Off The Shoulder Sweater Dress In Style

Many women are looking for comfortable, stylish and fashionable clothing as these help them to feel good, confident and beautiful in their daily life. For that reason, sweaters have become one of the essential clothing in almost every womans wardrobe. Off the shoulder sweater is one of the many types of sweaters that be able to create a trendy and attractive outfit for most ladies. It was first became popular in the 1980s and made a great comeback in the 1990s which was largely preferred by those fashion conscious women. Now this type of sweater is widely known in the fashion apparel industry.

The off the shoulder sweater is usually designed with large neck opening such as boat neck and can be worn both side off the shoulder or only one side off the shoulder. It gives a feminine and sexy looks as it expose an acceptable amount of skin. Besides, it is designed with loose fitting style as it is easy to wear below the shoulder and collarbone. The garment is commonly made from soft and lightweight fabrics such as cotton, cashmere, wool and nylon. It is mainly available in long sleeve, short sleeve and elbow length.

Some of these sweaters are designed with fold over collar which can be worn off the shoulders or on the shoulders that allow flexibility in dressing. The pleated collar off the shoulder sweater with flounced cuffs is preferred by many younger women as it provides a sweet and nice look. There are off the shoulder sweaters come with tight fitting design so that the garment is fit snugly on both shoulder and body which provides sophisticated and sexy appeal. The off the shoulder sweater is perfectly fit for those who have narrow shoulders as the outfit draws the attention with wide neckline.

This type of sweater is great to wear on any season. A lace tank top could be worn underneath this sweater for layering on chilly days. The long sleeve off the shoulder sweater is great to be worn on cold weather and the short sleeve is suitable to wear on summer days. A tight legging or a pair of skinny jeans complements well with the off the shoulder sweater with loose fitting design as it balances the big volume top. It is great to match with a pair of ankle boots for those women with long legs. Besides, the off the shoulder sweater is excellent to wear with a wide belt to emphasize on the waist for a shapely and contoured figure. For smaller busts woman, it is great to wear this kind of sweater with horizontal stripes in bright colors as it confuses the attention to the chest areas with the patterns.

It is advisable not to wear this type of sweater in the conservative office working environment that requires standard office attire. The off the shoulder sweater is perfect to wear for casual or dressier occasions. Wear it with a denim jeans or tight pants for a casual and relaxing look. Alternatively, choose to wear a puffy vest or blazer over the sweater for a chic and smart look especially on a breezy evening. For a perfect romantic evening, it is great to match the tight fitting off the shoulder sweater with a flare skirt and high stiletto heels. This creates a feminine, lean and attractive appeal. The collar necklace goes well with any designs of this type of sweaters. Try wearing the sequined cashmere off the shoulder sweater with a black skirt for a classy and elegant look which is suitable to wear for dinner parties or evening functions. For a complete touch, try matching them with dangling earrings or pearl collar necklace.

This kind of sweater is versatile and can be worn in many ways to flatter a womans body and enhance different looks. It is still a favourite pick among the modern age women as it is suitable to wear on many occasions as fancy outfits and seldom goes out of style. Many fashion retail stores or online stores offer a wide selection of the off the shoulder sweaters with different colors, designs, patterns and styles to suit the current fashion trend.