Tips To A Rugged Masculine Look

Though it’s sometimes true that ladies like sharply dressed men – sharp here denoting suit and family, the famous blue tinged rockers seem to present a different opinion which I readily share that a man gotta have suit up moments as well as time for rugged edge. Casual wear when properly coordinated to highlight the rugged and masculine features of a man, can be equally appealing to the members of the opposite sex.

How to create a classic rugged bad boy image

Items to watch: Boots, Fitted T’s, Denims and Leather Jackets

Majority of men find it easy pulling off a rugged look very easily, however, it’s important that you exercise discretion when selecting the 4 staple items necessary to building an appropriate masculine outfit.

Authentic Leather Jacket

I’m not talking about the trench coat here pal, I’m talking about the 1/2 length or 3/14 length leather jackets. Trench (leather) coats are usually associated with goth subset and don’t qualify here. As with leather jackets, worn or new, it always looks nice when nicely tucked to align with your physique – just make sure that the garment is nothing but pure leather not imitations like pleather or vinyl. Nothing shouts fake like false leather jacket does.

Authentic Leather Boots

Though wearing cowboy boots may appear a little bit overboard, casual boots or leather dress looks mightily good when matched with a pair of well worn or traveled denims. Mark Nason is particularly the super-designer in this field with his Crowbar label leading the pack.

A Pair of Denims

Black, grey, white and your typical work jeans are colors to avoid here. The best colors are dark blue, indigo with brown or slightly coal fading, these ones enhance and create a more rugged look.

Fitted Tees

Now this one is quite flexible based on your physique, however, I strongly suggest that you wear clothes that fit much more snugly with this kind of ensemble unless you’re out of shape. For tees black is the finest color to go for, and screen printed design is fully acceptable, though not a must. Tee colors that work best here are plain black perhaps with a small design or just plain black, dark brown and navy also fit the bill depending on the color your boots, jacket or jeans.

Why a rugged masculine look? is it necessary?

Though it may not be a necessity to embark on a journey of creating a rugged and masculine wardrobe – I suggest doing it for the major reason of self-esteem and also for the simple reason of sexual appeal. Women maybe used to see ill dressed men or accountants in conservative business-wear, a tastefully dressed man in nice fitting clothes – especially good leather jackets and/ or designer boots makes quite an impression.

Being unique and standing out of the crowd provides strong visual imprint to those that will be encountering you, it’s also an ego booster regardless of the situation.