Bootie Bag – The Purse With Personality

Almost all men, women and children own at least one pair of denim blue jeans. They are stylish, rugged and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

We have been a society that loves our denim since first introduced in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. Waist overalls – the traditional name – were primarily worn as work pants on the farm or other working environment that required sturdy and serviceable clothing.

Then in the 1960’s the baby boom generation adopted the name “Blue Jeans” to describe the fashion statement of the decade. Blue jeans can be dark blue pressed and worn with a blazer, or heavily washed to sport the faded look. Many people even distress their jeans with rips at the knees, frayed cuffs or cut off to shorts length. Blue jeans can be adapted to suit anyone’s personality.

Since the popularity of blues jeans has risen, manufacturers and designers have included denim jeans of many colors, black, white and a rainbow of colors. We even have denim skirts and jackets. A few years ago, the denim blue jeans purse was designed by Chris Graham. Mrs. Graham, a mother of four, began making Bootie Bag handbags shortly after she and her husband learned that their youngest son was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. She used the Bootie Bags as a way to fundraise to help other children like her son.

The handbag is constructed from the upper portion of the blue jeans – hence the name “Bootie Bag”. The legs are cut off just below the crotch and the excess material is used for a handle, if desired. The bag is generally lined with a colorful material and a belt or scarf is inserted through the waistband loops to create a belt. The outside pockets of the jeans make a perfect place for keys, cell phone, lipstick, etc.

In our never ending desire for more denim in our wardrobe, the Bootie Bag handbag has become a very popular accessory to our outfit. The bags come in several sizes – Big Bootie, Baby Bootie, Itty Bitty Bootie, and Bootie Tote. Bootie Bags sport bamboo handles or denim handles, shoulder length or over the arm length. Some even have beaded handles. The variety is one of the great aspects of this design. There are even some Bootie Bags that feature a theme such as a sports team, or a sport such as golf with appliqus or rhinestone bling, bling to create personality. Most women like the idea that each purse is an original and is unique. Some women even have several Bootie Bags in different styles and colors.

Bootie Bags make another very useful contribution to society. They are usually made from gently worn recycled blue jeans from consignment stores or jeans that just don’t fit your family any longer.

So not only are Bootie Bags a fashion statement with personality they are eco-friendly. Reduce, recycle and reuse.