How To Look Elegant, Part 1

Not the look of the persoN but his personality is most important but we common judge the person by his appearance. Of course it is not all right. But why not making ‘judging book by its cover’ something good for us? Our clothes are also part of savoir vivre. Let show the world that we know this savoir vivre!

Our clothes are especially important when we are representing a big company or being a well-known businessman. We can’t afford to look bad when our work is strongly connected with our appearance and the impression that we will make on other people. The clothes we are wearing can give people a wrong impression about us. And not only about us but also about the company that we are representing. That’s why clothes can be a part of savoir vivre and it is important to be elegant in some situations.

And what does it mean to be elegant?

First, moderation and simplicity. Usually it is not well seen to look much different than other people on the gathering or from the people of the business community that we are working with. Being and elegant is having a good taste, also wearing clothes that are comfortable – not shocking or extravagance. There is a good taste needed. That’s why we should rather wear clothes that match themselves in colors and give a soften and integrated whole. Of course we can take liberties when we are a pop star or an actor but still lack of simplicity can be dangerous.

Second, neatness. Whether we are wearing a frock coat or just a pair of jeans we can’t forget about neatness, so that’s why we should check in what condition are our clothes. For example, suit should be ironed, our shirt should be always clean and we should change it before evening meeting, shoes creamed. And there are almost no exceptions from those rules. What’s more – when thinking about neatness in the way we look we can’t only focus on the condition of our clothes – we should also remember about matching the clothes with our accessories. All the elements should be a part of one, smart image.

Third, chic which it’s something that not all have but it is something that we all can learn. We are learning how to be chic when we are standing straight with our head high, in the way we walk and way how our body behaves. Concentrating on our moves and body in general gives us an opportunity to feel better in our clothes that automatically lies better on us.

Very important thing is matching clothes with occasions. But that’s the ending of the part one.

In the next article we will tell something something about types of dress codes, what do they mean and what we should wear on different occasions – for example we will tell something about wedding wear and evening wear.