Style Tips Don’t make These Mistakes

If you think you have good taste in clothes and buying from high premium and luxury brands alone will make sure that you look at your stylist best; Thing Again! Though your wardrobe might look swanky and up-market, but it will hold you no good if you don’t know the there-after of styling one. Yes, knowing what looks good on you, does make a difference but what matters more, is not making the mistakes that we generally end up making when dressing up.

Wrinkled Shirt: You might be the one who likes being at his casual best but you surely do not want to give an impression to people that you slept in the same clothes last night in when you meet them, do you? Forget about your office boss, the wrinkled shirt will fail to even have a good impression of your date. What you need to realize that it takes only couple of minutes to iron the clothes and there is no better impression on others, than a man who knows how to keep him groomed. If you are a bachelor and can’t do the job (though it is no rocket science) then opts for dry cleaning services!

Throw away the shine: Shine could be in (really?), but then over-doing it might actually look cheap. For those who believe that every ensemble for evenings should have a hint of glitter in it, you are so very wrong. Quality garments for men in lush fabrics, like cashmere, linen or fine wool can give you a much better and varied look than compared to the glossy effects that you usually might be opting for.

Stain- factor: Never ever… and we mean ever, ignore a stain on your clothes, whatever tiny it might be in prowess. But unfortunately, you often would end up seeing at least one character in the noon time wearing an outfit that has a stain to it somewhere. Trust us when we say, no matter how good your outfit is… a stain can kill the whole look and feel of it. Designer brand or a street wear, make sure that you keep your clothes clean and tidy all the time.

Tight is not the way: So you workout and want to flex those muscles for everyone to see? We say, do it, but only marginally, as people do not really glance with a good eye on those guys who wear clothes that seem to be all ready to burst because of their muscle size. Go for slim fit shirts instead of body hugging tees, as shirts can give you much more opulent look then those cheap looking t-shirts.

Too loose is not the way either: We’re being picky, but it’s true that going too far in the opposite direction and over-sizing all your clothes is as bad an act as wearing the tight ones. The reason could be over-weight, paunch, long height or anything, but over size clothes are not the solutions. Instead look for clothes that are smooth in their fall and are made of soft textures, which will make sure that people look at you only with an eye of appreciation.

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