Snoogle body pillow- Say goodbye to body aches during pregnancy.

During pregnancy women suffer from back pain and feel stiffness all over their body. A growing belly and inability to sleep on back make them feel uncomfortable in the bed which disturbs their sleep. Women during the period are advised to sleep on the side which puts pressure on hips, necks and other body parts resulting in body aches during the night. Using 4 to 5 pillows to support your various parts doesn’t help either as the pillows slip away in a few minutes. Sleepless nights can cause great damage to the health of a pregnant woman and at times can also affect the delivery of the baby. If you too are expecting a baby and are going trough sleepless nights due to pain then there’s an easy solution for you in a body pillow. Yes, the pillow can help you get a good night sleep and that too on-the-side position without any trouble. Moreover, you will feel cosy and comfy with it.

The popularity of body pillows as a maternity aid has led to the flooding of many different varieties of pillows for pregnant women in the market. There are pillows available in various shapes, sizes, brands and prices. Among such a broad range of pillows, Snoogle body pillow stands out as one of the best body pillow for prenatal women due to its high quality and ergonomic design. A Snoogle body pillow can greatly reduce the pain in the body and discomfort in the body allowing you to have proper sleep and rest and takes care of you in the entire maternity period.

The Snoogle pillow is manufactured by Leachlo, a reputed brand in maternity and child care accessories. The patented, pillow especially designed for would-be-moms promotes correct back alignment by providing much needed support to your back, neck and baby bump and significantly reduces many of the pregnancy aches thus allowing you to get a sound sleep.

Snoogle body pillow- product description and features

This C-shaped pillow is made of high quality polyester and comes with removable custom cover. It’s 60 x 24.8 x 7.2 inches in size and weighs around 5.6 pounds and can easily be put into your bed.

Some notable features that makes Snoogle pillow preferred by many expecting ladies are-

Adjusts to your body shape- The pillow will automatically adjust to your body, no matter in which stage of pregnancy you are and how big you have grown. It is made of soft polyester and cotton and is uniquely designed to follow the natural shape of your body from head to toe. And, being made of polyester it is a little firmer than traditional pillows and nicely supports your entire body.

Perfectly hygienic-? First, the material used in making these pillows are of high standards and free of any toxic and harmful materials that can have a negative effect on your health. Secondly, it comes with a removable cover which can be regularly and easily machine washed and dried to give you a clean bed every day.

Suitable for women of all sizes- This body pillow is designed in such a way so as to accommodate women of all sizes and height. So, whether you are tall or short, you will feel the same comfort and support from the pillow.

Perfect for reclining and resting- One of the great benefits of Snoogle pillow is that it also doubles up as a back rest and is an ultimate cushion for lower body support. You can easily fold it and recline on it while reading or watching T.V.

Post-pregnancy use- Unlike other body pillows which are only suitable till the delivery of baby, Snoogle can be used post-pregnancy as a breastfeeding support. You can comfortably sit using it as back-rest and breastfeed your baby.

Doesn’t get soggy- Use of high quality materials and patented design ensure that the pillows don’t get soggy for a long period and will remain firm through-out your pregnancy and much longer than that.

A few complaints-

Some of the women using Snoogle body pillows do complain that it is a little bulky than other body pillows but that’s understandable as to support your various parts and to align your neck, back, hips and abdomen, the pillow has to be big and hence a little more weight. And, anyways, 5.6 pounds is comfortable to carry around and use it wherever required. A few also find it a bit pricey when compared with other choices available in the market. However, when you compare its quality and benefits, it is really worth of every dollar spent on it.

So, get rid of those back pains. Have a sound and refreshing sleep. And stop juggling with 4-5 pillows in your bed. Get a snoogle body pillow and perfectly take care of your body. Happy Pregnancy!

How to choose a body Pillow?

Plentiful choices in the market make picking the right body pillow for you, a tricky task. Before you buy a body pillow, it is important to know what exactly is the perfect one for you. While there are no exact standards to judge a body pillow but there are a few considerations to be kept in mind while shopping. They are-

Hygienic- Cleanliness is of utmost import to a pregnant woman. Everything which she uses must be clean and free of dust. Therefore, one must pick a body pillow that can be cleaned regularly. So, you must choose a pillow with removable custom cover that can be machine washed and dried.

Right size and shape- Body pillows are available in variety of size and shapes. You must pick a pillow which suits your height. Similarly, C-shaped or U-shaped pillows that support back, belly and other parts are the right choice for you. It would be helpful if you could take a minute and understand which of your body parts have gained weight during pregnancy and require support while sleeping and then pick your choice.

Materials used- First, you need to ensure that the materials used in making the pillows are non-toxic and non-allergic to you. Second, it should make you feel cosy with it. And thirdly, it shouldn’t get soggy and remain firm for a long time. And, most importantly, seek advice from parents and doctors. You can also talk to your friends who have been recently pregnant. They may not help you choose the right pillow, which you have to do it in your own, but will surely pass on important tips in picking the best body pillow for yourself. Armed with their advice and considerations mentioned above, choosing a pillow that makes for sound sleep will be easy.

Total body pillow uses

A body pillow has become a must-have maternity aid for pregnant women for reducing body aches and getting sound sleep in the night. While there are many varieties of body pillows available, total body pillows score over them in its multiple uses. Here’s how-

Perfect for sleeping-on-side position- Prenatal women are advised by doctors to sleep on the side so that there is no pressure on the belly. When you sleep on the side with a grown belly, you need support in various body parts like neck, back, hips and legs etc., so that you don’t experience aches and maintain proper body alignment. A total body pillow provides adequate support to all your body parts resulting in refreshing sleep, everyday.

Recline and rest- While total body pillows are known for their use as sleeping aid among expecting ladies, it can also double-up as an excellent back rest. Just fold it and lay your back on it when you wish to read a book or watch T.V. It will provide good support to your lower back and neck and make you comfortable sitting for long hours.

Breastfeeding- if you thought that body pillows are to be put in a corner post pregnancy then think again! A total body pillow can also be used after pregnancy when the little one has arrived. You have to breastfeed your baby many times a day. During that time, just fold the pillow, take a comfortable position on it and feed your baby.

Above all, a total body pillow gives you a protective feel. With support to each body part and most importantly your baby bump, you feel reassured which lightens your mood. And, being in a happy mood is very important when you are expecting. So, use a total body pillow and enjoy its multiple uses.

Kathy Smith is a maternity specialist and a writer at Snoogle Pillow.