Comfort And Performance Tennis Apparel Buying Tips

Before you sweat it out, make sure you have the sportswear that gives you an edge on the tennis court.
The first rule when it comes to tennis: don’t wear something other than a set of clothing items made exclusively for tennis players. T-shirts and jeans are a no-no on the tennis court, as they make you feel heavy and restrained. Worse, you might fall or hurt yourself during the game if you insist on playing with your denim pants on. A good tennis sportswear allows you to move and run freely on the court minus the discomfort and pain. Simply put, you can’t play your best tennis game without the right apparel.
Unlike sports like basketball and badminton, tennis is not unisex. That means male and female tennis players wear entirely different kinds of tennis sportswear. For example, shorts are for men and skirts are for women. Typically, male tennis players wear a polo-style shirt, tennis shorts, socks, and tennis shoes. For women, the basic clothing items consist of a tank top or polo-style top, skirt or skorts (a pair of shorts with a flap of fabric in the front area), and dress. For added support and comfort, women tennis players also need high-quality sports bras.
Correct fitting and length is a major consideration when buying apparel for tennis. Imagine how uncomfortable it is to move around on the court as you’re wearing tight or baggy tennis clothing items. Know your size first before hunting for the best tennis wear for you.
You should also consider the materials when you choose the right tennis wear. For maximum comfort, go for clothing items that are breathable and can draw off moisture. The best material for tennis wear is a breathable synthetic cotton blend. A sportswear made of 100% cotton, though breathable and lightweight, is not advised because it tends to absorb sweat?thus making you feel extremely uncomfortable.
When it comes to color, choose light-colored apparel because it can keep you cool while playing the game. Light colors don’t absorb heat as much as dark colors do. Because many tennis courts permit players to wear any light-colored clothing, most tennis wear brands offer apparel in light colors.
Aside from the shirt and shorts or skirt, you also need to spend some time in choosing other tennis clothing items such as shoes, socks, headbands, and wristbands. The right pair of tennis shoes is necessary for providing support, cushion, and grip for the feet.
While it seems any pair of socks will do for tennis games, you need to be careful when choosing socks. It’s recommended that you buy socks with a cotton blend that fits just right. Look for socks that can absorb sweat and doesn’t irritate the skin. That said, cotton socks are not advised for tennis since they hold moisture, which causes skin irritation and discomfort.
You may want to get optional tennis clothing items such as headbands and wristbands. When you play tennis, sweat usually drips into your eyes, making you lose focus on the game. Sweat that falls onto your racket also makes it slippery and causes you to lose your grip. To absorb sweat and play tennis without hassles, then it’s best to buy your own headbands and wristbands.
Tennis apparel is all about comfort and performance on the tennis court. Keep these two things in mind when you shop for the right tennis sportswear.