Liposuction Results – When Will The Liposuction Results Be Visible

Liposuction results will start appearing fully only several months after the surgery. Liposuction procedures are used to contour fat deposits and to give better shape and firmness of the muscles. It is not effective to bring about considerable body weight loss. Liposuction is used to target small deposits of fats that do not respond to work outs or diet control programs.

Soon after liposuction, visible changes start appearing. Liposuction can be used to remove as much as 10 pounds of fat from small areas to ensure better contouring. Liposuction procedures might result in swelling and bruising and once these are recovered fully, the desired results start emerging. Wearing a compression garment might hasten the recovery process and help to lessen the ill effects of liposuction including swelling and bruising.

However, for some patients, the swelling and bruising might last for many weeks, thereby masking the results of liposuction surgery. The skin in the targeted area where liposuction is done will remain flabby and loose and might take some time to fit into the new and slender contours. On an average, 1-3 months time is required for the swelling to subside and nearly 6 months time for the skin to get tightened. The final Liposuction Results will be visible only 6 months after the surgery.

Liposuction procedures improve the figure and make you more active and agile. The newly gained body shape should be retained by sticking to diet control regimens and exercises. The less invasive techniques including the laser technology helps to cut down on the recovery time. Before undergoing the procedure, the patients can discuss about the procedure and the recovery time with the physician in details to clear any apprehensions regarding the recovery time.

If a wet Liposuction Procedure is being used, it might take a longer time for the results to emerge as the fluids injected into the body have to drain out completely. Once liposuction is done, the excess fat cells are removed for sure but between the swelling and bruising it might not be apparent to an ordinary pair of eyes for some weeks. Within 3-6 months the final shape will emerge as the swelling and scarring disappears. This is when you can start scouting for new clothes as ell as the old ones will be too big for you.

Nonetheless, not all surgeries might be 100% successful and liposuction procedures in areas like ankles and face might give only minimum results where as those in abdomen, thighs and breast produce perfect results. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can even going for another liposuction procedure after a few months.