Cheap Monday, the brand loved by fashion blogger

The Swedish fashion brand, Cheap Monday, represented in over 35 countries through 1,800 stores, with the autumn – winter 2011, the supply of products Cheap Monday, the brand is growing thanks to the inclusion of two new categories, footwear and underwear. The new collections will be introduced in eight strategic markets (the Nordic countries, Italy, France, Germany, UK and Australia) and in a few selected key selling points in the world, fashion blogger who have viewed the lines have already expressed very positive opinions.
Since early 2004, when it launched the first model of jeans, Cheap Monday has grown rapidly gaining the appreciation a lot of famours fashion blogger, starlettes and international reputation. With a series of eye-catching collections and continuing collections, such as jeans, Cheap Monday has become known by the public. With time lines are added child (0-3 years), accessories and sunglasses, all products that fashion blogger on their fashion blog have reviewed and commented with enthusiasm. After seven years, the brand has launched two lines: one dedicated to shoes and the other the underwear.

Cheap Monday overriding philosophy is to offer high fashion at an affordable price. This philosophy, in line with the interests of the public and fashion blogger, is also reflected in two new collections. The new footwear line consists of a main collection and continuous models: the first will be in stores from August 2011 and contains eleven female models – boots, ankle boots and neck – and six male models – riding boots, ankle boots, biker boots and desert boots-in many different materials and colors.
The line was previewed a few fashion bloggers who blog about their fashion have been shown their enthusiasm for the collection of models. The main materials of the line are leather, waxed leather and canvas. The consumer prices start at 40 and 170 for arriving at female models more expensive. The underwear line is formed the same way: there will be a main collection and an ongoing basis. The first collection will be available in stores from October 2011 and consists of three styles declined both male and female, 15 women’s models available from two to five colors, eight models for men, mostly in cotton, with up to 8 variations color. As for the footwear line, the line of underwear has been submitted to antemprima fashion blogger who spoke about their fashion blogs. The materila used for the collection are the lace, the network and microfiber. The consumer prices vary between 10 and 20 .

“Cheap Monday is experiencing a great increase in the development and we are witnesses of this great interest in growing the brand by all markets. This launch of two new product categories is part of our strategy to support this growth even more – said Hkan Strm, COO of Cheap Monday – New Products, an innovative part in the distribution as well as the mode of sale of those products will be a challenge – but one of those incredibly exciting. I think that in view of our basic philosophy, we can get a great impact in this segment. “