Everyday Compression Shorts For Men

Active body conscious men now have just the right opportunity to achieve a lean and powerful physique. Marena Group, world leader in post – surgical compression garments, has developed Everyday compression shorts for men with a view to increasing the wearers energy levels. Designed for non therapeutic regular use, Marena Everyday shape wear and active wear provide superior supportive compression whilst keeping wearers cool, comfortable and energized over the duration of wear. These garments dont just make you look good; they are great power and confidence boosters as well.

Marena Group has devoted years to the development of effective, comfortable and durable compression garments. In line with the companys vision of impacting people in a powerful and positive way, Marena focuses on scientific development, laboratory testing and clinical analysis to give customers superior shape wear that can help make positive differences to the way they look, feel and perform.

The Marena Everyday product range includes Shape Wear, Active Wear, Sleep Wear and Mens Gear with Shape Wear and Sleep Wear products available exclusively for women. Everyday exercise pants and shorts are ideal for athletes as well as occasional exercise enthusiasts. These compression garments are manufactured from ComfortWeave, Marenas patent pending F5 certified fabric. Developed using F5 science, a new cutting edge textile technology, ComfortWeave is proven to be superior to other power net material available on the market.

Dr. William Kraemers breakthrough findings released in 1996 formed the basis of the development of exercise garments by Marena. As a result of years of research, Dr. Kraemer found that shorts and pants made with twice as much Lycra as that used in standard exercise wear actually increase the wearers energy and performance significantly. The difference was noted to be around 12% for men and as high as 30% in the case of women. Higher compression reduces muscle vibration or wiggling, which tires muscles. A lower frequency of muscle vibration means the wearer doesnt tire as soon and thus has the energy to work out more over longer durations. Professional soccer teams such as Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers wear similar compression gear.

Everyday exercise shorts and pants contain 49% Lycrasoft spandex and 51% Tactel nylon. A higher than standard proportion of spandex is what accounts for increased power and performance. Marenas exercise shorts and pants are ideal not just for work outs and athletics but for skiing, cycling, hiking and other demanding activities. You can wear them under your ski pants. Whether you are a non regular gym person or an endurance sports buff, Everyday exercise wear is sure to help you perform better and longer.

Exercise bottoms for men come in eight sizes ranging from XS (30 32) up to 4XL (57 60). Tests performed using TC 3D body scanners on people without and with Marena Everyday gear show a reduction of one pant size. When worn, these exercise shorts and slacks can make the wearer look significantly slimmer.

Everyday exercise gear derive part of their superiority from ComfortWeaves distinctive features. This advanced F5 certified compression material is so precisely engineered that it delivers benefits far superior to standard power net fabrics. ComfortWeave incorporates all distinctive F5 features that enable optimum levels of effectiveness, comfort and durability.
ComfortWeaves unique three dimensional capability enables multi directional stretch and support whilst compressing the body. When you wear your Everyday exercise slacks or shorts, you will find that these support every move you make. And even whilst providing compression, the fabrics high degree of elasticity enables the garment to yield a little so that it does not squeeze your body and make you feel stiff. This is why Everyday garments can be worn for hours and hours without causing the wearer to feel sore. These exercise shorts and pants also have simultaneous stretch and compression capabilities unlike garments made from standard power net material, which are capable of either high stretch or compression but not both at once.

The fabrics special construction makes it super soft and thus perfect for arduous physical activity. No matter how rigorously and how long you work out, this silky soft material caresses your skin and wraps your body invisibly like a second skin. A specific blend of Tactel and Lycrasoft, certified to be the softest yarns in their categories, make ComfortWeave softer than other stretch fabrics.

ComfortWeave is the only compression fabric on the market, which has an inbuilt permanent anti bacterial system. This technology fights microbial growth continually and efficiently so that the garment remains clean and odor free over the duration of wear. ComfortWeaves advanced anti microbial properties are designed to work over the fabrics operational life.

Everyday exercise garments come with inbuilt Coolmax moisture management properties. This scientifically advanced system ensures balanced temperature control and optimum moisture absorption. The fabric is engineered to wick perspiration away from the wearers skin to the garments external surface and into the atmosphere. ComfortWeave has a very breathable texture, which enables air to circulate freely between the garment and the wearers skin. The wearer thus remains cool, dry and fresh no matter how long he wears his Everyday exercise gear.

Laboratory tests have proved that Marenas F5 certified fabric is more durable than other power net material currently available. The fabrics innovative knit design causes premium fibers to interlock in the weave, creating a highly resilient material. ComfortWeave has been proven to retain its elasticity and shape under extreme pressure over prolonged durations. You can subject your Everyday products to at least 30 intensive washes and 60, 000 flexes and still find that it fits and compresses you perfectly.

If you are looking to pack more stamina into your exercise routine, try Everyday exercise pants or shorts and feel and see the benefits. Youll soon want to wear them and work out every day. Theyre comfortable enough for the most intensive and long drawn out training sessions. Whats more they make your body look lean, toned and athletic. Dont be surprised if you find yourself drawing more than a few envious glances!