How To Wear A Playsuit This Winter

Now that winter is here, you are probably thinking it is time to put your favourite playsuits to the back of your wardrobe until summer rolls around again. However, this does not have to be the case and you might just be surprised at the many different ways in which you can wear a playsuit.

Often, people think they have to put their summer clothes away during winter, but this is not always the case and you might just find that with some clever styling and the right accessories, you can actually wear certain items all year round. A playsuit is one of these and this simple garment, which comes in many different styles, shapes and colours, can be worn in a multitude of different ways for winter.

For a start, playsuits make a great alternative to dresses for a night out. When the weather is colder, simply put your favourite playsuit on with a pair of tights and some black heels and you are ready to go. This look works well no matter if you are wearing a flowery playsuit or something black and a bit more sophisticated. You can then throw a leather jacket over the top for a cool laid back look when you are walking between bars.

Of course, if you are really brave you can always wear bare legs, but if you decide to do this it is better to go for a slightly longer playsuit as you might find you feel silly wearing something so short when the weather is so cold.

Playsuits are not just for nights out in winter and they can also work really well for day time wear. Wear them with tights, a cardigan and a pair of lace-up brogues for a smarter look, or add trainers and a hoodie for a more casual outfit. You can also experiment with layering jumpers and sweaters over your playsuit, or why not try putting a long-sleeved T-shirt underneath if you are particularly cold and need to add an extra layer to stay warm.

The great thing about playsuits is that they look nice with both heels and flat shoes, so whichever you prefer you will be able to wear your playsuit to the office and still look smart. Playsuits can be more versatile than a lot of people think and you might just be surprised at all of the different ways you can wear them this winter.