website is ideal for girls who want to pursue a career in fashion design. They can practice creating their own scarves, tee shirts and other types of apparel. Registration is required in order to have full access to this website.
Fashion Designer Game Sets
If you are not comfortable with your child using the Internet, then a fashion designer game set may be more appropriate. These game sets usually come with a doll or doll form, markers and colored pencils, paper, stickers or stamps, fabrics, patterns and paper doll cut outs. Your little girl can create her own fashions by drawing out her designs or cutting them out according to the pattern. It may be necessary for you to help your child with cutting out the fabric and patterns. Barbie and Project Runway are examples of fashion designer game sets that your daughter can play with. Cra-Z-Art allows your child to stencil her designs onto paper, which is a safe alternative to the other sets. The age requirements for these games range from six to eight years of age.
Fashion Designer Computer Games
Fashion designer computer games are safer alternatives from online games and game sets. One example of an ideal computer game is the Imagine Fashion Designer game. This game comes in both PC and Nintendo DS formats. With the Imagine Fashion Designer game, your little girl can enter the fashion business by creating clothing lines and directing photo shoots. The game also has a website where your daughter can display her designs and interact with other players. The Nintendo Wi-Fi version allows girls to participate in an online catwalk show and fashion photo shoot. Other ideal fashion computer games include Fashion Solitaire, Barbie Fashion Show, Project Fashion and Fashion Apprentice. These computer games have varying system requirements.