Polyester Or Wool Tuxedo

Polyester, silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, and satin have all been used in the creation of the tuxedo. Most recently we have found that people are buying their tuxedos in either wool or polyester. Read through this article to find out why.
Sheep are the primary sources for the creation of wool. This fabric is easy to find and easy to manipulate to make great garments. Expect to find wool in shirts, blankets, suits, and even your tuxedo.
The advantages of wool are its: ability to both insulate and cool, durability, static resistance, and its malleability. Most tuxedos today are made from this material due to its versatility, good looks, and respectable price point.
Disadvantages of wool come in the form of its ability to wrinkle and inability to be run through a washing machine. People who purchase a wool suit do so with the knowledge that they will have recurring costs in the form of dry cleaning.
The polyester tux is created using human created fibers. This fiber become extremely popular in the 1970’s and 1980’s, but has since lost much of its acclaim.
The comfort of a polyester tuxedo comes in the form of knowing that it will not easily wrinkle or crease. This material also has the advantage of being much less expensive, which can lead to a discounted price on the tux.
Disadvantages of polyester are its inability to let heat escape the body and its feel of quality. Many people feel that the material does not feel quite right and that it is a cheap material.
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