Opaque Pantyhose – Sexy Legs, Slim and Long

Look stylish with opaque pantyhose. Find out how different types of pantyhose can bring out a different you.

Opaque pantyhose is a type of women’ garment which is body hugging from the waist all the way to the feet. It is a tight fitting coverings which is similar to stockings and this one piece pantyhose garment provides a convenient alternative to stockings.

The opaque pantyhose usually comes in solid colors such as black, white, yellow etc. As it is opaque, you can simply wear it as a bottom, and pair it with a matching blouse to look fashionable. On the other hand, a sheer pantyhose is semi transparent, and it can be worn to match the skin color of your legs so as to enhance the appearance of your legs. It can be used to cover the blemishes and scars on your legs, and make them look smoother and prettier.

By wearing dark colored opaque pantyhose, you can enhance the legs by outlining the shape and making your legs look slimmer. Pantyhose does has a practical use as well. You can wear it to provide warmth in colder weather and protect your legs from the cold wind. You can wear a mini skirt on top of the pantyhose to look trendy and fashionable even during the cold weather.

There are many different varieties of opaque pantyhose for you to choose from. Most women pantyhose are made of nylon and spandex which provides elasticity and better fitting. It is important to find one with good quality so that the pantyhose do not -run- or tear easily, and it is advisable to hand wash your pantyhose to prevent it from getting out of shape.

Katie Fox is a hardcore fan of women pantyhose. She loves wearing it for the comfort. More importantly, it makes her legs looks more silky smooth and slender. She has totally changed her old fashioned image to a sexy babe and elegant woman that every men would sought after. Find out more about how she does it with women pantyhose.