Accessories For Petite Women

The accessories you wear will play a huge role in helping to make you look proportional. If you are a petite woman, it is important to choose accessories that will help to elongate your appearance. At the same time you will also need to be really careful when choosing accessories because any accessory that dont do this for you will make you look cluttered and you will find that it detracts from looking stylish and attractive. With this in mind, here are some tips for each type of accessory that you should keep in mind when you are a petite woman looking for accessories to buy.

Jewelry for petite women

Not only should your jewelry be in proportion to your bone structure but it should also be kept simple. If you are a curvy, petite woman, you will be able to wear larger pieces of jewelry than a thin boned petite woman will wear. Some of the things that will work well for you are a classic pair of stud earrings coupled with some fine chains and bangles or a pair of drop earrings and pendants that have vertical lines. On the other hand, you will want to avoid big, chunky pieces of jewelry with horizontal lines, such as fob necklaces.

Shoes for petite women

As a petite woman, you should always wear a pair of moderate sized heels. A pair of mid height heels look really nice on fine boned petite women. Your leg line will also be lengthened whenever you wear a pair of pointy toe shoes, sling backs or deep toe cleavage style shoes. As you look at different types of shoes, make sure that they also match your hemline. You may choose to stay away from ankle straps and squared toed shoes. For larger petite women, a bolder shoe will be in proportion to a larger leg, while a delicately designed shoe may accentuate the size of the legs. For longer dresses, where little if any leg shows, most boots and shoes will work no matter if you are a smaller or larger petite woman.

A related accessory that may not seem like one of your accessories, are stockings. You will want to choose hosiery that matches both your dress or skirt and your shoe color so as to create one long line. The right hosiery becomes an accessory when putting together a fashionable outfit.

Handbags for petite women

You will want to carry a small handbag that has a sleek finish to it. Make sure that the purse doesnt have any extra ornamentation to it. It is also great to find those styles that will either create a vertical line or sit close to your body instead of sticking out. Clutches that you can stick under your arm, as well as hobos, or vertical shopper totes will be your best choice. On the other hand, you dont want to carry an oversized bag that will be disproportionate and distract from the overall look that you are trying to create. Complimentary colors work better than contrasting colors when it comes to handbags and petite women.

Scarves for petite women

Whenever you are thinking about wearing a scarf you will want to make sure that it is long and skinny so that peoples eyes will travel down the length of your body and not get stuck midway. You dont want a short, bulky scarf, as then peoples eyes will notice that you are vertically challenged! It is also best to choose monochromatic colors when choosing a scarf. A contrasting colored scarf could work, depending on the outfit, because it adds to an elongated look.

Belts for petite women

Any time that you wear a belt it should be the same color as the garment that you are wearing or just a few shades different. By creating sharp color contrasts you will break up your body and thus detract even further from your height. It is also important for the belt to be skinny, not wide.

Always try to remember that less is more. It is like artwork on a smaller canvas; you dont want to be overwhelmed with too much. For the right shoes for just about every outfit for both petite, average sized, and tall women, go to Shoes and Accessories. At their storefront located in Miami, Florida, you will find a large selection of fine shoes. For those who dont live in the Miami, Florida area, you can shop online for fashionable designer shoes.