Nudie Jeans – An Excellent Choice!

Maria Erixsson founded these denim products in 2001. Initially this was a Swedish clothing brand. Moreover, it is a subsidiary of the famous Sensual Jeans. Nudie Jeans are made of highest quality material and mostly they are manufactured in Japan. However, Italy is the main production hub of this brand. Being made of durable fabric, these jeans retain the formation and colour as compared to any regular denims. They are the premium brands for high quality folk clothing. Jeans has been definitely a major style statement!

With a timeless appeal and earthiness of the folk clothing this denim brand is a worthy addition for any men’s closet. Their designs are functional and practical. This brand offers a durable fabric which has a classic appeal of its own. The faded colour of the denim adds more to its appeal.

A large amount of high-quality denims are made from cotton. However, this denim is manufactured using organic denim to make the denim more environment-friendly. This is the biggest advantage of this brand that they are made with 100% organic cotton. After that they are mixed together like the yarn.

The specifications must be followed while manufacturing in order to get the best results. Italy is the main production house of this brand and this brand manufactures timeless classic style of the jeans with solid designs. Ideally, the materials used for manufacturing of this brand are durable. And the timeless appeal of the clothing makes them the apple of everyone’s eye and is considered to be a charm of the brand. They are a must-have in men’s wardrobe.

They have wide array of colors from which you can pick according to your taste. The most common colour is of course, the Indigo. In reality, this indigo shade has created a unique identity of this brand. Right from the beginning, this has been a preferred choice for the denim lovers and now, they are even preferred by the famous persons as well.

Pre washed and raw denims are the main strength of this brand. It also offers a number of different other styles of jeans as well as other types of casual clothing. Without doubt, they are big competitors to the leading brands. At the moment, this brand has retail stores in more than 20 countries across the globe. Slim and straight jeans are the most sold styles of this brand in the entire world.