Omega Seamaster 300m and Rolex Submariner 2 luxury watches for stylish men

It is said that men are judged by the kind of watches they wear just like women are judged by their shoes. A watch is not just a time-teller but something much more. It has a personality-defining character and it can speak for the person’s intelligence, pride and character. On a number of occasions, we have seen women falling for a man, attracted by his stylish watches. Likewise, cases of women turning down men for their inferior taste in watches have also been chronicled. In short, it can be said that a watch can make you or break you. Luxury watches like Omega Seamaster 300m are the owner’s most prized collections. They are flaunted all over the world and have featured in several James Bond movies. James Bond is a fictional character which has a sky-high reputation for his love for gizmos. Whatever he wears or flashes instantly becomes a favorite of the masses. Seamaster 300m by Omega has achieved cult status after it was modeled by Bond.

The model’s origin dates back to 1948. With a history dating back to around 70 years, the watch has cultivated a mammoth prestige for itself. Its iconic stature has made it something more than just a watch. Omega Seamaster 300m brilliantly combines beauty and practicability. To an observer, it is an enviable thing, an object of desire and something to ogle silently. To the owner, it is a thing which can be flashed with verve and be worn for all occasions- formal as well as informal. It helps that the brand Omega is counted amongst the best brands in the world as far as luxury watches are concerned. So, getting your hand on Seamaster 300m can be both fulfilling and satisfying.

Another watch which is an ingenious cocktail of endurance and glamour is Rolex Submariner. True to its name, this model came out with a fiery reputation for being a powerful water-resistant. Hence, divers and submariners who were in need of a watch that could survive water pressure beneath the sea found in it a treat to their wrists.

Submariner by Rolex has become synonymous to luxury and endurance. Today, it finds its way on the wrists of hundreds of scuba divers around the world. But that doesn’t mean that it is solely meant for the divers. It is utterly masculine in looks and most men, irrespective of their profession, flaunt it in order to earn admiration from the opposite gender and envy from the colleagues.

Rolex Submariner was developed in 1953. It was a trendsetter since it pioneered the culture of water-resistant watches. It was also the first watch which could offer resistance at a depth till 100m. The more sophisticated ones of today can offer resistance even till a depth of 300 m.

Both Omega Seamaster 300m and Rolex Submariner are luxury watches which carry the stamp of grandeur, authority and status. If you are looking for a budget-friendly inexpensive watch for casual wear, these are certainly not for you. But if you are looking for something which can increase your social reputation and lend you a stylish profile, these are the top recommendations.

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