How To Choose The Best Clothes Horse

If youre wondering of ways and means of reducing your carbon footprint, then you should definitely consider getting yourself a clothes horse. It is one of the easiest ways of reducing your carbon footprint. Not only that, they are an effective tool and they get your job done AND also give you one thing less to feel guilty about.

It is quite a travesty that they have become such a rarity in the U.S. of A and that people still believe in using tumble dryers, when, in fact, clothes horses cause less damage to your clothes. When youre talking about a clothes horse, you know youre using an age old method of drying clothes. It might take time, but it is probably the best known method of drying clothes known to us.

Some Guidelines

So, if youre considering drying your laundry in much the same way as your grandma dried hers yes, by getting yourself a clothes horse, then here are a few guidelines which will help you make an informed choice about your clothes horse:

If you are looking for convenience, then try getting the wall mounted version of the laundry clothes horse. It provides easy access to all the members of the family and actually serves as a sort of focal point in your home.
If you like the idea of sun dried clothes, then get yourself a portable clothes horse for your laundry because, that way, you can move it around to different points of your home, according to the movement of the sun, if you have the time.
Get a retractable line which you can install both in doors as well as outdoors, if you like flexibility in terms of location. In fact, if you want like the idea of a greater number of options in terms of location, for drying your clothes, then this is the best form of the clothes line for you.
Get a wooden clothes horse if you are on the lookout for sturdiness. On the other hand, if you are looking for convenience and a lighter option, then you can always go in for the many plastic versions available. You can also get a metal version to combine the traits of these two materials.
A clothes airer is another version of the clothes horse for laundry. This is a great way of drying your clothes, especially when you have space issues. Plus, it cuts down on the expenses of a launderette. Students, are you listening?

A clotheshorse is something that your grandma will sing praises of. And if youre smart, youre actually going to listen to her. Sometimes, the old ways are the ones which we need, to get our life back on track. A clothes horse for laundry is just a simple example of this, there are many others, so next time, dont underestimate your grandma when she tells you t get a clothes horse for drying your laundry.