Choosing The Perfect First Birthday Dress For Your Little Angel

Choosing between racks and racks of first birthday dresses can be time-consuming and extremely stressful. You want your angel to look perfect for her first birthday, capturing the moments forever in photographs.

However, we’ve all seen terrifying pictures of little princesses sulking in cringe-worthy birthday outfits. How can you stay in style without compromising the fashionable integrity of your birthday girl?Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your little angel’s fabulous first birthday dress:

1. Consider Color – Don’t go overboard with bold, bright splashes of color. It’s critically important to consider the skin tone of your little one. Children with pale skin tend to look “washed out” in bright fuchsia, darker colors, and heavy plaid. Instead, opt for pretty colors that will not overburden the face and body. White and light pink never go out of fashion, and you can easily accentuate the beauty of the dress with hair clips and stylish footwear.

2. Simple Styles – Your baby won’t thank you for wrapping them in yards of chiffon, or for choosing a birthday dress with a million hooks and buttons. This season, elegant easy designs are all the rage, so go for a tunic-style first birthday dresses and accessorize to your heart’s content! If you are celebrating a winter birthday, a light, pretty matching cardigan will keep baby warm without spoiling the aesthetics of her dress.

3. Comfortable Materials – Even if you are determined that your daughter will be a beautiful birthday princess, be sure to opt for silky, sumptuous material. Scratchy materials are guaranteed to make the party girl cranky and may even irritate the skin underneath. A tunic-style top, with a loosely fitting skirt and a dividing ribbon, will draw the glances toward the upper body – and away from the diaper bulge.

4. Think Personality – By the first birthday season, most moms understand their child’s unique personality. Use personality traits as inspiration when you’re perusing first birthday dresses. For example, little girls who simply cannot resist dolls and all things pink look adorable in fancier, frillier dresses. However, if this description does not fit your angel, try on simpler birthday dresses with matching kaftans. If you can encompass baby’s personality with this season’s fashion and a pretty design, your photographs of the occasion will be wonderful! After all, when your little angel has grown into a stylish teenager, she will use the photos as proof that her fashion sense was always keen.

5. Dress Dcor – You may have noticed that most first birthday dresses are adorned with some type of motif. Many boutiques offer dresses embossed with “first birthday,” or “1 today.” Some birthday dresses don’t have words, but come with extra accents, like flowers or ribbons. There is no right or wrong option here, but if you choose the plainer design, don’t forget to buy some gorgeous shoes and socks to match!

Your daughters first birthday dress largely come down to personal preference. Just remember the golden rules: comfortable materials, understated colors, tunic-styles, and fabulous matching accessories!

Remember to take plenty of photographs that you can treasure and keep for years to come.