David Beckham Spotted Wearing Natural Selection Denim

Natural Selection is set to become one of the biggest names in denim. They are aiming high and hitting hard, bringing style and durability to the market on a level that is rarely seen.

The jeans have a fantastic feel to them no surprise when you consider what goes in to their making! They are made from 14.5oz red selvedge, narrow-width denim from Kurabo Mills in Okayama, Japan. There is a selection of washes available from Raw to their fabulous Broken and Buried styles.

The beauty of Natural Selection denim does not end there each pair of jeans features a leather-bound booklet featuring hand-drawn illustrations of the brands styles as well as an introduction to the brand and what it stands for.

World-renowned football player David Beckham has been seen to be a fan of the brand. In the early hours of 16th October, Beckham was spotted arriving at Heathrow Airport (London) sporting a pair of the Natural Selection Straight Buried jeans.

It comes as no surprise that Beckham owns a pair of these jeans. Beckham has been known for his ecstatic enthusiasm for fashion and has been seen as a trendsetter of British fashion for over 10 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

Japanese Denim is becoming more prevalent across premium designer brands, and Japanese designer brands are getting ever more popular. Edwin has been around for a long time and is enjoying growing popularity. Prps, the project of Dowan Harrell (of ex-Nike designer fame) came at the world with huge quantities of style, character and build quality and has never looked back.

Online stockists of Natural Selection clothing include:

Sa-kis.co.uk (Ships Worldwide)