Natures Abundant Inspiration In Fashion Clothing Design

Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time so say artists and designers. Keep one eye on English weather for it too can change at any time. It, nature has been the subject matter of many period artists the world over, through to the famous Bloomsbury Group of London; even in modern times, fashion designers draw from archived or active inspiration from nature.

The hills and valleys become a collage of colours as the sun stoops through the clouds at timely intervals, intervened by even more timely rain.

A very famous depiction of nature at its best, the Willow pattern, no doubt the most copied crockery style in history. Thus avoids any illusion of the contribution Britain has made to everlasting styles, albeit, seemingly borrowed from the orient.

India and the orient have never been to far from our English shores, brought even closer through the advent of internet, shedding light expressly on foreign cultures’ natures’ influences now seen in clothing and accessories.

As far drawn as the Polynesian isles, Hibiscus flower were ferried to fashion houses. More recently straight off the catwalk men’s floral suits, again using Hibiscus ready to be watered down for high street store conservatism. Keep one eye on the weather it can change at any time, perhaps a return of dandyism is immanent.

Now for a change in tone, but the subject matter still follows a thread. To properly construct a rock and Roll song you need verses, dynamic lifts (a change of chord placement at certain intervals) a chorus, bridge interlude (instrumental solo) quite simple.

But the success of a rock and roll song, amongst many other things, depends greatly on its chorus to achieve top ten status. Bruce Springstein hit number one with -Born To Run-, listen closely to the song.

There is no actual chorus, but dynamic lifts are myriad. He was one of a kind and wisely drew from his own natural environment to produce art, not flowers and rolling hills, but from Asbury Park New Jersey, from its multi cultural inhabitants on the streets. A song is a culmination of many different artistic talents.

Similarly, individual artistry on canvas is transformed through complex intervention. Dyes, computerized looms are weaving silks around the clock around the world. Nature a culmination of many things becomes a prime subject of inspiration for fashion designers. The finished product in it self a true depiction of artist’s vintage and contemporary.

The silk tie an ideal medium to reflect natures’ brilliance, a subtle rendition by Vivienne Westwood is a favourite of dedicated followers of fashion.

The Point Sienna petal is a perfect scaled replication of the actual flower in full bloom. The realism captured and repeated in colours beyond natures’ scope makes it a true designer silk ties in essence.

And miniature cufflinks fashioned from gold, silver, enamel and crystal are blooming. In fact clothing and accessories in general are treading a trendy path into hills and valleys, where blankets of flower petals beckon inspiration. What is true of nature is mimicked in fashion, both constantly changing. Keep one eye on the weather it can change any time.

To close this article appropriately here is a poem by William Wordsworth, inspired by nature.

I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o’er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils;

Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze. Continuous as the stars that shine And twinkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a bay:

Ten thousand saw I at a glance, Tossing their heads in sprightly dance. The waves beside them danced; but they Out-did the sparkling waves in glee: A poet could not but be gay, In such a jocund company:

I gazed – and gazed – but little thought What wealth the show to me had brought: For oft, when on my couch I lie In vacant or in pensive mood, They flash upon that inward eye Which is the bliss of solitude;

And then my heart with pleasure fills, And dances with the daffodils.

Some Brief Product Reviews; Mens Jewellery, Cufflinks And, Very Special Pendants

The future for men’s jewellery expansion looks brighter and brighter, no longer restricted to lapel badges and silk ties alone.

Many designer brands are responding to increasing demand for diversity in clothing accessories for men, there is a move out of the generic flavour, at last.

Finally men are getting more of a say about the clothing styles they buy and wear. Mixing and matching is an enjoyable exercise as the choice of colours goes beyond shades of grey.

Traditional lapel badges are now referred to as men’s brooches and popularity for bangles continues to surge.

A new era is evolving, an ideal environment for designers to incubate their ideas and watch them come to fruition

One name that is carving out a sizable niche in menswear clothing accessories is Vivienne Westwood. Her distinctive styling and bold approach mark a new creative direction.

Pendants The red heart Orb pendant a fine piece of jewellery; it’s deliberate and consistent in style, not just being different for the sake of it. Proportionately combining traditional materials like enamel and Swarovski crystals set in Rhodium transforms it into a very contemporary form. With a generous chain and sturdy spring loaded clasp they’re sure to last a life time. And they can easily be match with a pair of red heart Orb cufflinks.

Then there is the thoughtful piece of brown English Oak wood set in a solid circular piece of Rhodium and, justly named -Touch Wood Pendant- There are many more to comment on, but lets not be greedy.

Brooches The Brightly Coloured, Perspex brooches; Reminiscent of the colours used in Pueblo style architecture. To wear on your lapel and you’ll be making a bold statement. They don’t resemble the traditional insignia badge worn by members of associations or clubs

Cufflinks The handmade Swarovski Cube cufflinks by Ian Flaherty, sporting 80 Swarovski Crystals a piece and recently voted one of the best gifts for Father’s day by Victoria Gray of the Sunday Express Magazine. Precision equalled by quality and they’re made in England.

Another worthy name to note is Veritas Precious Metal Design; The -Icons Cufflink Collection-, featuring, Che Guevara, Sir Winston Churchill and Marilyn Monroe are brought to vibrant life, using sterling silver, enamel and Swarovski Crystals to create instantly recognisable forms. Veritas gifts have once again set the benchmark for style, quality and innovation in finely crafted jewellery. Made in limited quantities, so, value is retained for many years to come in the -Icons Collection-

Remember, every significant movement in art can be traced through the design of cufflinks. Jewellers like Cartier and Tiffany crafted work of art cufflinks in mother of pearl, crystal; precious stones…These famous fashion names establish designer cufflinks as the essential accessory for men.

London Badge and Button, an easy name to remember: They typify contemporary accessories. Since 1973 their apt designs have consistently met with market demand. Now at the cutting edge of laser technology and computer assisted modelling they’re in keeping with changing technology and this is reflected in their precision cufflinks.

But don’t forget your silk ties, otherwise the doorman may not let you into the club-house.

Bangles If you want to see what’s available in the way of men’s then keep an eye on Vivienne Westwood, you will be pleasantly surprised.

All the fashion accessories mentioned are worthy of any collection.