Antimicrobial Medical Scrubs For Improved Nurse And Patient Safety

What is very interesting is that even though a hospital is quite often deemed to be one of the safest places on the planet, it is also known to harbor some of the biggest threats to our health. While hospitals are among the absolute best places to seek cures for our sicknesses, it is because of this that hospitals hold the unfortunate nature of possibly making things worse since there is so much sickness and so many potential pathogens found there. Fortunately, there has been some really great research and development over the last few years that have helped to make a significant impact on the health and safety of those who work at medical clinics and hospitals as well as for those who go to these facilities seeking help for their health problems. One of the best solutions that is now available to medical professionals and nurses is antimicrobial medical scrubs; also referred to as bioshields in some medical garments.
First, these antimicrobial medical scrubs create an ideal solution since they are among the absolute most convenient solutions that you have in the name of helping to maintain a safer working environment for both you and your patients. All you need to is simply put them on without having to carry out any complex procedures beyond the simple donning of your medical scrubs. Of course, this is not to say that you can stop washing your hands and maintaining safe medical practices thinking that the antimicrobial properties of your scrubs will do all the preventative work for you.
Among the more effective antimicrobial medical scrub options that you have are those that feature a water based anti microbial which is infused within the fabric. Interestingly, these antimicrobial molecules feature properties that actually allow them to puncture microbes which effectively kill them and stop them from spreading or further infecting.
Since the killing of potentially harmful microbes is done through puncturing, this means that this is actually a mechanical process achieved at a microscopic level. What exactly does this mean for you health and wellbeing? It means that this is actually not a chemical process. This naturally makes the process much safer for you and your patients since there are no potentially harmful chemicals involved that could either irritate your skin or jeopardize the sterile zone in surgical units or medical facilities.
The antimicrobial properties in these special medical garments not only helps to fight off bacteria, it can also help to protect your scrubs from mold, mildew, algae growth. Not only that, but these bacteria fighting properties also help to eliminate odors caused by certain microbes.
In addition, what comes as an even greater convenience regarding these scrubs is that most of them are safe for standard machine washing. Research demonstrates that many of the top antimicrobial medical garments will retain their microbial fighting abilities at 98 percent effectiveness even after about 50 – 60 washes. And what comes as even more exciting news is that there is current research being done to develop medical scrubs with permanent antibacterial properties.