Fast Track Watches Relive Your Teen Years

Everyone has a style statement and while some people like to express themselves through clothes, others resort to tattoos and still others enjoy flaunting their accessories like shoes and watches. Off these, it is their watch that people take most pride in which is why they take a lot of trouble to find one which echoes their personality in the best possible way. Although there are many brands in this segment, there are but a few which have endured through generations and one such name is Titan.

Titan Watches are available in a variety of ranges courtesy of the companys policy to focus separately on each of the segments. Therefore there is a Titan watch for every person irrespective of age, gender, preferences, position in society and any other factor. Referred to as product differentiation in the technical jargon, it is thanks to this policy that Titan decided to launch a brand for teenagers and wannabes and like the customers whom it targets this brand is also prone to innovative designs and accessories.

Since it is meant for youngsters who like to lead a fast life, this brand is named as Fast Track and as a way of keeping in step with the changing tastes it is one of the trendiest choices in todays market. Because Fast Track Watches have been successful in attracting the youth all over the country, this brand has now been channelled into sunglasses, bags, belts and wristbands as well. Being gen X in nature, watches bearing the Fast Track logo are style personified, cool to look at and need not be limited only to the wrist not to mention that these are affordable too.

The latest collection of watches in the Fast Track category feature the denim, bikers, army, hip-hop and sports collections with each bearing its distinct range and style. A denim jean is anyways the universal trademark of a youngster and what could be a better way to flaunt a new pair of jeans than to hook a flashy watch to it? Some of the predominant colors in this collection are pink, blue and orange while there are a number of dials, case shapes and straps to choose from.

In comparison the bikers collection seems somewhat sleek, not to mention attractive as also rough and tough. Apart from being affordably priced, they are characterized by leather or metal straps and are common for both boys and girls. If flamboyant is the way to go then it is the hip hop range of Fast Track which should be opted for. Being true to the hip hop culture the strap of this gold and metal watch is a chain, meaning the ideal way of wearing this watch would be to hang it round the neck.

One of the most elaborate of all Fast track watches is the army collection featuring a canvas strap designed in black and camouflage and a white dial. Although camouflage remains the common print, there are variations in the strap as also the color of the dial, some of the choices being black, olive and titanium. This collection offers the largest variety and consists of irregular shapes like bullet, army knife, grenade and so on.