How To Tone Your Butt So You Fit Into Skinny Jeans

Do you pay attention to today’s clothing trends and styles? If you didn’t know it, skinny jeans are in! Women that carry a little excess weight in the butt, hip or thigh area will show the problem area off in a skinny jean.

It becomes important to learn how to tone your butt so you fit into skinny jeans confidently. Longer tunic tops will disguise the tummy and hip area but diet and exercise are the complete solution to the problem.

Specifically, Brazil Butt Lift program targets your lower body with its power moves. A program created with very deliberate moves that work your muscle to it’s fullest.

Brazil Butt Lift Reputation
BBL has the earned reputation of supermodels everywhere. Leandro Carvahlo the creator, of the program has answered the concerns of women with a specific exercise and diet program geared towards women’s problem areas. His concentration on problem areas has allowed him to give an average woman the chance to workout with supermodel results. Models that wear and advertise skinny jeans use these methods to keep themselves in shape.

One of the main key ingredients to this program is the implementation of variety and consistency.

Starting Brazil Butt Lift
The jump off point of this program is the 6 day supermodel slimdown plan, which is a 6 day eating plan formulated to help you lose weight and tone your body faster. The plan gives you a standard eating plan that you can copy day to day or you can choose different varieties of foods to suit your palate.

When you are concentrating on how to tone your butt so you can fit in your skinny jeans, keep the prize or goal in front of you. Hand those jeans up in your room or put then and take a picture. You can tape it to the refrigerator or keep it in your wallet for extra motivation when out at your favorite restaurant.

If you can set aside or pay attention to yourself for 15 – 20 minutes a day you will reap a supermodels reward. being able to fit into skinny jeans is a worthwhile goal, you not only want to look good but you can help you health by keeping your weight down. Having a body within your correct weight to height ratio helps keep your body running like a fined tuned instrument.

So get going, learn how to tone your butt so you fit into your skinny jeans right now!

Reasons To Buy Current Elliot Jeans

Jeans are the first item one has to have in their wardrobe. For years together, men and women have been wearing the jeans in both formal and informal occasions. The jeans rescues many of use from quite a few dilemmas, where we cannot decide what to wear. There are just too many reasons why we all love our jeans but the most important and basic reason is the comfort that they provide.

Current Elliot is one brand manufacturers of jeans who have been in the denim industry since 2008. Though very new in the market, the brand has carved a niche for themselves and become one the very popular names among Jeans users.

Current Elliot Jeans are well known for the products they have and several other factors. The top ten are discussed below for your reference:

Current Elliot Jeans are found to have excellent quality and durability. Jeans have to be durable or else they are just not the real jeans. Current Elliot make their denim from the authentic fabric and materials and therefore their products are rated high as far as durability and quality of the fabric is concerned. The original American denim is found in very piece of Current Elliot jeans.

Current Elliot jeans are dedicated in creating the absolute best piece in every collection. The staff work to achieve the best in every possible way from each stitch to each fold. The time and effort put into every process of the manufacturing is top notch and not compromised for any reason.

Current Elliot jeans are noticeably different from other brands in all aspects. The variety of designs found in Current Elliot jeans collection are unmatched with any other brand. The jeans are unique in terms of color, comfort, design, patterns, cuts and fit and you can find a natural fitting Current Elliot jeans any day. You can spot a Current Elliot jeans from far away as it has a distinctive appearance and it naturally highlights the wearers style and personality.

Innovation is the main objective of Current Elliot jeans makers as they always strive to create a fresh and new collection every season. The pieces you find in these collections are made with precise thinking, care, attention to detail and inspirations. Every piece has something exciting and fresh for the customers and this is what keeps them attracted to Current Elliot jeans.

Current Elliot jeans are extremely trendy and hep. They are up to date with the latest and up coming trends and fashions in denims. a panel of denim designers craft each piece after research in brand new fads. This lends a dashing look to the jeans which can be worn by fashion conscious people. Many well known designers and celebs also back Current Elliot for their amazing quality and eye catching appeal.

Current Elliot jeans make it a point to have a vastly available collection which can be bought by people all over the world. Their products are found every where and can be bought from the online stores which makes it easy for people to shop no matter which place they live in. The Current Elliot products are widely present in all leading garment stores as well.

Current Elliot jeans have been featured in many magazines and fashion notes in several fashion weeks. These jeans represent a new and savvy generation who want sexy and stylish looks even when they wear their most comfortable jeans.

Current Elliot customer services are exemplary. The help extended to each customer till they find their ultimate fit is worth mentioning. Current Elliot also undertake alterations to fit their customers into the chose jeans. With the variety of sizes and designs available, no customer walks out a Current Elliot store without purchasing their desired denim.

Current Elliot jeans are priced at an extremely comfortable level in order to fit all kinds of customers in their shoppers list. The season sales also allow more people to buy their favorite jeans. The prices of the jeans varies according to the piece and the designs. The prices are very less in many cases compared to the quality and look of the jeans which you buy. Current Elliot scores full points on this very important aspect of pricing and affordability. Youngsters and teenagers can also buy Current Elliot jeans very easily as the rates can adjust easily in their pockets. the Boyfriend Current Elliot jeans is the most talked about and worn among the female customers of this brand. Many celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston have been spotted in these Boyfriend jeans from Current Elliot.

Current Elliot has a wide range of patterns which are made to attract people of all tastes and choices. Embellishments made on the jeans are unique and have always attracted young women who love to wear their jeans to a party. The colors and stylish patches in their collections are made with the female body in mind and they look great on girls and young women and feel even more wonderful. Girls can feel feminine and at the same time, flamboyant and carefree in a Current Elliot jeans. The Current Elliot range has launched a new line for men’s denims as well. There are several denim products ranging from jackets, jeans to shorts etc.

Hippie Headbands A Hippie Fashion Trend

The 1960s gave rise to a hippie subculture which was originally a youth movement throughout the US. Not only did it spread to other countries, but it has had resurgence in recent years for young and old alike. Such shows as That 70s Show are no doubt partially responsible, but the fashion industry has taken note, and we are seeing hippie headbands, and fashion everywhere these days.

Both men and women in the hippie movement wore jeans and maintained long hair, wore sandals or went barefoot. Men frequently grew beards and women refused to wear makeup and bras. They wore brightly colored clothes in unusual styles which included bell bottom jeans, vests, tie dyed clothes, dashikis, peasant skirts and blouses, and those famous hippie headbands which they adopted from the Native Americans. Additionally they adopted styles from Asian, Indian, African and Latin American cultures.

Hippies were known for wearing handmade clothing because their beliefs included defying corporate culture. Because of this they not only learned to make clothes; they bought them from flea markets and second hand shops.

Many may not know that the hippie scene actually rose from the beatnik scene of the 1950s. The ideologies were originally the same as well as the values.

Hippie fashions and values completely changed our culture, influencing music, television, literature and the arts as well as morals and religious beliefs. As you might imagine, tons of hippie clothes, ideals and other aspects of hippie culture have become part of our mainstream culture today. From church movements to cultural diversity, the concepts have been accepted more and more over the last several decades.

The hippie music festivals is only one of the many celebratory ways we embrace the effects of the hippie culture in modern times.

At these festivals hippie symbols and iconography are everywhere including the peace sign which can be seen on peace clothing, tie dye clothing, hippie jewelry, other forms of hippie fashion, and even the occasional peace sign tattoos.

Girls are known to wear gypsy skirts, which are peasant skirts, or broomstick skirts, often tie dyed and hippie dresses of similar fashion. Hippie tapestries are often draped or cut and sewn into dashikis or dresses as well.

In particular there were a myriad designs of hippie headbands. These bohemian headbands were often braided out of leather or fabric of most any type. The chic headbands of the 1980s were a throwback to them, but the 60s headbands were not typically elastic like those of the 1980s. The fashion trend included the use of bandanas or a simple cord tied around the head in various styles. These boho headband accessories didnt have to match an outfit in particular, and therefore often had personal meaning or were worn as either a statement or to commemorate something in many instances.

The sight of the hippie headband was a sure sign in the 60s that a hippie was in your presence. This often brought derision from those who withstood the morals of the hippie movement. Their hippie clothes and head wraps were then seen as the costumes of foolish youngsters. Now people want to know where they can find a hippie store!

The hippie bands at the festivals wear clothes and headbands often made more modern with some type of new fashion flair. The popular piercings add a new twist to the hippie look, as well as dreadlocks often sported by neo-hippies these days.

Fashion changes, but hippie headbands, fashion, clothes and music are here to stay!

Bootie Bag – The Purse With Personality

Almost all men, women and children own at least one pair of denim blue jeans. They are stylish, rugged and can be dressed up or down to suit any occasion.

We have been a society that loves our denim since first introduced in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. Waist overalls – the traditional name – were primarily worn as work pants on the farm or other working environment that required sturdy and serviceable clothing.

Then in the 1960’s the baby boom generation adopted the name “Blue Jeans” to describe the fashion statement of the decade. Blue jeans can be dark blue pressed and worn with a blazer, or heavily washed to sport the faded look. Many people even distress their jeans with rips at the knees, frayed cuffs or cut off to shorts length. Blue jeans can be adapted to suit anyone’s personality.

Since the popularity of blues jeans has risen, manufacturers and designers have included denim jeans of many colors, black, white and a rainbow of colors. We even have denim skirts and jackets. A few years ago, the denim blue jeans purse was designed by Chris Graham. Mrs. Graham, a mother of four, began making Bootie Bag handbags shortly after she and her husband learned that their youngest son was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. She used the Bootie Bags as a way to fundraise to help other children like her son.

The handbag is constructed from the upper portion of the blue jeans – hence the name “Bootie Bag”. The legs are cut off just below the crotch and the excess material is used for a handle, if desired. The bag is generally lined with a colorful material and a belt or scarf is inserted through the waistband loops to create a belt. The outside pockets of the jeans make a perfect place for keys, cell phone, lipstick, etc.

In our never ending desire for more denim in our wardrobe, the Bootie Bag handbag has become a very popular accessory to our outfit. The bags come in several sizes – Big Bootie, Baby Bootie, Itty Bitty Bootie, and Bootie Tote. Bootie Bags sport bamboo handles or denim handles, shoulder length or over the arm length. Some even have beaded handles. The variety is one of the great aspects of this design. There are even some Bootie Bags that feature a theme such as a sports team, or a sport such as golf with appliqus or rhinestone bling, bling to create personality. Most women like the idea that each purse is an original and is unique. Some women even have several Bootie Bags in different styles and colors.

Bootie Bags make another very useful contribution to society. They are usually made from gently worn recycled blue jeans from consignment stores or jeans that just don’t fit your family any longer.

So not only are Bootie Bags a fashion statement with personality they are eco-friendly. Reduce, recycle and reuse.

All About The Levis 514 Jeans

Introduction Of Levis 514 Jeans

The fashion of jeans is promoted by the Levis brand as they provided the huge variety of jeans and people are getting aware about the different styles. In the past people did not know about different types of jeans styles. The best thing about the Levis brand is that they prepare the best quality and design. The best example of Levis jeans is Levis 514jeans as their jeans are classified according to the number and codes these codes are much useful for selecting the original stuff of Levis. There is hundreds of designer which are working under Levis industry.

Cost of Levis 514 jeans

Now I will tell you about the prices of the Levis 514 jeans. These levis514 jeans are use as casual so they should not be much expensive. The Levis industrialist are much loyal related to the profit earning so they sale their Levis 514 jeans at minimum price nearly to the cost price of the jeans. Some of the jeans are much expensive up to 400$ but the quality use for that levis 514 jeans is out standing and you do not have to worry about that you are wasting your money. Levis brands are serving for past 150 years so they always want to maintain their goodwill by providing the best stuff.

Style of Levis 514 jeans

There are lots of color which are provided by the Levis brand but the best thing about the levis 514 jeans is that they are in straight line and can be worn by every guy whether the guy should have a heavy body structure or he is slim. These Levis 514 jeans are not in baggy style as the baggy style is also for fatty guys. Personally I really like the Levis 514 jeans because they are available in many colors and sizes. And one of the most important thing that these Levis 514 jeans are not in baggy style.

Sale of Levis 514 jeans

As I have told you in above paragraphs that Levis is one of the most largest selling brands in the whole world. The most important thing about their sale is that they provide 50% off on every jeans after some time so in this way every one who can not afford the levis 514 jeans can also get it in minimum price, This bumper sale is upgraded every year

levis 514 jeans

A Brief History Of Money Clothing

Money clothing was established in 2003 by Melvyn de Villiers and Nick Cordell, joined the following year by Takashi Maru Marujo. The three designers wanted to shake up the way fashion was created they wanted to create a range of urban streetwear that they were proud to wear, not just because of the label, but also because of the product itself.

Money garments, not only brilliantly designed each item taking traits, flair and quirks from the designers but were also created using the very best materials and textiles. The level of detail is almost unrivalled, and the three designers were obviously obsessed with quality.

The Money brands is closely associated with two glaring characteristics: firstly, the King Ape Device which is prominently displayed upon all of the products; and, secondly, the Dollar Jeans. These jeans featured a genuine United States Dollar bill (in denominations of $1 to $100 each) attached to the back of the jeans, just slightly above the right-hand side pocket, clearly showing the main detail but also leaving a little to the imagination.

It was these characteristics that really gave Money a big boost during their appearances at fashion shows, including Magic held at Las Vegas, Nevada. Italy in particular was captivated by the brand, and Money was soon able to work with the leading Italian clothing manufacturers to ensure that the clothes produced were the absolute highest possible quality. This quality, matched with impeccable design, meant that it was not long before the brand was seen in good light by the Italian celebrities, such as footballers Alberto Gilardino and Luca Toni. The popularity soon spread throughout Italys Young and Trendy, with over 150 premium accounts being opened within Money within weeks. Money is still one of Italys firm favourite brands, Money often jokingly refer to Italy as being the land of Milk and Money.

Money hit the celebrity jackpot when A-List Brits David and Victoria Beckham were seen wearing the brand with pride in 2006. The LA Galaxy soccer player and ex-Spice Girl have long been seen as style icons for both males and females all across the world, and being picked up by them catapulted Money in to the position they are in now.

The three designers were naturally ecstatic with the success of the brand and wanted to see it go further. They expanded their offerings, keeping the styles they were famous and loved for, but also complementing with newer, cleaner designs made with special, unique materials and fabrics. The designers, especially Takashi Maru Marujo, spoke with their contacts and arranged for their demin jeans to be produced in Japan. These Japanese manufactured jeans are made using Kojima selvedge woven on vintage looms. Their sweaters received a similarly themed manufacturing makeover, with all sweats now being made from French Terry in Wakayama.

In just 6 years of being on the market, Money have achieved what they may have considered to be impossible in 2003. They are known and loved all over the World, not just by the Young and Trendy, but also by an impressive array of celebrities. As well as the Beckhams and the Italian footballers, Money has been seen on the backs of Chris Brown, Ashley Cole, Amir Kahn, Leo Gregory, Jay-Z and Jay Simpsons.


Money is available throughout the world. Although stockists numbers are low in the USA, there are numerous independent stockists throughout Europe which ship internationally.

United States of America (USA):

Up Against The Wall
DrJays (web based)

United Kingdom (UK) : (ships worldwide)

How To Meet Hot Asian Girls

If you’re rather be dating hot Asian girls, above any other kind of girl, I want to give you some brief bits of advice that will increase your chances of success.

The first thing is that you’ve got to have outstanding personal hygiene and be properly groomed. Asian women believe in the saying “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” You can tell how much value hot Asian girls put on hygiene just by looking at them; even if they’re simply running out to the store, they will look perfect. It’s often a different story with Western women, who will go out shopping wearing a pair of sweatpants and a baseball hat.

Basically, this means that when you are around hot Asian girls you’ve always got to look presentable. Go out and buy a few new shirts and pairs of pants, and get rid of the faded old shirts and jeans that you’ve been wearing for many years. It’s also better to be a bit overdressed, rather than underdressed, when you’re around hot Asian girls — do not arrive at a date wearing a tee-shirt, sneakers or shorts.

Next, you’ve got to express to hot Asian girls that you are an organized guy who has his life together. Trust me, you will not make a good impression on Asian ladies by giving off a “slacker” vibe and seeming like you don’t know what you want out of life. While Westerners may fret about “finding their purpose in life,” Asian people generally don’t understand this concept. So when you’re with hot Asian girls, talk about your plans, passions and goals. This will allow her to imagine what a future with you might be like.

My final tip is, your home should reflect the fact that you are an organized and hygienic guy. Don’t invite hot Asian girls into your home (or any girl, for that matter) unless it’s very clean. Especially your bathrooms. It’s customary for your female houseguest to ask to use your bathroom, so she can check her hair and makeup. Few things will gross them out more than a grimy bathroom. I also suggest you keep a scented candle lit in your bathroom (while your female guest is there), and hang out some soft hand towels for them to use.

South Indian Sexy Movies

If you are inclined of navels and deprivation to see whatever of the hottest women with lewd bellybuttons, you should timekeeper South Indian sexy movies. These movies, typically masala movies, acquire a gripping storyline, watch boggling struggle sequences and lovely actresses.

Several of the sexy movies are heroine orienting and feature actresses playacting meaning roles. Equal Dravidian show Arundhati in which actress Anushka played a really potent enactment and maneuver to laurels overnight. But a age of movies make beauty as the vital attempt of account. And astonishingly the actresses are so beautifully portrayed that you instrument be mesmerized by their beauty. There are no painting scenes but ease teasing movements, successiveness songs and lewd costumes are there.

One of the attribute that has transmute almost equivalent a practice discernment in these movie is that of impalas feigning. Hot centre take by a orgiastic actress can reach human fans dry mouthed. The actresses tie the Saree beneath their umbilicus to draw attention. Regularize in hermetic jeans, the exciting tumescent fix of the actresses is shown real nicely. And these movies are meet tugged.

South Indian actresses are mostly voluptuous in their embody toy and so is their timely. There are umpteen actresses equal Namitha, Trisha, Nayantara who soul extensive fan stalking. Their lingo is enough to actuation crowds to the theaters. And then there are actresses of old eld typically identified as aunties due to their age reckon. And do not be fooled by their age. These actresses are so provocative that they can sometimes present the new actresses a run for their money. Rambha, Simran, Ramya, Babilona, Shakeela can be put in to this category. And as for fans these are called evergreen beauties who somebody an equally store. It is truly a pleasance to follow these beauties. And the ascribe of making bellybutton pretense a disposition goes to these cine beauties only. Now it is common for women to dress center disclosing costumes in parties and regular experience.

Ladies Wellies Helps To Enhance Your Style Quotient

During the time of Duke of Wellington, the wellington boots came into the scene. This was a mid-calf boot that was made of leather. This footwear was made to be durable and comfortable. This footwear was meant for men initially. The trends of the wellington boots come and go but they never actually go out of fashion. The ladies wellies come into the fashion scene in the middle of 18th century in England.

The trend has all of a sudden come back and most women are sporting these boots nowadays. The boots are practical and comfortable and are available in attractive and bright colours. The boots have are popular among many young women. These boots can be worn in formal and at informal occasions. When you are wearing these boots you can walk through puddles and mud without any hassle. Your feet will not get dirty and your feet will surely look gorgeous when you are wearing these chic pair of boots.

The ladies wellies are surely going to boost your glam quotient. You can wear these boots at parties and festivals. They are a huge favourite more so because they can be worn during all seasons. Whether it is a bright summer day or cold winter morning you can just slip into these boots and stay protected and comfortable all day long. Try to wear your boots that are in canvas because that material tends to last for a much longer time. With these boots you will not have to compromise on your style and class. However, if you are wearing leather then it is going to wear off very easily.

When you are wearing the ladies wellies you can team it up with any kind of attire. Be it skirt or even a wedding dress a pair of these wellington boots is surely going to look great on you. You can also wear a pair of boots for yourself that will complement the look. Your new look will surely create a stir among people. Accessorise your attire in the proper way so that your look is complete. Using bright and big bags or chunky belts with your boots will balance the entire look for you.

Choose your ladies wellies over the slip-slops, sandals and the high heels. It will surely make a unique statement. Choose the boots that are comfortable and is fitting. Wearing an ill-fitting pair will cause problems for you. You may develop blisters and bunions. Wear straight-fit jeans with your boots. Your jeans will be dry and clean and you will be able to flaunt your boots in the best possible way. Hence, you must go and buy a wonderful pair for yourself from a renowned and trusted shoe store that is offering you discounts and sales. There are plenty of shops from which you may take your pick. If you find that one shop that stocks your kind of wellington boots for women then you must get it right away from an online footwear store!

History Of Wrangler Jeans

Wrangler is one of the three most popular American jeans brands. And here is the story of how this brand was born.

It all stated in 1897 when a 20-year-old young man called S.S. Hudson came to a small textile town of Greensboro, North Carolina, to find a job. The first job offer Mr. Hudson managed to find was sewing buttons on a factory for 25 cents a day. And in seven years the factory went bankrupt. 1904 S.S. Hudson bought a couple of sewing machines, rented a room on the second floor of a grocery shop and registered his own company under the name of Hudson Overall Co.. The company turned out to be quite a success and 15 years after its establishment it opened the first jeans manufacturing factory. Railroad men liked Hudsons creations to such extent, that they even presented him with a bell, which in course of time became blue because of small particles of indigo color. S.S. Hudson was inspired and renamed his company, which was then called Blue Bell Overall Co.. 1926 he sold a successfully running company to a textile manufacture Big Ben for a hatful of money 585 thousand dollars.

Six years later the new owner of the company presented new overalls Super Big Ben Overalls, which would practically not shrink after washing. The overalls didnt lose their form and didnt become shorter, which caused a sensation in those days! It is not surprising that this event laid a foundation for modern standards of textile industry.

1943 the company bought another firm manufacturing overalls, Casey Jones together with the rights for a rarely used trademark Wrangler (which means rancher). The idea was to manufacture special cowboy trousers surpassing all competitors on the market. However, the conception was realized only in 1947, the official year of Wrangler jeans creation.

The breakthrough happened thanks to another textile innovation broken twill denim. Such texture provided balanced structure of the fabric, which from now on no longer intertwined around cowboys legs while wearing. Besides the new customized denim cloth turned out to be softer than traditional herringbone one. The jeans were designed by a famous cowboy tailor Rodeo Ben Ben Lichtenstein and were for the next two years advertised for by American rodeo celebrities like Jim Shoulders, Bill Pindermann and Frekless Brown. Three of them constantly appeared wearing 13MWZ jeans model by Wrangler, which happened to be the best advertising campaign ever and the most convincing argument for quality and originality.

Peculiarities of these jeans were dictated by their cowboy nature they were meant for those who ride a horse. Waist cut prevented a shirt from riding up and trouser legs were a bit longer than normal which prevented them from coming up as well. Triumphant progress of new trademark started. 1974 customized jeans by Wrangler were recognized as official clothes of Rodeo cowboys association in the USA.

However, the brand didnt want to limit itself with American market only. 1962 Blue Bell became the first American clothes company to open a denim factory in Europe. Wrangler jeans become here no less popular than in the USA: a year later Newsweek magazine calls European teenager a surprise in Wrangler cover.

In 1996 each fifth pair of jeans sold in the USA was manufactured by Wrangler. Today the brand exploits not only the cowboy theme, but also Western roots and tradition. Besides, nowadays the trademark manufactures a line of clothes for hunters and sportsmen called ProGear. A W letter embroidered on the back pockets has become to one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. In Europe the brand is represented in 22 countries. In the same way as before Wrangler embodies the spirit of explorers and pioneers, bright individuals, hardworking, free and self-confident the true values of Western civilization (see customized jeans blog).