Men Commitment Issues – 6 Reasons Why Men Refuses To Commit

There have been a lot of men commitment issues today because of fear. Fear of commitment is a combination of the following fears: fear of compromise, money issues, lack of freedom and privacy. Nonetheless, there can be a lot of justification when men faces commitment issues, but whatever justifications to give, the reality tells us that all women involving in a relationship should have a certain requirement and obligation to know if the person is ready for a commitment or not. This is very helpful for women to be very alert with things that surround them especially their boyfriend who may be involved with such commitment issue; this is an awareness. So, what now? do men have more commitment issues than women? Out of 10 guys that you can possibly date, 8 guys can have a fear of commitment.

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One of the scary things that can ever happen in your life is to fall deeply in love with the wrong person.If heartbreak is painful, so as love without commitment.

Although you are facing with such dilemma, it is important to note those men commitment issues that hinder them to bravely face the relationship until the end.

Unable to date more than 1 woman – It is part of men’s nature to desire dating more than 1 woman. Therefore, when commitment is part of the relationship a man decides to enter, dating moments with multiples girls is such a NO!Of course, it is necessary to be a one woman man. For men, especially the cowardly, commitment really scare them because they feel they are just kept controlled in the relationship; and that they feel they are stopped to go and date many girls.

They fear unpleasant things in the relationship – This is common among men during a break from work where some co-workers tell them about their complaints of their married life, or their friends during a night out who also have the same complaint that they are made to follow certain standards in marriage/relationship. What they also get is those ugly moments in the relationship added the fact that their lives have to be adjusted and changes and added responsibility.So what happens is that men opt to stay in a dating relationship as in without strings attached. Money problems – Since men are very ego centered type of person, they always see to it that they are stable financially to be able to give the needs of the partner and the family.Men is considered a provider, and when they are into a lifetime committed relationship, they anticipate the fact that a responsibility is placed on them to provide financially. So if the man believes that his work is still starting and he is still financially unstable, commitment is not a top priority at this time. Dependent – One thing that men think about commitment is the idea of being completely independent in terms of deciding and solving problems.But, most men are dependent in such a way that when they are reared with very supportive parents, they generally feel so secured that whatever they do and when it fails, their parents will be there to support them. When they will commit into a certain relationship, they feel as though they will be changed as a whole which is why they disregard saying I LOVE YOU or WILL YOU MARRY ME?

Promises are meant to be broken – There are women who believe that their men are honest when they say they want to be in a committed relationship, and somewhere in the relationship men change and decide that a fully committed relationship is not for them; frustration, hurt and depression happen in women.

Past bad experiences – When a man has emotional damage, it is highly related to faulty family relationship and bad experiences in the relationship.It is actually difficult for a man when he had bad experiences before as trust was also crashed, thus commitment is a process to really take time before trying.

It is for every women’s perspective on how they can solve the problem and get through with men commitment issues, and it is also for every men’s perspective on whether to commit or not. However, the issues are not just meant to be solved but also to realize the need for responsibility, independence, maturity, firmness and stability. So when men know that they are not responsible enough, it’s time to become one; and when they know they are unprepared to become independent, it’s time to decide on simple things.Sometimes, the truth is telling us that we cannot learn to take control in our lives if we will not ourselves to be one.Remember, nothing beats the beauty of the relationship as you can be forever happy with someone you believe you are destined to be forever.

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