Four Ways To Style Your Daughter’s Old Boring Dress

In a party there are two kinds of guests, the trend setter and the wallflower. Trend setter is the most fashionable persona in the party. She is illustrious and she is always surrounded by friends. On the other hand, the wallflower is the loner among the crowd. She can come in and out of the party and no one will notice her. You can count her friends and normally, they are loners too. At times, the wallflower wears the most tedious dress. If your daughter is invited to a party, would you like your daughter to be the wallflower or the fabulous trend setter? Surely as a concened parent, you want your child to be happy. Favorably, there are ways on how you can add style to your little girl’s fusty dress. Here’s how:

Mix and match
If your daughter has a two piece attire, you can mix and match it with different pieces. Pick which item from the dress that best complement your daughter’s figure. Say that the top is sleeveless and your daughter has broad shoulder, definitely you want to keep the top and match it with a nice skirt. Plain blouse can look great with patterned skirts. Let your daughter try the whole ensemble. Take note of the colors, if the dress colors look too busy when worn, then it may not be the best match. Mixing and matching takes exercise. Don’t give up on your first attempt. Surely you and your daughter will have a good bonding time finding the right match for the piece that you have chosen from the original wardrobe.

If you are using different pieces of clothing on top of one another, you are layering clothes. The goal is to add color to a boring old dress. This is a very popular dressing style. If you are a fan of E! Channel, surely you have seen celebs caught on camera wearing identical dress in different occasion and they are being compared as to who wore the dress better. To think that celebrities have personal stylists and that they can afford to buy exclusive garments, they still are victims of homogeneous clothes. How much more are those people who can’t afford to buy deluxe brands. Certainly, the odds of having identical clothing is higher when you buy in midstream clothing stores. Layering is the answer to avoid this fashion disaster.

Remember that when layering clothes, there is a thin like between looking bulky and looking fab. Layering when done in the right way can make one bland dress into the next big thing. Opposite to that, wrong layering can make a person appear large because more garments mean more bulk. Remember that it is not good to look bulky in pictures. The basic layering method is to have nice silhouette dress as base and layer it with structured pieces on top like a vest or a coat.

Accessories are generally used to complete the whole look of the dress. Right accessorizing can make the whole attire stand out. There are so many trendy necklaces available in the merchandise today. On the other hand, be mindful and do not over accessorize as it can be very uncomfortable to a young girl. Aside from decorative necklaces, earrings and bracelets, matching the attire with a nice pair of shoes can also bring the outfit up notch.

If you are a seamstress, your daughter is very blessed. You can just use your artistic side and reinvent the whole attire.

There are so many ways to add elegance to a boring dress. The things mentioned above are just few of them. Just be creative and resourceful. Finally, tell your daughter that confidence is critical as it can change people’s feeling toward her even if she is wearing the most boring dress in the world.