Calvin Klein the Supreme Master Of Minimalism

Everybody has heard of it: Calvin Klein Underwear, Eternity by Calvin Klein, CK Underwear, and The Khaki Collection – the list goes on and on. Calvin Klein brands had become so popular since 1970’s for their ultimate comfort, versatility, and unique, sexy look. Pop stars, actors, politicians: most of them have a CK in their dress room, whether it is a fragrance, business suit, or nightlife outfit.

What is so unique about Calvin Klein? Well, the answer is simple: a combination of provocative image, simplicity, and sexuality. Provocation came inside the advertising, starting from the cutting edge Brooke Shields ads to sexy teen photos, so popular in 1990’s. CK has always been down-to-earth when it came to separates – his clothing is designed to be worn with everything else in CK clothing line, no matter how absurd such mix-and-match may bethought of. And let’s not forget the screaming sex appeal of CK clothing lines, especially jeans and underwear. When the matter is sexuality, Calvin Klein is on the top of the list among Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace, and D&G, but a lot cheaper.

It is a fact that, CK can boast affordability compared to other designers, along with never-ending popularity and ultra-strong brand recognition. When shopping for Calvin Klein clothes, underwear, or fragrance one should change the conservative shopping approach to modern high-tech. Development of information technology along with the growing popularity of Internet as a global marketplace makes today’s shopping for virtually anything a relaxed, money-saving process.

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