How To Pack Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are a convenient way to move and store clothing without having to remove items from hangers. These can be filled with all the clothing hanging in the closet and then carried to the moving van using the integrated handles. Once the boxes are unpacked from the van, they can be used to temporarily store the clothes until the person gets time to unpack them.

If a hanging rod is not included with the wardrobe box, it will need to be purchased separately. The box should be assembled by following the instructions included with it. The rod can then be installed in the appropriate slot. Ensure that the rod is securely anchored or it could fall, causing clothing to tumble to the bottom of the box during transport.

Take inventory of the closet and decide what will be donated and what will be moved. If all clothing being kept will fit in the new closet, sort it by garment type (pants, shirts, skirts, etc.) If it will not fit in one closet, sort it by seasons. Move the box near the closet and determine its width. Measure that width of clothes handing in the closet.

Remove the measured amount of clothing from the closet in portions, keeping it on the hangers. Hang this clothing from the rod in the wardrobe box and push it to one side. Fill the rod with hangers but do not cram clothing to the point that it becomes wrinkled. Once the box is filled, evenly spread the hangers and conduct a final check to verify that items are not caught or crushing each other.

Close the box by folding up the front and back flaps. The front edges of these flaps should reach the metal bar but not overlap it. Fold the side flaps over and tape the box using packing tape. Tape the seams and around the top section at a point several inches below the box top. Label the box to indicate the contents and proper room in the new home. Follow this process to pack the remaining clothes.

Wardrobe boxes should be loaded into the moving van in the upright position. Be careful not to put heavy cartons on top of them because this could cause the box top to collapse. Once the boxes are unloaded at the new home, they can be unpacked when convenient and folded flat for storage until they are needed in the future.