Hairdressing Uniforms for College Students

On the first day at a new college, everyone wants to make a good impression. However for anyone training to be a beauty professional the pressure to look good is doubled. You want to look the part in order to make a good impression on your fellow students and lecturers. But there’s more to it than that. As this is the start of a career where it’s the nature of the business to help others look and feel fantastic it’s crucial that new students also to look the part themselves! Choosing the right hairdressing tunics is a key component in getting it right.

In order to ensure that all staff comply with their corporate colours, or to create a sense of harmony within the academy training academies will often specify the kind of uniform they expect their students to wear. Perhaps the most popular choice is the classic white asymmetrical tunic , however the wearer shouldn’t feel unable to express individuality with a colour palette that is limited to monochrome. There’s a massive variety of styles and details that can help to bring a touch of unique class to a simple uniform including kimono style fastenings, one-button options and gorgeous ballerina style wraparounds. It’s also worth taking a good look at the design details for a subtle way to stand out from the black and white crowd. Ribbon trims, concealed pockets and short-sleeved styles are excellent alternatives to the traditional design template. Plus there’s a huge variety of options to team with a tunic. Choose from wide-leg, bootcut, flat front and cropped trousers, an A-line or straight skirt. Or perhaps there’s an opportunity to buck the tunics trend completely and opt for a super-chic dress instead?

If there is no college dress code it’s useful to research what is currently on-trend in the industry. Studies have shown that in a bid to stand out in an ever increasingly crowded market, salons are frequently choosing bold colours over a classic black, white or grey. Hot pink was a big hit in 2009 and looks set to stay at the top of the colour chart for a few more seasons to come. From tops to tunics , trousers to skirts if a student feels like making a statement on the first day at college then saying no to monochrome and embracing the brights could be the way to go – turquoise, orange, shocking pink and bright lemon are all pretty hard to ignore.

In the early days at beauty college students are put through rigorous training, working very long hours. It’s inevitable that there’s going to be lots of spills and drips and hairdressing uniforms must be up to the challenge of regular laundering at very hot temperatures. It could also be worthwhile investing in several hairdressing tunics and taking advantage of a Multibuy offer, where the more you buy the less each garment costs. That way the wearer can be certain they will look fresh and prepared for every challenge their training will throw at them.